LS1 Equipped! 1959 Chevrolet Biscayne Sedan Delivery

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1959 was just the second year for the Chevrolet Biscayne lineup, with one of the more unusual offerings being the Sedan Delivery model, a utilitarian vehicle that offered buyers nearly 100 cubic feet of usable cargo space.  I couldn’t find a whole lot of information about exactly how many of these were made, but one source lists a total of 5,226, so while it’s not exceedingly rare I sure haven’t seen many of them running around over the years.  If you’re into panel styling and like to bring elements of surprise to car gatherings, this 1959 Biscayne Sedan Delivery here on eBay may be right up your alley.  Huntington Beach, California, will be the destination to go check it out, but bidding has already reached the 50 grand mark with the reserve not met, so it’s not going to exchange hands cheaply.

T.J., we’d like to thank you for the great tip here!  At first glance, the body itself looks rather unassuming, with what you’d think is probably just typical sunburn decades in the making, although that stance might suggest to passersby that this is not your ordinary delivery mobile.  Those factory lines work quite well for a build such as this, without the need for any add-ons to the outside, other than the wheels and tires of course.  But the exterior is actually a patina paint job with a white roof, which for me totally works for this build, though some good news is it’s over a clear coat and easily removable should the next owner desire something different.

From the factory, buyers had the choice of a 6 or 8-cylinder engine, and although it’s not specified which one this came with originally, that powerplant is no longer present.  Lift the hood and revealed will be a new 5.7L LS1 crate motor in place, along with a 4L60E transmission.  One clarification though- the seller mentions the transmission in his wording as a 4-Speed, which it is, but it’s of the automatic variety, not a manual.  There’s also a 3-core radiator with electric fans to keep things cool in the engine compartment.

I was totally surprised by the inside.  Open the doors and wow, this may be the most inviting Biscayne on the planet!  The interior is comprised of a combination of custom and factory components, with those seats looking like their comfort would last for hours.  There are also aftermarket gauges, with the odometer showing 3,460 miles, and I’m wondering if that’s how far the Chevy has traveled since the build was completed.  We get a good shot of the undercarriage as well, with things looking solid and ready for whatever action the future driver has in mind.  I’m not finding much here not to like, just curious to see how far up the bidding will have to go before the owner turns this one loose.  What are your thoughts on this build?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Nice rig! Needs paint that would complete a novel and well done build. The transmission sounds like a hydromatic, which with this engine should really move it down the road.

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    • Gary

      Beautiful as it is. I hated these cars for years, a long with the 58’s, to drastic changes were made from the 55-57, imo. I love them now. I passed up a mint 59 Sedan Delivery back in 82, ex fire chiefs car, less than 15,000 miles. Still had all the lettering on it, it was extremely nice. They wanted $3500.00 for it and I thought it was to much, little did I know.

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    • John E Alm

      It’s in the Rat Rod theme or A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Use A Hydromatic Automatic Transmission Behind A LS Crate Motor , The 4L60e or 4L80e Are A Far Better Choice

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      • ACZ

        4L80E, 4L65E, and many others are transmissions produced by GM’s Hydramatic Division.

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  2. Big_FunMember

    Yes, Bob – paint would make this great. In 2008, GM offered a paint on Buick Enclaves and GMC Acadias. The color is Blue Gold metallic. Very similar to the color shade on this ’59 now. See the picture above. Looks plan, but this basecoat/clearcoat really pops in the sun! I remember this on a new Enclaves with chrome wheels in the midday sun! Fantastic!

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    • Big_FunMember

      Here is a split picture of the 2 colors. A picture doesn’t do it justice. It was not a popular color, and hard to get a consistent match on the bumper covers vs. metal body panels. So it was discontinued.
      P.S. bobhess – I accidentally flagged your comment while going for the reply button. Sorry if you get a message. Nothing wrong on your comment.

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        No problem. Seems like a bit much control over something that isn’t a big problem.

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  3. Neal Jacobsen

    My father had the station wagon variety but don’t remember if Biscayne or Bel-Air. I think this vehicle is pretty good looking and dig that interior!! There is a lot to like here. I think different wheels are in order. That LS1 looks great in there too!
    If I only had that thing called money……

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  4. Bass Player Mike Bass Player MikeMember

    Very cool car! Maybe it’s just me, but I’d want to get rid of the rear window and replace it with a panel that matches, just to close that off… You could still see the cop on your rear bumper in the mirrors if you decided to mash the gas pedal ;)

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    • Ron

      Every sedan delivery I’ve ever seen has a window in the back. Work trucks / vans on the other hand often come with no windows in the back, presumably to better secure the tools and equipment usually stored in them.

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    • 370zpp 370zppMember

      Hey Mike, bet that wagon would easily hold an SVT including the 8×10 cabinet for those gigs.

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  5. jimmyx

    Still in Huntington Beach? Maybe the sale on BaT never was finalized?

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  6. Jay Bree

    Put some wheels and tires on that and drive it all day long. It’s perfect otherwise

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  7. CeeOne

    In the 80s, I was looking for something like this and found a 59 Sedan Delivery, owned by a funeral home for $1500. 6 with a 3 speed. I should have gotten it. It would have been fun to drive it from Virginia back to LA. Instead I got an El Camino that had a V8 and a 4 speed.

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    • Neal Jacobsen

      El Camino better deal IMHO.

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      • CeeOne

        I ended up buying a bicycle built for 3. It was so long that I put a rack on the cab and secured the fork there. The rear wheel rested on the lowered tailgate.

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    • Dave

      You still did good!

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  8. Gary

    When I was a junior in high school, there was a guy a year ahead of me that had one of these that was an ex-air force car. It was kinda beat up but he had a wicked small block and 4-speed in it. Looking at this reminds me of him getting on that thing in our small Iowa hometown in 1974.

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    • John

      I showed this to a guy I work with, he has a 59 Elcamino with a 348 trooper four speed, beautiful truck. His son is building a 59 wagon, big block/automatic.

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      • John

        Tripower, fat fingers

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  9. David Maloney


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  10. JoeNYWF64

    Mite as well just leave these “tires” off. Ride probably won’t be much worse. lol
    Imagine driving this on the cross bronx xpressway before it’s warm enuf for pothole repair.
    Does a LS engine guarantee say a ’60s camaro or nova will be a 14 or even 13 second car, or is it just about how ez those motors are to be found & their reliability? I bet an old strait chevy 6 is more reliable.

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    • Dave

      Yes and because this one is a crate motor, yes

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    • Gary

      The LS is the small block Chevy of today, with way more horsepower

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  11. T. MannMember

    No Reserve: LS-Powered 1959 Chevrolet Sedan Delivery
    Sold for $58,000 on 8/15/22

    The Interior sells me…

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  12. Glenn Salada

    Years ago, around 30 years, me and my partner in shine…little joke there…bought a 1959 Nomad, which was a station wagon…it was in mint, and that is a word I rarely use after buying hundreds of cars,
    Condition, original everything…kind of a copper/brown color…it was as new condition.. perfect…paid $7,500 for it…my how times especially prices have changed…Glenn from Michigan…this 59′ sedan delivery is more rare than the 59′ Nomad…I think?? Not really sure….

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  13. Ward William

    I am loving me this big daddy. Roof racks and a board and we are going to go full Beach Boys.

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