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Majestic Movie Star: 1937 Dodge Panel Truck


Having appeared in the 2001 movie “The Majestic” this 1937 Dodge Panel truck is not as shiny as it once was. Wearing movie based livery, this panel truck has a great look. With a little tlc this truck could be returned to its movie glory condition. The seller claims that this Dodge is in need of an entire restoration. Movie stars are never cheap, and this movie star is priced at $15,000. Find it here on craigslist out of Hemet, California.


(Photo courtesy of IMCDB)

Clearly appearing in the movie with its current livery, we are compelled to believe that this is the actual Panel Truck that appeared in the movie. Upon searching the “Internet Movie Car Database” we found an image of the truck from the film, but also curiously, looking at the comments reveals the seller trying to sell the truck back in 2012 for $20,000. Sadly the seller has only provided one image of this truck in the craigslist ad, so there is a great deal of speculation as to the condition of the truck, and if it is indeed the movie truck. Hopefully the seller has some paperwork to prove its authenticity, and hopefully some better pictures to show the trucks actual condition. This would certainly be a cool Panel Truck to have and to take to different car events with movie information. Would you pick up this movie star 1937 Dodge Panel Truck?


  1. daCabbie


    First to comment….

    nothing to say.

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  2. Oingo

    Movie cars can be had for cheap especially if they are not important. Many times they are in poor shape (that is why they are being disposed of) and or have been modified in a way that may make it costly and or impossible to permit them for road use.

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  3. angliagt

    That movie was filmed in Ferndale,CA,about 20 miles from here.
    They just held an SCCA Concours there,a week ago.Lots of Victorian
    houses in that area.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Those Humpback Dodge panels are great. I’d love to take one on for my own but I’ve already got too many projects and am looking at another one that practically landed in my lap. Sure hope this one finds a good home.

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  5. crazydave

    Normally, I don’t give a rat sass about “provenance” but in this case, sans any documented proof that it was in a movie (and then – it’d have to be a BIG (famous) movie) so what we have is a ’37 Dodge truck that might have some potential to be a hotrod – so somewhere in the $2,500 to $5,000 range for the basis of a rod would be about right. Otherwise it would have to be a “star car” in a major pic.

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  6. Pfk1106

    Always liked that movie. Carey showed his dramatic chops in it quite well.

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  7. Birdman

    Hard to say… The back panel(with the writing on it) in the one for sale appears to be white in color, while the one in the “movie picture” appears to match the rest of the body… one way or another, still a neat truck.

    If you go to the IMCDb.org site, there is a ton of these vehicles used in that movie apparently…

    I’d be more tempted to say it’s more likely to be this one(although I know it’s not..


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  8. Joe Muzy

    Great looking truck A new coat of paint and this would be a fantastic vehicle

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  9. Ck

    Kool truck.Tho not 15000.00 grand worth of Kool .I always loved old panel trucks they make nice hot rods or rolling billboards for àny kind of business .Not so sure aboot the movie thing I’d need proof of that and I still wouldn’t pay that much for it if it needs to be totally restored .

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  10. Kman

    It’s not the truck in the movie, different rims and stripingventing on the side of the hood is different. Also, the running board is different.

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  11. Brian M Member

    Found one of these in Maine between Ellsworth and Bah Hahba. The seller was extremely proud of it. $27,500 or best offer. Seemed to be solid but original seats were missing and I didn’t open the hood to see what engine was under there. Across the road was a more reasonably priced 53 Desoto, and a bit further down the road a ’38 Buick done up as a police car. On the trip from New Hampsha to Bah Hahba we must have passed at least 30 collectibles for sale just sitting on the roadside of US1. Mainers are either getting out of the hobby or are desperate for cash (but not this guy apparently).

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