Mad Max Face Off: Falcon XB GT VS KZ1000

Mad Max Face Off

If you’ve been watching television at any point over the last few weeks, you may have noticed the ads circulating for the upcoming remake of Mad Max, with the appropriate subtitle of “Fury Road.” The original film is considered a cult classic, but it also featured a bevy of Australian-American hot rods that today remain quite valuable and sought-after. Unfortunately, we don’t see them too often on American roads, so this week’s Barn Finds Face-Off pits two central players in the original film’s many chase scenes: a 1974 Ford Falcon XB GT here on eBay AU for $16,500 and a 1977 Kawasaki KZ1000 motorcycle here on eBay with bidding up to $910. Grab the popcorn and weigh in below!


While most of us will not likely have the chance to own a genuine Ford Falcon XB GT, anyone who has seen the movie knows the Falcons were used as the Pursuit Special driven by the Main Force Patrol personnel. In Australia, these cars are desirable in GT form thanks to the upgraded performance. Early models could be optioned with the US-sourced 351 Cleveland V8, which remains the hot ticket today – and why severely rusted examples like this car will likely be saved and restored. I liken these cars to the modern day BMW M5, as they combined a four-door sedan with a standard manual transmission and big V8 power. This car is a long way from pursuit duties, but it’s not hard to envision that twin-nostril grill and driving lamps bearing down on you at a high rate of speed!

Kawasaki KZ1000

Another Main Force Patrol asset was the Kawasaki KZ1000, driven by Officer Jim Goose. With 90 b.h.p. on tap, this bike at one time wore the crown as the fastest of its era with a top speed of about 130 mph. In addition to its role on Mad Max, the bike was also used in the popular cops show CHiPS. Although this example lacks the very cool fairing used in the film, it looks like a good (and cheap!) foundation to build from. The seller doesn’t know much about this example, but is winding down his collection due to age. I can’t help but look at this KZ1000 and imagine laying down a massive patch of rubber after casually flicking the antenna of a vintage GTO – Mad Max faithfuls should know exactly which scene I’m referring to!


I’ve always liked the vehicles produced by Ford of Australia, but it’s not exactly easy to find an example in the US. Shipping costs would be massive and values have gone sky-high, so it’s not a cheap proposition either way. I don’t know if this seller will get his asking price for this very rusty example, but with the re-release of the original film, it could spark some interest in a die-hard movie fan. The KZ1000 is much more attainable and is already stateside, so that could be your best bet for starting a collection. So, whether you’ve seen the movie or not, which one would you choose – and which side of the law would you be on?


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  1. skloon

    Check the wheel nuts on the Kawasaki

  2. Jim

    Falcon xb gt, the star of the movie!

    • Jeff Staff

      Damn straight, Jim! That was my favorite – hence tracking this one down on eBay!

  3. Barry

    I owned a KZ 1000 back then and the front brake calibers do not look right to me.

  4. Rockwell

    XB GTs came in 4 door and the coupe 2 door like the interceptor. There are still a handful of coupes around Australia for sale.

  5. jim s

    the car has to much rust and the bike, which has some rust. is just a parts bike to me. but if i am going to risk a loss on parting it out the $900 bike would be my pick.

  6. kenzo

    Where would a vehicle have to live to rust sooo serious like that? even the roof is rotted through.

    • chris

      Just another tarted up Fairmont from Furd Australia. Rustier than most.

  7. Matt51F1

    The XA/XB GTs and XC Cobra & John Goss Specials were barges at the best of times.
    They were thirsty on the juice; detuned from anything you know over there; and would rust out from under you as you drove down the road.
    Unfortunately, when you got to the XD and the Armstrong power steering unit (meaning: No Power Steering and you needed a strong arm to make it turn), things just got worse.
    The 351c blocks are getting very hard to find out here now and draw a premium price – to the extent that people were reworking the 302c that came out here in these models as a GS.

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