Made for the US: 1978 Ginetta G15 Super S


We’ve profiled these funky Lotus fighters in the past, but given their rarity, it doesn’t happen too often that these British lightweights grace our pages. This 1978 Ginetta G15 Super S can be found here on eBay is said to be ever rarer due to its LHD configuration – and the seller claims it’s one of only two made specifically for U.S. drivers. And, again like the other Ginettas we’ve featured, the Super S had a sporting history. I suspect “slalom racing” is another way of saying autocrossing, but whatever track events it ran lead to a previous owner installing stiffer suspension components before ending up in a collector’s garage.  Frankly, that part of the description immediately made me glad that this example is being freed to hopefully be someone’s weekend racer once again. The Super S models were set up to receive Volkswagen power plants, so it should be fairly inexpensive to run. Have any of you come up against one of these cars on the track?



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  1. Dolphin Member

    This might be 1 of 2 LHD Ginetta G15 cars in No America, but the Ginetta book the seller refers to implies that more than two G15s were made in all. The buy-it-now price of $45K seems real high, but if it’s really 1 of 2 here, and there’s one hot Ginetta fan with $45K to burn, it might work…..but then the market might be saturated. And I don’t know that a VW engine/transaxle will be exotic enough for a sale at $45K.

    Other than the rubber-baby-bumpers and the added-on-looking engine compartment the design looks OK in a functional way. Sorry, I know the fake quad exhaust setup is a favorite of some VW fans, but it would have to go.

    • Art Allen

      That,s my car and is in my garage here in Temecula California. I have been thinking of putting it up for sale as it is the only one of two that were built for me by the Walkletts. It does have a 2035cc VW motor with twin webers

      • G Stanley

        Hi Art, I’m interested in knowing if your US spec 15s had Lexan/Perspex side windows or if those were tempered glass?

        Like 1
      • arthur allen

        g. Stanley,
        The windows are plexiglass.
        A have just sent the car to the shop to be made ready for sale. The carbs are being rebuilt and the car safety checked.. I have also just had the seats redone as the old foam just collapsed. They also are the only G15 seats that slide and tilt back. I am going to put it up for sale at $32,000 if I repaint it or as is (light fiberglass chips and new paint) or “as is”for $25,000 with no body work. The motor was said to produce 135 hp in the 1100 lb. car.
        Please contact me for more information. I am now 89 years of age I haven’t driven the car in 5 years.
        Art Allen

  2. Mark E

    Loving weird cars the way I do I’m surprising myself to say that these don’t do it for me. They appear to come off as a Lotus style kit car on a VW chassis, especially the interior and when you get around to the back and see that clumsy tail end. And $45k? Think of how many OTHER cool weird cars I could buy for that kind of money. Crack pipe. ^_^

  3. jim s

    no motor photos. those are not VW half shafts. seller is going to have to work very hard to get this sold. nice find

  4. Bobsmyuncle

    Interesting car. I like the looks personally. Sounds as though this is truly a unique car if you read the book entry though that may not translate to desirable. Does anyone know the going value of these in their standard form?

  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Some great info here;

    Claims that there were 8 cars like this built.

  6. rapple

    I usually like odd low production British sports cars. This is the exception that does nothing for me. The basic clunky design is further contaminated by the black battering rams and the godawful exhaust plumbing dangling out the rear. The seller’s lack of photos of whatever those pipes are attached too and any other details that might interest a potential buyer are icing on the cake. And then there’s the insane asking price for a car that has been sitting for two decades and claimed to be in “descent (sic) shape” in spite of needing “some restoration”, “could used a fresh paint job and the seats need to be recovered” as well as “some other minor interior repairs”. It needs more than rarity to make it valuable!

  7. Dutch 1960

    I am a big odd-car fan and Ginettas are cool, but somehow this particular example comes off as more like a Puma. Which means I could go the Puma route for a small fraction of the cost of this.

  8. Dustin Clousher

    Looks like the love child of a MG and Alfa Rameo.

  9. Storm

    Just attended the Jefferson 500, a vintage race weekend at Summit Point in West Virginia. There was a fellow there racing a gorgeous rhd Ginetta 15…no clunky bumpers and certainly no VW in that car.
    I thought he said that there was a Cosworth under the bonnet. It sounded mean and went like the hounds of hell.
    If this car was set up like the one I saw it would be valued at double the asking.
    I’ve raced against a number of Ginettas in the past and I don’t recall any of them having a VW stuffed in them. I do remember they were all fast and cornered like they were glued to the track.

  10. Art Allen

    I,m Art Allen and this G15SS was built for me in 1078. It is now up for sale as now ,at age 87, I’m not to all the shifting here in Temecula. The car runs great and as well as all mechanics, The engine is VERY strong. It could use some fiberglass touch up, new seat covers and headliner BUT it can be driven on the sreets as all light system work, I want $25,000 for it as It is the only G15SS of two known to exist. It has LHD, wheel flairs, special front and rear, reclining seats, and only 1351 actual miles on it.
    email if you would like more information but please..I’m 87.

    • Tezzer

      Did you ever sell the car?

  11. Art Allen

    I still have the car and it runs great but needs a paint job,seat covers and head liner. As is $22,000 with a restoration $28,000.

    • Tezzer

      It seems a bit pricey but could you post some more photos

  12. Tezzer

    I suppose the price hasn’t reduced if the car is still available?

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