Luxury Muscle: 1971 Plymouth Satellite

In 1971 Chrysler Corporation had separate sheet-metal and front end treatment between its coupes and sedans in the Satellite lineup. The coupes featured a very unique wrap around or loop bumper. Very few vehicles at the time could pull it off without looking too aggressive or comical. Chrysler stylists did just that, producing a product which looks as good now as it did back then. Maybe their engineering staff invented some sort of time machine, this style seems somewhat similar to the big egg crate grill design found on SUV’s today. Here is an example of one of these cars, a 1971 Plymouth Satellite Coupe found in Detroit, Michigan. Listed for auction here on eBay, bidding has been quite active with 31 bids accumulating to $5100 with 5 days remaining at the time of writing. A special thanks go out to Ikey Heyman, who certainly has an eye for early 70’s B body projects.

There is simply not enough detail in the provided pictures to make a proper assessment of this car’s overall condition. It is a complete, original and unmolested car which had sat for 17 years. The seller indicates very little rust, but a visual inspection is required to verify this claim. Michigan is not known for its kindness to sheet-metal, even when properly stored. From what can be gathered from the pictures, it sits a little low on the passenger’s side, maybe an indication of subframe issues? The car does looks reasonable straight and is claimed to shine like new after being washed.

No mention is made of the engine other than it ran perfectly when parked. The car has factory air, power steering and brakes. The 318 engine has a reputation of reliability, and may still be salvageable, but it could also be seized. Having the engine spin over by hand should be accomplished as the initial revival attempt. The interior looks quite usable as is, however long term storage in a damp environment could result in mildew or the musty smell. The trim is all there and accounted for, but I wouldn’t want to speculate what re-chroming would cost for that front bumper.

On the internet, there are multiple examples of these like this one that have been converted to either a GTX or Road Runner clone rather than being restored to original. This car could make a good starting point for a clone, but the lack of detail in the description and pictures leads to many unknowns to make a proper call. On a side note I can remember a yellow version of this car being driven off a cliff on a popular early 80’s show. This car was produced in Windsor Ont, not far its resting location. Perhaps it’s a cradle to the grave situation?

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  1. Chebby Staff

    This was featured back in October and he still hasn’t washed it.

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  2. irocrobb

    I bought a 1972 like this one as a parts car for 100 bucks in around 1983 for the 318 engine. The engine was a dud. I always liked this body style.

  3. Gaspumpchas

    I think this mope is no stranger to water, especially the salty variety. I’d shudder to think about what the underbelly looks like. dirt floor building?? Pics, pics, pics please. Good luck to the new owner. Very unique body style.


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  4. Chris

    She’s rough and laying low. Parts car

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    • Bodyman68

      Id wash it ,fire it up ,air it up and get the mechanicals in order . Clean up the cragars and add new rwl tires . Then drive the wheels off it .

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      • Chris

        Well that’s great and based on how this car sits I’d bet the wheels would be off within a mile. Enjoy!

  5. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I’ve always liked these Satellite Sebrings, much better than it’s Charger brethren.
    Not this one, though.

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  6. Douglas Wildey

    Great looking cars ,but never met any rust or rot it didn’t like.

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  7. dweezilaz

    71 Sebring hardtop. No luxury and no muscle. Bench seat, auto [ even though the ad says manual] , 318.

    That was Plymouth’s mainstream intermediate two door. thousands upon thousands sold in just the same way by Dodge, Ford, Mercury, Chevrolet, etc etc etc,

    Every two door midsize was not a bloody “muscle car”. Or even all that luxurious.

    The bulk were like this: pedestrian family/commuter cars.

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  8. Duaney

    Agree here, 318 no muscle at all

  9. Miguel

    I have never associated the words Luxury or Muscle to this year and style Plymouth and much less a Satellite.

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  10. Stephen

    It has a broken torsion bar, probably what put it into storage, thats why it’s sitting low.

  11. Gaspumpchas

    Yep Stephen, but I haven’t seen many torsion bars break over the years. More likely the anchor for the torsion bar has rusted out, this on a crossmember under the seat. Common here in the rust belt. fixable but a nasty job. good luck to the new owner.


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