Many New Parts: 1973 Pontiac Trans Am

This 1973 Pontiac Trans Am is listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and comes with a clear title. The seller has set a BIN of $21,113.13 on this Buccaneer Red project car.

The thing that surprised me when I looked at this car was that in spite of its rough appearance, the body of this Trans Am looks to be quite solid. Certainly the paint looks pretty awful and I suspect that the car may have received a repaint at some stage in its life, but any corrosion that can be seen appears to only be surface corrosion. Also, don’t be fooled that this car is incomplete. The seller provides a great catalogue of photos which include boxes of labelled components, a reasonable number of new components and plenty of the original components that have been removed from the car at some stage.

The seller also provides a shot of the trunk and nine shots of the underside of the car. Two of these shots illustrate some signs of rust, and this is the worst of it. Otherwise the trunk floor looks to be solid as does the rest of the structure of the car.

This Trans Am was optioned with white seats and orange carpet. I can’t see the carpet, but the seats are going to need some work. From what can be seen the rear seat looks to be okay, but the front passenger seat will at least need a good clean while the driver’s seat will require a new cover. The driver’s door trim is also missing and it’s impossible to get a clear view of the passenger side trim. Piecing together a number of different shots indicates that the dash is complete and in good condition while the pad is uncracked. The Trans Am was also optioned with tilt steering, a Hurst shifter and an 8-Track player. All of these items appear to be present.

The engine is the 400ci V8 backed by a heavy duty Muncie 4-speed. At some stage in its life the engine has received an overbore of .040″. The seller states that the engine turns freely, but there is no indication how long it has been since it has been fired up. The car was also fitted with power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Contained in the photos is a shot of a number of new components ready for this car. The items include various hosed, belts, a new AC compressor and a new gas tank.

There is no doubt that this Pontiac looks rough, but under that rough exterior it appears to be quite solid. The seller is under no illusion. He states that the car will need a full restoration. My first thought when I looked at the eBay listing was that the price on this one was too high, so I went looking specifically for ’73 models in this sort of condition and discovered that the price appears to be in the ball-park for a car of this specifications and in this state. That was quite a surprise.

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  1. Steve R

    The sellers description is a mess. It’s borderline unreadable, other than he thinks the factory orange carpet increases the value by $8,000 I’m not sure of anything else he said.

    The body doesn’t look bad, but it would definitely need a thorough personal inspection before commuting to that sort of money.

    • Classic Steel

      lol good luck ion the backyard mud find.

      Everyone thinks they hsve found gold in their backyard!!!!

      How about one million dollars and you sell the rocks under tires too!

  2. poseur Member

    interesting. this thing has been on ebay multiple times in the last few weeks & “sold” for varying amounts ending in $xx113.13, marching up to this ask.
    something’s certainly up with it or its seller.
    it’s way high to me unless it was an SD

  3. Jon Baker

    Hurry, before Ponch sees this ad.

  4. ben

    I’m not sure about the motor since the hood is missing and there is no air cleaner this could be bad news if water got into the engine.

  5. Jett

    $21,000+. Lmao. If it was a Canadian car, that’s over $27,000, which would probably get you a decent driver. That’s a $5,000-5,500 car at MOST.

  6. s viduszynski

    my description is , id like to sell it as is, just like pulling a band aid off. ive owned it since 1976 and cant bear to sell her. as a matter of fact we had her running 2 weeks ago but radiator was out getting repaired. the carb was froze and it had to be replaced. in order to take a picture of engine you have to remove the air cleaner. a buyer from kuwait backed out of first sale. and second buyer supposedly accidently clicked buy it now. this car has never been looked at by anyone other than pictures. potential buyers are missing a great car. 8000.00 appraisal for carpet option comes from estimators in the buisness…i really hate to sell this car. this car has never let me down.

  7. Johnny Threat

    If the VIN is correct and all the pieces are there this is a six figure car when finished. All you dudebros that could never afford this need to find a Ford page. Good luck on your sale. I would restore it but I already have one in the garage.

    • Steve R

      How is that?

      The seller seems smart enough to claim it as a Super Duty car if it was. I also think he’d list in the ad if the spare engine was an SD. Those are the only two scenerios that would probably get it above $35,000-$40,000 once it’s restored, even relying on the added boost of the factory orange carpet. The first question should be, “what the VIN”, if it’s not that of an SD, it will probably end the conversation on the spot based on the asking price.

      Steve R

  8. Maynard Reed Jr

    Seen worse.

  9. JoeNYWF64

    ’73 T/As never came with a 400 motor. What is a standard trim interior doing with delux door panels? That passenger side front leaf spring radiator-fender support is bent!
    I think the car was hit up front at one time.

    • Jackie D Munn

      455 73

  10. brian crowe

    it says in the auction the engine isn’t even original?

  11. nrg8

    You know nothing rhymes with orange.

  12. LAB3

    As a shade tree mechanic I’d prefer to have it in one piece as opposed to partially disassembled. It’s easier to put things back together the right way if you know how it came apart.

  13. Jim S.

    Almost thought this was my old car from high school until I saw it was a 4 speed. I owned this color combo with the regular 455/auto. Without even brake standing it, it would leave twin black stripes forever!

  14. v

    my regular 73 trans am with orange carpet from factory (the only one mind you and is not a sd) its still available as of 11-12-2019, but the problem is only armchair buyers are looking at the car. its no wonder any one is looking at the 4 sd’s for sale. those sd prices are giveaway and the best part is they are running and driving vehicles. what are these pontiac buyers thinking. talk about a last chance to buy a REAL SD barn find at a reasonable price. i expect to have my car for sale for a long time cause buyers will not get up off the couch and come and look at the car. but in barn finds auction as of 11-12-2019 you have a choice of 4 running and driving sd’s. a sale that buyers will most likely never see again. buyers need to get real and bid like its the last chance of a quality sd trans am. because this will probably be the last time you EVER see 4 SD’s toghether. and between the 4 i would say at least 2 should have sold by now. BUYERS WAKE UP YOUR PASSING UP A CHANCE OF A LIFE TIME. buy an SD you will have no regrets. the value of the sd’s will go up faster than any depreciated value. 4 sd’s driver quality BUY IT AND CRUISE IT how many sd owners would love to cruise there completely restored trans am and are afraid it will get a scratch on it and then they would cry. these 4 sd barn finds you could scratch them b4 you cruise them.

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