Magic Formula? 1975 Pontiac Firebird

This sharp looking 1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula is said to be an almost completely original survivor with 53,230 miles. It’s for sale here on eBay and bidding is now up to almost $10,000 (it’s been going up as I type this). It’s being stored in Amarillo, Texas.

As you can see, the paint looks really nice–it is a repaint, but it looks to be a high-quality one, at least from the pictures. There’s also PHS documentation, the original window sticker, a 1″ folder of receipts since day one, the order sheet and the dealer invoice for the car. Wow! The seller also tells us that everything works. The jack is in place along with what the seller thinks is the original spare tire. When’s the last time you heard that about a 1975 car?

I admit to liking the twin scoops almost as much as the Trans Am shaker hood. Not quite, but almost. The chrome accents appear bright and uncorroded and all the emblems seem to be correct as well.

Quite a combination here with the parchment and oxblood interior. I like it, although I’m sure it would be tough to keep clean! That says a lot about past ownership, I think. Power steering, power disc brakes and air conditioning would make this a nice place to cruise. And considering how most were outfitted, I can even make room for the automatic (for those commenters that think I hate all automatics!) on this car–somehow fitting, I think.

Under the hood we have a Pontiac (not Chevrolet) 350 cubic inch V8, complete with four barrel carburetor producing 175 emissions-strangled horsepower. There were 13,670 1975 Firebird Formulas produced; I’ll wager not 1% of them look this nice today, especially under the hood. I’m especially surprised that the brake booster, top of the master cylinder, and areas of the block are as shiny as they are–wondering if a little bit of restoration has gone on here as well. Nevertheless, this is a sweet car that will take you back to the mid-1970’s in a moment of your time! Perhaps that’s what the eventual buyer is looking for–be sure to let us know if it’s you!

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  1. Geebee

    At least to my eye, the white door panels & red dash are pretty odd. But, what a nice, well kept car this is!

  2. JW

    As a Pontiac fan this car is amazingly nice, the only kicker to me is I hate white cars as much as gray ones.

  3. Blyndgesser

    Much nicer than the bronze ’80 T/A!


    Chicks car

  5. Rich 1

    Looks fantastic! Notice the owner traded a ’72 Mercedes 250C Coupe and it was almost an even trade. Love the double white color with the red accented interior. What a well-designed car and interior–it really creates a “special feel” to drive or ride in a car like this! The long hood scoops are perfect for this car’s proportions and look classy!

  6. Car Guy

    This was the last year the Formula hood was made out of fiberglass. The car is equipped with the optional rally gauge cluster which is a plus.

    This was the first year the Pontiac V8’s were strangled by the big “pancake” convertor. Lots or people back then removed them and ran true duals or a “test pipe”. Just doing that improved the performance quite a bit. These cars also had highway gears as low a 2.56 so they were not quarter mile cars. They did cruise very nicely at freeway speeds.

  7. AGD

    Here’s a scan of a Firebird ad from 1975…

  8. Tom Member

    Great car. I am glad it is white, automatic, 1975 with no HP and has that (awful, in my opinion) orange stripe that I would want to remove but couldn’t due to originality otherwise it would be in my garage.

    I could live with the white because of the red interior. The stripe …..just never got those with Pontiac including The Judge….just don’t like em…..but that’s my opinion = no hate. That is why there is chocolate and vanilla! I am sure this is a dream car for someone. Very nice car though, well kept and nice photos. would have been nice for the shop its in to have put it up in the air and taken some undercarriage photos.

  9. joeinthousandoaks

    I really like the color combo. Nice car

  10. Rolf Poncho 455

    Blyndgasser I agree good looking car just needs a 455

  11. 86 Vette Convertible


  12. Paul

    As far as the 1975 model year the only cars made that I liked at all were the firebirds & Camaro’s these cars were so in style in the mid seventies. By 1979 everybody I knew wanted a trans am (I was 16 in 79) I knew a lot of 16 year olds then. I am not sure of the sales figures for firebirds and Camaro’s combined in 1978 & 79 however I am sure they were very high.

  13. Rob

    I want the Nova in the background!

  14. Vegas Vic

    cue the Jim Rockford memories, though his was a gold sweet ride !

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