Manual Short Box: 1987 Chevrolet C-10

This clean 1987 Chevrolet C10 pickup is a desirable short-box design with seemingly clean paint, no modifications, and a promise from the seller that is has never been a rusty heap. The truck looks sharp wearing two-tone blue paint, and unlike so many other C10s, it looks to retain all of its original details, from the trim rings on the wheels to original bumpers with excellent chrome. Mileage is listed as being 75,000 which is low for the year, and while the seller doesn’t provide much in the way of details, the truck’s appearance seems to suggest it’s been loved. Find it here on craigslist in New Hampshire for $19,500.

One of the details I always look for in these older C10s is the condition of the tailgate trim, as those pieces are hard to find in good condition. The decor looks excellent on this example, with an equally nice rear chrome bumper and bed rails. From the other side of a monitor, it’s hard to tell if any of the details have been distorted by a previous accident or other repair that wouldn’t be readily apparent, but the consistency of the paint and the pinstriping would suggest it has never been dramatically altered. For having almost 80,000 miles, the cosmetics remain incredibly sharp.

Perhaps the most intriguing detail about this truck is the presence of a manual transmission. The Chevy is equipped with three pedals, which in all my years of writing about short box C10s on these pages, I can’t recall seeing. The 305 V8 / manual combo is a tempting one, especially if one were to perform some sleeper-eque modifications that didn’t affect the outside appearance but beefed up underhood performance. I may even allow for a subtle side-exit exhaust just to make that sweet gear change all the more audible. The engine bay is nicely detailed with no obvious deviations from stock.

The bed clearly looks like it was never used. It’s either that or a large-scale repaint, which doesn’t seem likely given the truck’s overall presentation. The seller notes it is equipped with power steering and power brakes, but no word on whether the A/C works. The listing doesn’t include any interior photos, either, but I would assume it presents as well as the outside. The asking price of $19,500 is all the money, but anecdotally, I just sold a diesel-equipped C10 out of my friend’s collection in Georgia as a non-runner and the price paid confirmed for me that these short-box Chevys will be popular for a long time to come. Would you pay the asking price?


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  1. Howard A Member

    That tears it, I’ve took this abuse long enough. Couple cans of clear, and I’m asking $10g’s. HA! Whose silly now, eh? Nah, just kidding, mine looks nothing like this, but $20g’s? I could never gouge someone like that. I’m not sure about the O/D trans ( could sure use that) as I read, most had the 3 speed with compound low( aka granny gear, although I hate that term) Nice truck for half the price, maybe tops.

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    • Ken

      I remember teaching my future wife how to drive my ‘61 Apache. As an object lesson, I put the transmission into compound low and wound it up. She said, “We’re hardly moving at all!”

      I said, “That’s why you always start out in second gear.” 😎

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    • Ken Jennings

      Despite the price, maybe a “safer” buy then a high end car. Public perception of driving a high end car seems to be waning. I don’t know if it is Covid burn out or something else, but status has a reputation problem. The other day I was filling up my little economy car and a glistening red Ferrari 328 pulls up to one of the pumps. Out pops a kid, maybe 20 years old, maybe a little more. I am not sure what people around me were thinking, but people were glaring at him. I admit, the scene reeked of entitlement, but it wasn’t the kids fault he was born well. Just saying, we need to be careful these days, something is changing in this country.

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      • Steve R

        If what you are describing is true, that’s a bad thing. Bitterness and envy are horrible traits.

        Steve R

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      • Ken Jennings

        @ SteveR, Truly a bad thing. Now, I don’t care if this kid got that red snazzy car because he had a paper route or he worked after school in Dad’s hedge fund business. None of that should be my concern, but the general public does not see privilege that way and it could get more then uncomfortable for some people.

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      • Chuck ward

        Funny a Ferrari 328 is like having a wooden boat. Constant maintenance or you’ll be hard pressed to give it away for $10k. Rather than envy, they should have pitied the kid. Unless he bought for $10k and restored it ;)

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      • Steve R

        Ken, you are right, petty people will find these difficult times as an excuse to blame those that are more successful. It’s too bad, like you said it should people should not be concerned with what others have, but they will. Instead of focusing on themselves jealousy and envy, which are always present, will come to the forefront more often. The good thing is, these people can’t hide their true colors and are generally easy to remove from your life.

        Steve R

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      • Ken Jennings

        @SteveR, while I agree with you, I can also see the other side. Many of these people work more then one job yet have no health insurance, much less a cool car. I think we all have to agree, it is not the world we grew up in. I feel lucky to be where I am at today.

