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LS1 Swap: 1969 Camaro


Now this looks like fun! Take a base ’69 Camaro straight out of a barn, stuff an LS1 V8 in it and you’ve got the ultimate sleeper! No one would ever suspect this ratty pony as being a speed machine, but that LS1 is good for over 300 horsepower. I just hope the brakes and suspension can handle all that extra horsepower! The body and underside look to be in solid shape, but there are a few problems that could be addressed. This could be a really fun driver with some work, let’s just hope the next owner keeps it as a barn fresh sleeper! You can find this Camaro here on eBay in Garysburg, North Carolina with a current bid of $16k.


  1. wuzjeepnowsaab
  2. 70kingswood

    same car for sure now at 16K. that’s about all the money it’s worth IMO. still it would make a nice project that I would love to own..

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  3. Rock On Member

    Yup, same “rusty pony” from October 28th story.

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  4. Rustytech Rustytech Member

    Guess someone took a close look and walked away! Nice project at $10 to $12k

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  5. Digger

    Same car, same auction, just more bids.

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  6. roger

    I do not like computer engines in old cars.
    I would toss that ls1 first thing.

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  7. Mark S

    IMHO it needs the necessary body work to be done followed by a single stage paint job in the same colour. I’m sure that replacement seat covers are readily available. Followed by a good detailing. Someone put a bunch of work into the engine bay and undercarriage and I suspect there trying to recover there investment. I’d leave the LS 1 in the car so long as the work was done correctly. Why undo all that work it would be a poor choice as far as I’m concerned. Once all the above mentioned items were completed you’d have a very nice car. Great find not sure why the seller is not finishing what he started after doing all the hard work. If your looking for a project this a good choice in that all the fun stuff is what’s left the stuff that everyone sees.

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  8. Darren

    Seller probably ran out of time/money/ambition and is trying to recoup, as Mark S stated. Looks fairly solid, but I’d say $14K max…

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  9. Ck

    Already gave my take on this car 7k/8k TOPS .I’M not changing my mind .As Gilligan once said YOU CAN’T MAKE ME…..YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. NO matter how many times you post it.It is not worth 16K .

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  10. Doug Towsley

    So is BF featuring this car for a percentage or fee? Why feature the same car 2x???
    There is LOTS of cars to profile.
    While I am interested in the idea of using late model vehicles as donors, and he probably got one cheap lightly wrecked or something….(I have looked at the same idea for some of my projects) This car is a classic and I would have gone a different direction. Period 283 with a muncie or 327-350 and used a 700R4 with shift kit.
    But there are some really good donor cars out there and for affordable prices so its a good idea, just wouldnt have done it with this one.
    But perhaps it was an opportunity-cash flow thing. No idea on fair value on this, but you never know.

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