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Magnum Connection: 1985 Ferrari 308


For fans of the television show Magnum P.I., you may want to pay attention to this wrecked 1985 Ferrari 308 coupe here on eBay. Sent in by Barn Finds reader George A., this crumpled Ferrari is the second wrecked project we’ve featured this week – and there are more on eBay as we type. Who knew so many people held onto trashed exotics? 

Magnum Ferrari 308 GTS
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If you notice the license plate in the first picture, your wheels might start turning. Despite this car being in Florida, the Hawaii license plate is a clear nod to the setting of the 80s detective show, and Robin was the name of the novelist who owned the estate that Tom Selleck was tasked with providing security for. However, a quick search reveals this is a popular “prop” you can buy from vendors like Amazon, so the real deal it is likely not.


No matter what this car’s history is, one thing is clear: it was involved in a rear-end collision that likely triggered an engine fire, as the back end is crushed and the interior is roasted. This goes to show that Ferraris catching on fire is nothing new, despite the attention the new cars get when they begin to resemble a melted sculpture. There is no title, no engine and no transmission – and the seller is looking for $5,900 for the opportunity to own a throwaway car.


While you hate to see rare cars scrapped, I have to ask why these listings exist. This car offers little to the 308 owner looking to restore his or her vehicle, and frankly, this is one model there seem to be plenty of at any given time. A Berlinetta Boxer, different story. A mundane 308 that’s been totaled and suffered from an engine fire? Fire up the sawzall and throw away the rest.


  1. Magnum P.I.

    That looks like a “kit car”.

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    • Jeff Staff

      Well you of all people would know, wouldn’t you? ;-)

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  2. Sukey


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  3. Dolphin Member

    A lot of parts are already gone, but I think those steel wheels at the rear and especially those snow tires have real value.

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  4. Andrew M.

    I say get a body kit and turn it into a Fiero

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    • Alan (Michigan)


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  5. That Guy

    Have to agree – it seems pointless for someone to have even kept this. As far as I can see it’s already been picked clean. What’s left is a badly damaged shell which could only donate a VIN tag. Sure, there are cars which would be worth buying just for that, but a Ferrari 308 isn’t one of them.

  6. PaulG

    Best line from the ad: “Missing too many parts too list”

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    • Dan h

      You beat me to it!
      “Missing to many parts to list” is probably the worst thing someone could say when selling…anything.

      • H5mind

        I had the chance to buy a mint 308 with a snapped timing belt for $15k two years ago. I passed because it would have been a wash once the engine rebuild was done. This seller is asking ten times too much.

  7. bcavileer

    Except when selling VIN tags, and THAT is what is for sale here.
    Quite unscrupulous in my opinion. But obviously a market exists and so therefore there is someone willing to exploit it.
    Someday there will be someone’s ‘missing’ 308 wearing thoses tags in a state where all you need is a bill of sale to get a title. And that pile of crap will long be gone…

  8. jimmy

    One was for sale in Atlanta, GA with proof that it was in the show.

  9. OA5599

    We all need to meet at the King Kamehameha Club and discuss over cold beer.

  10. Mike

    You can buy the plate “ROBIN 1” for $17.98 from Amazon
    Beside I don’t think the plate would look that good considering how beat up the rear end of this car is, if it had been on the car during the rear-ending, what you think?

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