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      • Ken Jennings

        Chuck, absolutely, this could have been a wreck and the kid bought it on the cheap. Maybe he works in a body shop. That is very possible, but the average citizen is not going to consider that. They are going to associate it with the people who have been given privileges that they were not given, and that those same people are in many ways “keeping them down”. I do not necessarily agree with that, but from what I have recently seen, that is a growing feeling of many Americans. The present situation can’t stay the same, despite this is the way Capitalism works. We need to throw a few bones out there, lest the dogs get mean and start to bite.

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  2. Clay Harvey

    Well since no interior shots, is this a 3 on the tree or an overdrive floor shift?

    • Stevieg Member

      I believe it will be a floor shift because the ad states it is a 3 speed with overdrive, but I could be wrong. Sure would be neat if it were 3 on the tree!
      By 1987 these had throttle body injection. I like 3 on the tree but I am learning to hate carburators lol. This would be RIGHT up my alley if 3 on the tree!

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      • Howard A Member

        Hey Stevie, I read, 1985 was the last year for column shift on a Chevy pickup, 1986 for Ford.

      • Stevieg Member

        Yeah, I found that out too, after doing some digging around after my last post about this truck. But, that means it would be feasible to find the parts and swap it over, if a person would be so inclined lol. Make it a “one of none”. With it already being manual transmission, I don’t think there would be any computer issues with doing that!
        Maybe if I had 20 grand lying around and bo life to live, I would find out. But I am broke and fairly busy, so my grand experiment will have to wait lol.

  3. 19sixty5 Member

    That’s a lot of money, but it is in what appears to be better than excellent condition. This truck will do nothing but appreciate. Interior pics would have been nice, as well as the SPID label in the glove box to see how it was equipped. I like it…. a lot!

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    • Chucko

      “This truck will do nothing but appreciate”….

      I think the value of ‘collector’ vehicles is in for a correction.

      Looking back at 2008-9 for comparisons.

      It is a nice truck, but a 305 with a manual cuts the market and dings the price.

      15k seems more in line to me.

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  4. Raymond Smith

    There are very few of these trucks left in this original of condition. To try to restore one you will be looking at almost double the money. You will be hard pressed to buy a new Honda Civic for this price. If you are looking for one of these trucks “in this original or restored condition”, this one is a screaming deal. Times have changed and a reality check is in order.

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    • Ken Jennings

      A new Civic is pretty awesome car, has a warranty too. 0-60 in under 7 seconds and 40+ MPG. Can this do that?

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      • Raymond Smith

        You won’t get any arguments about Honda performance from me Ken. My son has a 2019 Accord Touring 2.0 turbo. 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds. That’s nuts for a vanilla family sedan. Talk about a sleeper!

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      • Richardd Adams

        Hi Ken,
        I have to compare like for like and admit,
        A major reason for chosing this pick up over the Civic is that the car cannot take the load this one does ?

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  5. art

    FYI..there is no A/C on this truck. The heater-only air box is the giveaway.

  6. Fred

    I bought my 84 GMC shortbox stepside new. She has a 305 and 4 speed on the floor, 4th gear overdrive.

  7. Michael Babinetz

    The trans is a floor shifted np 440 my6. It’s actually a np 833 with chevy internals with the same gear ratios as a 700r4. I have one in my 64 vette.

  8. Glenn Schwass Member

    Vehicles like this in New England are unheard of. This was in a garage 9 months of the year to be in this shape. It is amazing especially with the bed so perfect. It is worth $20k to someone who wants it. I haven’t seen one this nice down here near Philly but the brine here kills everything…

  9. Matthew Spaulding

    I am almost certain this was my Great Uncles truck!!! He sold it when he could longer drive a standard. If this is the same truck it is beyond clean almost never driven in winter and was always in the garage. The white wall tires and chrome bed pipes this has to be the same truck. It was sold to someone in NH. Interesting!!

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  10. jerry z

    Maybe a high optioned Silverado might command this price but not this Chevy. Yes it in very nice shape but posting only 5 photos would having me wonder why not more pics.

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  11. Bob Mck Member

    Some of the posts are complaining about the price. The seller has to start high, because he will be offered less than asking. I the seller is serious about selling, he will accept a reasonable offer. Whenever I want to sell something I am always amazed at the offers I get. The last car was listed at 20. I was offered 10 immediately. I held out and actually got 20 after several months. I was amazed.

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  12. Poncho

    I own one like this. 1987 Silverado, same colors, 4X4, 350, TBI, Auto. I wish my body looked this nice. I have had front and rear windows removed, body work done, and reinstalled with new gaskets, cab corners, spray on bed liner, went over the brakes, replaced the dual fuel tanks, etc. Still need the paint job to complete. Have items to swap over to AC and power locks and windows. Still, I get compliments as is. My one brother bought it new, other brother bought it from him, and now it’s mine. Can’t wait to get it finished.

  13. Poncho

    Mine also has the bigger stainless door mirrors and nice factory alloy wheels. Sure woulda looked good next to my 1987 K5 Blazer.

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