Massive Hoard Of Classics In Houston

A few days ago, a massive hoard of classics surfaced in Houston, Texas. They were left out in the woods, so they are all in pretty rough shape, but it would be worth taking a look just to see all the Mustangs. There are nearly 70 Mustangs alone, with quite a few Fastbacks. The seller doesn’t say how much they are asking for each car, but they state that prices start at $100 and go up from there. Be sure to take a look at the complete list of what’s present here on craigslist. Special thanks to Jim B for the tip!

While I’m sure the Mustangs and Camaros are the most desirable cars here, there are lots of VWs and even a few Volvos that might be worth looking into. The seller states that a few cars have titles and there are a few cars worth restoring, but the vast majority are parts cars. They posted info on each car’s condition and whether it has a title, so you at least have a basic idea of what you are getting into.

I wouldn’t mind visiting this hoard, just to see it. It’s rather dramatic given the location and condition of the cars. There’s no shortage of rust or moss, so I’m sure there are some great photo opportunities here. If you happen to go take a look at one of the cars, please let us know how it was and if you take any photos be sure to send them over! And if anyone happens to know the story behind this hoard of classics, please share it in the comments!

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  1. Anthony R in RI

    Unlicensed junkyard

  2. Dean

    Reminds me of those cars in Sweden, hidden in a forest.

  3. CCFisher

    I don’t see anything but parts cars, and with few usable parts, at that.

  4. sparkster

    quite a few pictures on the Craigslist ad. Time for a road trip.

  5. flmikey

    …a Mustang on top of a Camaro??? Cue 70’s porn music now….the rules state no profanity, politics, or personal attacks, but nothing about car porn…

  6. JC

    Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

    • Jeffro

      Ashes to ashes, rust to rust!

  7. ags290

    Is there a place to bid by the pound?

  8. Leon

    Where in Houston is this. ??

    • Mike W H

      I know this area; it’s north of Houston proper up the 45 around The Woodlands, east of there into deep woods bubbaland. I lived in The Woodlands for awhile and when you get off the main roads and are like 45 minutes into the woods, it’s got some strange folk living out there…..

  9. Boyhowdy

    If I remember right, these cars were listed some months ago with most of the fastbacks being picked over by the time I called. If it were closer to me id love to just walk around the place though. It sad yet at the same time so very interesting.

  10. Boyhowdy

    Also, for any VW fans out there, I believe that the Ghia that is pictured is an early Lowlight model. If I were closer id have bought it back when I first talked to the guy, but it was too far for such a heap. If your close though it might be worth a look.

    Lastly, I believe that there is a Volvo P1800 in this collection. Maybe #180 on the car list? its rough if i remember right… but still.

    • Rabbit

      Definitely has the early 5-lug wheels, I think you may be right.

    • Leon

      What part of Houston is it. ??My son wants to go to a gravyArd with old cars

      • ags290

        The map showed it to be North of The Woodlands and South of Conroe on the East side of I45.

      • JimmyinTEXAS

        The map shows, Bird Lake, the middle of Bird Lake..

  11. Tony S

    LOVE wandering around in places like this – but it is sad too…

  12. healeydays

    Wow, quite the list he has to sell/crush. Too bad you didn’t have a time machine to when they were put up to rot…

  13. Mountainwoodie

    The humidity in Houston is beyond oppressive. Its a hell hole. The effect on the metal and fabric would render much of the stock useless. Too bad . Somebody had lots of cool iron at one time. Looks like they are sitting in a giant bog.

    • bob

      i live in houston, whats this “humidity” thing you are talking about.

      • D. King

        I was with a group one day, when I still lived in Houston. One person was a visitor from New Mexico. The day was perfect, with about 55% humidity. The visitor said “how can you stand all this humidity?” The rest of us just laughed–best we’d seen in weeks!

  14. doug6423

    Lot of VIN’s to sell/buy…

  15. Moto

    They will all be underwater soon with this new storm….,

  16. D. King

    Interesting. On the Craig’s List ad (San Antonio), the map shows Bird Lake. That IS north of Houston, East of I-45, in an area that has a number of subdivisions, but also raw Texas pines. It’s also in a flood area (San Jac River), and the CL ad makes mention of the land being too wet to bring in loading equipment. Sounds like a soggy mess right now. I haven’t found it on Google yet.

    Anthony R in RI, this is unincorporated land. Even Houston has no zoning. I lived there (not far from this place) for 38 years, and only subdivisions with deed restrictions would have any way to prevent this. Certainly 30 years ago no one cared about this land.

  17. sir mike

    Wow..Things are bigger in Texas…like stupidity

  18. Scott

    What a difference a thousand miles makes. Put this in Arizona all those years ago and you have a gold mine.

  19. levis gasser

    Sure could use a set of them 5 lug hubs

  20. Bruce Fischer

    Rattle snake heaven.

