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LS1 Six Speed: 1999 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Fourth generation Camaros are still largely affordable, and that includes the top shelf SS models. This is a good thing for enthusiasts, as you can still pick up a model like this nicely preserved and smartly modified 1999 Camaro Z28 for reasonable money. The seller has made some upgrades under the hood that you won’t notice until it’s too late, but the exterior appearance has largely been left stock. Mileage is low at just over 53,000, and there will likely come a time when a car like this sells for a much higher price. Find the Camaro here on craigslist in Tampa Bay, Florida, for $12,000.

By this point, Chevy was dropping the LS1 into the highest performing Camaro, representing a major performance bargain over that year’s Corvette. This car comes with that mill along with the preferred six-speed manual gearbox. To me, despite being wrapped in the obviously racy body of a Camaro, it’s still a sleeper of sorts – especially with some of the tweaks this one has under the hood. While it retains factory wheels and ride height, the seller has made numerous mechanical improvements, such as TSP long tube headers and 3″ exhaust all the way back, capped off by Dynomax mufflers with 3″ tail pipes.

The interior features SS-spec seats the seller swapped in (but he’s not sure whether they are leather or vinyl; I thought the high-zoot SS’s came with leather.) The interior remains mostly stock, with the exception of some updated audio equipment. This era of GM interior was fairly low rent, even if you were buying the best Camaro you could buy. That’s a shame, and you’d be forgiven if you didn’t love the idea of staring at this cabin every time you sat down for a drive. Fortunately, it appears to be in good shape overall, aside from the floormats that no longer appear to match the rest of the interior’s carpet color.

In addition to the exhaust, the seller has added a TSP 228r camshaft in concert with a TSP 660 lift spring kit. The intake is an aftermarket “FAST 92” setup with a FAST 92 Big Mouth throttle body. There’s also a cold air intake lurking underhood, which in tandem with the hot cam and complete exhaust, should make for a fun ride that does a bit better than the standard LS1 out of the box. The seller claims all parts have been professionally installed, so hopefully a paper trail exists. There will be a day when these are worth a lot more, not unlike the SN95 Mustang we just wrote up.


  1. Avatar photo Steve Bush Member

    Looks to be a very nice 1999 Camaro SS for the $12k asking that you can drive now. Don’t understand why more people don’t buy something like this instead of spending 2-3 times the money for a rusty beaten down car that will need tens of thousands of additional hours of time and money invested before it can be driven.

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  2. Avatar photo Tim

    I had a 2000 Z, these are relatively easy to make very fast

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    • Avatar photo Paul Trickett

      Still have my 2000 Z28 with 6Spd, T-tops, leather, power everything , Hurst shifter, AC, etc. Still runs fantastic at 146K miles and dyno tuned to 321 rwhp with only SLP air box and Magnaflo cat back. Still gets 27+ mpg hwy and with upgraded 18″ wheels and SLP subframe connectors it handles great. Best bang for the buck around. Bought it in 2012 and could sell it for more now LOL

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  3. Avatar photo Ike Onick

    Buy it and drop the LS1 into some 1950’s rust, er, patined piece of junk.

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  4. Avatar photo Troy s

    Mechanically it’s more potent than any previous stock Camaro, not in the same league as the hot rod Camaro that’s out there now looking a bit retro and fighting retro Challengers and to die for sounding Mustangs, sooo…what is it? I’ll call it the Nova SS of nowadays, cheap enough I guess, and all kinds of hop up parts, wheels,,,,everything but that bubbleish looking roof. Go fast for less money I say. Oh yeah, dont need 104 octane boost to run good or changing spark plugs all the time.

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  5. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    I bought a ’99 Z/28 as a leftover in 2000. Got a great deal, and it was loaded with every single option. It must have been a special order because it came with white leather seats.

    My wife and I loved the car and we sold it when it was 3 years old when our first child arrived – still miss that car and it is on our list of possibilities.

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  6. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    The Z/28 did not have a hood scoop, so that was also added.

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      This is the stock hood for an SS. It looks like someone at some point parted out an SS and installed many of those parts onto this car.

      Steve R

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  7. Avatar photo KC John Member

    Turn key. Fast enough to scare most anyone riding along. In a good way. Pretty inexpensive way to have a fun in the hobby. How does 12k stack up against a later model used camaro? Gotta agree though, interior looks weak from it’s beginning.

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  8. Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

    The interiors of the last 2 camaro gens are nothing to brag about either, unlike you love grey & lots of plastic.
    Enough glass on THIS gen for 2 new camaros!
    Is the stock non R12 a/c compressor up to the task to cool this huge greenhouse?
    I would say crank windows here are pretty rare on this gen!
    I wonder if someone ever injured their head on the very intrusive to the interior top edges of the windshield – say, getting out of the car.

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  9. Avatar photo Tim

    My 2000 had crank windiows

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  10. Avatar photo Jost

    That is just a really nice car.

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  11. Avatar photo Gremlin X

    The “Catfish Camaro” never caught on, which is too bad because the LS1 was a big improvement over the LT1 in prior versions. If you can get past the front end, these are very fast. I think low 13s stock.

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    • Avatar photo Steve R

      With good weather they should run 13.20’s in stock condition, once the driver figures out how to get it off the line without spinning the tires.

      Steve R

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  12. Avatar photo Anthony James Poirier

    On closer inspection the car is no where as clean as initially thought.

    Completely wrong front seats. Those appear to be from the 1996 SS. Floor mats and carpet look very soiled and abused.

    Not an SS but as others pointed out has the hood.

    Just like in the 90’s people buying and destroying Fox body Mustangs; I’m hoping values go up for minty versions of real SS Camaros.

    Already the Firebird WS6 commands a 15-25% premium over the Chevrolet rivals.

    Bang for buck These F- bodies are hard to deny

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    • Avatar photo Gremlin X

      With that gaping maw, I can see the price difference. The LS1 ‘Birds look at lot better than the Camaro counterpart.

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