So Many Questions: Dodge Viper Mashup

In what appears to be a stalled drag car conversion, this first-generation Dodge Viper body rests on a chassis of unknown origins and features several upgrades from notable drag racing equipment vendors. Although it is listed here on eBay with an opening bid of $4,900 and the reserve unmet, it is also listed elsewhere on the Viper Owner’s Association website as being for sale by the president of the VOA’s Central California chapter. Who’s feeling brave? 

There’s not much to work with here in the way of information, but it’s safe to assume the seller picked up an unfinished project that will still require extensive fabrication and research to complete. The body shows signs of paint damage and the doors are from another car. Fitment issues are extensive, and it’s clear the carcass won’t roll due to the lack of front wheels. The Viper is also missing its taillights and targa roof panel, minor details compared to completing the stalled conversion.

A roll cage and stripped interior further point towards a future as a drag racer, and the extensive surface rust would indicate extended outdoor storage. It’s unlikely any gauges still function, and I would assume the Viper needs to be completely re-wired. The opening bid seems reasonable considering the original V10 drivetrain is included, along with upgraded components such as a narrowed Mark Williams axle and Jeff Morely Stage 3 heads with zero miles.

The transmission is also noted as having “zero miles” which could mean it’s an aftermarket unit over-built for repeated, brutal launches and perhaps utilizing straight-cut gears; no other details are offered on the tranny or the health of the motor. There’s certainly plenty of value here in parts alone, but sorting through the remains of someone else’s drag build is “…not for the faint of heart,” as noted by the seller. How would you finish it?


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  1. Dolphin Member

    Got to get to the next car, ASAP….

  2. Steve R

    It’s a parts car now.

    With the passenger seat and manual transmission it was probably never meant to be a serious race car. If the low cost of purchasing a quality turn race car is factored into the equation it makes no sense to finish this car as one. Finishing it as a Pro Street car would be expensive and probably pointless since that trend peaked in the early-90’s.

  3. doug

    Would be a good land speed project.

  4. Derek F

    I guess the whiskey finally wore off.

    Uh oh.

  5. Mark

    Drop engine and tranny into something old school, sell off the body .

    • Rick Jensen

      maybe into a Superbird clone, be a sin to do it to a real “Bird” lol

  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    Another of those ideas that “seemed good,
    after a 30 pack of beer”.

  7. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    Alcohol considerations aside. I hate that, that is always the go to. Not everyone that fails at a project is a drunk or a meth head. The fact is there are people out there that get an idea but lack the real skills needed to see it through to the end. If you’ve ever modified anything you will soon learn that as soon as you change one thing you’ve tipped the first domino, and they just keep falling until your in over your head. Who ever started this did just that and reached a point where just cutting bait and running. In the end there is still value hear brake it down and sell the parts is his best bet.JMO.

    Like 1
    • Dickie F

      I do not fully agree with the domino effect in modifying.
      During the early 70s, as a 12 year old, I was the family team’s chief mechanic in getting the Chevy and Ford stock cars racing.
      I modified these redundant V8 street cars, by simply stripping them of anything not needed for racing and welding in a roll cage.
      All the mechanical parts performed better, as less work was required of standard components.

      • Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

        The point I was trying to make just because your projects gone sideways doesn’t mean the builder was soaked in drugs or alcohol. It might just be he didn’t know what he was doing and one thing led to another and down the rabbit hole he went until it was to late to turn back. Some times plans are not thought through well enough and the project ends in disaster, not everyone is chief mechanic at 12 years of age or even at 50 or 60 for that matter.


    How might I un-see this butchery?

  9. carsofchaos

    Went to rent a U-Haul truck couple of weekends ago. Out back there was a beautiful silver Viper R/T 10. This thing was literally just sinking in to the ground but didn’t look to be in bad shape. I asked the guy at the U-Haul/Repair shop counter what the deal was with the Viper. “Dunno” the guy said with a shrug and walked off. It amazes me what people will let rot away.

  10. Del

    Maybe Tesla could put in Space so we will never have to seee it again ? 😁🤣🤗

  11. Clay Bryant

    Maybe the builder got sick and had to give in to more serious things……….

  12. Elmer Fudd

    I think it is done. I would buy it, park it near a busy intersection, up the price, and some enterprising person will come along and declare that they “…have a vision…”. My vision would be to watch it disapear, take the money, and spend a couple weeks on a Maui beach!


    For whatever reason the project stalled. This is not a project for an amateur or an armchair quarterback hiding behind a computer screen spewing out comments. The parts alone here are worth way more than the price of admission. Someone will make money here.

  14. bog

    Brings back those days of my “misspent” youth at the dragstrips. Reminds me of the (then) Factory Experimental cars, Gassers, and various Altered classes. Maybe even a few Pro Modifieds of newer vintage. It would be fun to finish with OPM (other people’s money) !

  15. Rick Rothermel

    When the mid-90s VIPER TV series changed from the roadster to the GTS coupe they disposed of the crate-motor 360 powered RT10s by putting stunt drivers in them and letting them play. The remnants were shown stacked like cordwood. That rollcage looks about that old. I wonder…

  16. Mike R.

    This looks like a good start for a slammed down all wheel drive “B” body ! Sell off the leftovers to the viper club members.

  17. Arthur

    How would I finish it? I’d get rid of the drag car stuff and turn it into a road racer that can be driven on the street.

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