    • Jeffro

      Hey..I didn’t know my ex wife lived there!?

    • D. King

      Not so much rattlesnakes as copperheads and cottonmouths.

  21. 68 custom

    rusty junk, too bad some nice cars at one time..

  22. Jack Quantrill

    The pumps don’t work cause the vandals took the handles!

  23. KevinR

    Interestingly enough, the multi-car hauler trailer looks like the best thing out there. The Torino might have some promise; would have to see more. However, I always find myself wondering why people do this. I will probably never know…

  24. JimmyinTEXAS

    “…..massive hoard of classics surfaced in Houston…”, Literally came to the surface, out of the swamp..

  25. PaulieB

    Houston, you have a problem….

  26. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Paulie….the best comment so far….Sir Mike – guess my comment is taboo….and Bruce it’s most likely….cotton mouth country…..still – there are parts to be had….a damn the luck….I was only about an hour north on I-45 today……..

  27. Adam T45 Staff

    For someone who loves classic cars as much as I do, this is as close to an automotive obscenity as it is possible to get.

    I suspect that by the time you tried to drag most of these from their resting places, all you’d be left with is is a small lump of metal on the end of a rope, and a long trail of rust on the ground all the way back to your starting point.

  28. Rustytech Member

    Looks like a great place for a swap meet picker, but you would need some time to pick through these for good parts, and lots of storage space.

  29. Tom Member

    KevinR……right on….I don’t think we will ever understand….it’s like a serial killer… all makes sense to them……whaaattt??!!!

    Unfortunately for once someone actually amassed a collection of really nice cars…mostly 2 doors and everything from GM, Ford, Mopar, pick ups, Nomad, looked like a convertible impala…1st gen Camaros and Firebirds, even some European. Some one really picked the “right cars” to save. How terrible to just let them sit in the elements, doors and windows open or broken and left to rot beyond repair (in my opinion). what is the point?

    30 years ago here in Illinois some friends of mine and I found 2 barns filled with cars (probably 80-100 in all mostly from the 40’s and 50′, early 60’s) parked literally bumper to bumper and touching each other side to side, wall to wall with dirt floors, mud….so every car in up to the rockers just rotting. one roof had fallen in. by the time we found the owners of the property nothing was for sale, we finally gave up. Not long after the second roof fell in and one day the buildings disappeared along with all the cars….who knows. this stuff is crazy.

    Snakes. I’m out. I am a pretty tough guy but I still don’t like poisonous snakes, spiders or the like.

  30. Jared

    I don’t see anything but leaves covering junk. Prices starting at $100 i think needs to be he pays $100 for you to haul away.

  31. moosie Craig

    Whats scrap iron going for in Texass?

  32. moosie Craig

    Whats scrap iron going for in Houston Texass?

  33. Bradley Clark

    Car hoarders..a cryin’ shame. A few years ago, I saw where a car hoarder had 12 acres of wall to wall Pontiacs. Most were in much better shape than these. Fortunately, the County had put it’s foot down and was forcing this guy to sell his Pontiacs. I don’t see the allure of having things just to have them.

  34. Jay E.

    The price of scrap is so low right now that I’m not sure you could even get someone to come out with the limited access. These cars might fetch $50.00 each. A lot of scrapper yards need titles now, so even that has become not as easy as it once was. The location does make me wonder if this was an open field 40 years ago. All the trees are about the same diameter and have grown up around the cars. Wonder what other junk is there. What a mess.

    • Dean

      5$ a ton in OK. Texas probably about the same.

  35. nessy

    The seller says the cars have been sitting since the early 90s.. One thing is for sure, many of these cars have been sitting a whole lot longer than the early 90s. Yards like this used to excite me, now, the thought of being stuck with all this stuff would make me overwhelmed and dizzy. I have enough of my own stuff to sell. No thanks.

  36. Dan

    I am really surprised at these comments. If I was looking for parts for these cars, I would be grateful to this guy. These would have been crushed 30 years ago if not for him.

  37. Ben

    Of course the highly desirable and pricy Mustang fastbacks and Mopars got gone immediately. I’m sure some of these cars will resurface for sale on Craigslist, pictured still sitting on a trailer.

  38. Charles

    I live in The Woodlands. It minutes away from me. WOW!

  39. Nutrunner

    Reminds me of Kaufdorf in Switzerland.
    It once was a junk yard, but over time heightend prerequisites forced the owners to stop business and since even just stocking automobiles in nature became a crime a long lasting legal dispute demoralized the family until they finally gave up. The whole yard was auctioned off. I was there. Cracked me up how much people pay for junk when emotions take over but if I had the cash I would have saved one of the 356s and broght it back on the road.
    I keep looking but I have not found one “Kaufdorf”restoration either started or done and I wonder what people do with cars like this.

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