Luggage History? 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle


Reader Edd J. sent in this rather unusual four-door Chevelle that’s been decorated in Louis Vuitton logo’s. However, if you look past the strange paintwork and anachronistic wheels, this actually seems like a pretty solid car for the price. It’s located in Rocky Point, New York and is for sale here on eBay for a buy-it-now of only $1,450, and even lower offers being entertained. I’m hoping the decals can be peeled off; that would only leave the oddly painted headlight surrounds, the hole in the trunk lid (cut for access? It was in a police impound yard…) and the dent in the driver’s rear fender to deal with. Oh, and the fact that it doesn’t currently run. That being said, I don’t see any real rust apart from the cut and dented areas, so this might be a good buy after all, especially if you don’t mind the four-door body style. Would you give this car a new life?


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  1. JW

    Did they legalize recreational pot in Rocky Point, New York. I’m sorry but that car was vandalized by a fraternity binge party. No Thanks.

  2. randy

    I think the price is right, I wonder if Luis Vitton would add ot to his collection?

  3. bonneville 64

    would be a cheap parts car for somebody restoring a 70 Chevelle coupe or convertible. seems like a good front clip, and bumpers, may be re-chromed under the paint (an old east coast trick to hide rust). Most all the front part of the interior would also work in a coupe or rag top as they had the same instrument panel, steering column, and dash board. On the other hand could be a cheap way for a young guy with a family to get in the old car hobby. But absolutely loose the paint on the head light doors and bumpers, or repaint with a high gloss engine silver or aluminum color, so the car dose not look so dorky.

  4. jaygryph

    That’s an ex Donk style car. It’s riding too high and with the mismatched wheels I’ll bet it had huge 20’s or something on it. The lift is to clear it, and the paintjob fits with the Donk style cars I’ve seen running around Oakland California. That’d also go with it being in a police impound yard :P

    Also, it has rust, cars like that just bondo and paint, you can see bubbles around the trunk lid hole. Fair price for what it is though.

  5. Doug Towsley

    I agree with the Donk car theme. (Have you seen the cheetos styled one?) just do a google search for “Donk car, cheetos” and click on images. Holy cow Batman! Theres more there than i thought, VL, M&Ms, BofA, Skittles, on and on, I dont get it personally, but there you go. This body style is popular with Donk culture.
    Personally, i always vote to save vintage cars, but I would have to agree this is a parts car. When looking for a Chevelle for my wife, we passed on a 800 dollar 4 door chevelle as we just did not have the heart to part it out,. The owners had family history with it and wanted to stay in touch with the car. Couldnt part that one out. But heres a cheap parts car. Or Donk-mobile,, perhaps theres a market for building Donk cars and selling them to the less mechanically inclined? Just dont take any checks and offers for trades. Here in Oregon, weeds now legal, and i regularily get offers on ads on Craigslist for trades for dope. Despite clearly saying no trades, cash only.

  6. Jim

    Having recently moved from Atlanta I can speak authoritatively that this is a Donk and being such, I guarantee it is ragged out. In Atlanta there were literally hundreds of these things in every theme you could think of and every one was owned by someone that was mechanically challenged but earned enough drug money to get the car painted in whatever theme they fancied.
    I would call it a parts car at best.

  7. ben

    like a waste of a good 70 if it is with all it changes a 63 or 64 chev impala steering wheel and horn ring looks like cat prints on the hood what next iroc wheels and those tail pipes

  8. Jason Houston

    That’s an LA Mondo cruiser transported to New York. YUK!

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