Matching Numbers SS: 1970 Chevy Nova

The seller of this 1970 Chevrolet Nova SS claims it is a complete matching numbers example, including the engine, transmission, and 12 bolt rear end. The car is in New Hampshire but apparently came from the Midwest. It still does have some body issues but it looks to be straightforward repair, and the necessary body panels are included. Find it here on craigslist for $7,999, where the seller claims he is only selling because he has 29 other projects ahead of it.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader FordGuy 72 for the find. The Nova looks super straight, with only some body damage on the right rear quarter to note as issues. The seller reports it is an original paint car and that the interior is also original and retains its factory air conditioning setup. The original hubcaps are a great look, and the seller notes a factory rear bumper is included as well.

The interior is so-so, but would likely improve greatly with a cleaning. The carpets look pretty tired but there’s little doubt it’s all there. The seats may need an upholstery kit and the dashboard could likely be replaced if the next owner is a perfectionist; fortunately, the seller is including new door panels and what sounds like an upholstery kit in the sale. The more I read, the more I like it.

The Nova comes with its matching 350 engine, Turbo transmission, and 12-bolt rear end. Amazingly, it still runs and moves under its own power on gas from 1988! A proper gas tank cleaning would be advised, but you have to love a project that shows promise like this despite sitting idle for so many years. The asking price seems fair for a survivor SS, especially if the underside is solid.


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  1. Jack M.

    This looks like a very good deal for me as I live in Toronto and Novas looked like this by 1978 up here. I know that the readers from the southern states will say that it is worth only $3,500 but everything is relative I guess.

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    • Andre

      Agreed. Ottawa here – I hear you. Seems like a nice buy.

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    • Bob

      I’d rather have the Falcon!!!!

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  2. poseur Member

    can’t tell much from the photos but what can be seen looks really promising.
    surprised i’m sayhing this but $8k obo seems super fair if it’s rust free ish.
    i even like the color

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  3. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I’m very fond of a ’70 Nova SS having had one years ago though mine had an L78 375hp 396. This one show promise though that quarter panel is really hammered. If it doesn’t have any serious rust issues, maybe the ask is fair but it looks like it will need a lot of work and dollars inside and out. I’d want to pay less but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone pulled the trigger for $8k.

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    • poseur Member

      cool “sleeper” you had!
      still remember reading a magazine test of a L78 Nova SS with reviewer stating that while cruising and looking for races in Detroit nobody took the bait, likely due to the sound the solid-lifter Rat made.
      congrats on owning on of my dream cars!

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Thanks, poseur. I loved that car, even drove away from the church in it on my wedding day. Wish I could post a pic of it for you but not an option here.

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  4. jim

    The rust at the bottom of the windshield kind of concerns me a bit.
    Anyone else notice that?

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    • On and On On and On Member

      You are correct jim, cowl looks to be toast. check the craigslist pics, rust is serious, and thats a hard place to repair, light switch and wiring hanging, bet it leaks bad. This car seemingly was not cared for.

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  5. tasker

    BEEN here, he has a ton of stuff, bought some wheels from him years ago

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  6. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Only 29 projects ahead of it? Wonder how extensive the projects are? If it is like most of us, that’s a lifetime of work. Maybe two.

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  7. Keith

    Well at least it’s a two door?

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  8. Jake Jake Member

    If I only had the money and the space to keep this car, I like it.

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  9. NovaTom

    Had to replace the right quarter on my 70 SS back in 1989 – paid a whole $190 for it at the local Chevy dealer. Salvage yard wanted $45. Sure miss the days when a kid could afford working on a classic car

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    😲10👍pre 73 projects
    all complete, bring trailer
    thank’s 😎

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  11. pugsy

    So, there must be interest. Price is now 8500.00. Soon, it will be 9 G’s…..

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  12. Troy s

    Surprised it hadn’t been turned into a street cruiser at the very least at some point after all these years. People beat the heck out of these things! Street or strip.
    Kinda bland color, inside and out, but the potential is definitely there.

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  13. John

    Looks like it is nicely optioned. Love the bucket seats/console and factory A/C. It’s nice to see power front disc brakes, but I’m not seeing the power steering pump–looks like it’s missing? Would it be variable-ratio power steering? It seems like that was a new thing for GM in 1970.

    There’s a lot of cool things about it, but I would worried about the rust issues.

  14. James Martin

    The chase is better than the find. 29 projects prove it. So flip it with out even dropping tank and change hoses before you try to fire it. Lazy!

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  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Wow! Boy does this turn back the clock of time for me. I bought one new in 69, but mine was forest green with black vinyl top and rally sport wheels. The 396 produced more than enough power but drank gas like it was connected to an oil well. Bil got drunk on New Year’s Eve and up chucked all over the back of the car trying to figure out how to open the rear window. He spent New Year’s Day cleaning the car. We were in VanCouver B. C. Visiting our wives granddad. He did a good job as the drive back to Tacoma was odor free.
    Nice car but I soon traded for a 69 Firebird 400. It got much better gas mileage.
    God bless America

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  16. ted buerk

    I bought a 70 SS Nova new. 396(402) turbo 400 column shift bench seat.One of the last ones produced with late changes to the SS package which now included a rear sway bar and an in dash tach,about $18 more than the previous SS package. Unbelievable. First day I had it off went the 396 emblems in favor of 307. 2nd day Hooker Headers were installed.Dog dish caps and black wall tires helped the charade. Fun car on the freeways of the SF Bay area. Get this,(still have the bill of sale though the car is long gone) $3150 out the door at Parker Robb Chevrolet, Walnut Creek, CA!!!! Love to buy a half a dozen now at that price. Alas, that ship has sailed.

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  17. TimM

    You really can’t get any half way decent SS car anymore for less then $10 grand!! Seem like a really good deal!!

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  18. Poncho

    Car listing on Craigslist is gone. Had a friend in the 80’s that had a Nova this color (non-SS) , 350, automatic, bench seat. He had the motor rebuilt, Rolled the car on a wet road going thru the S turn. I found a nice 1970 Nova SS big block, A/C, factory console gauges, bucket seat car, red with the white hockey stripes. No motor or trans(nice roller). Some rust in the 1/4’s but still passed inspection. $2000.00. He wanted to drag race the car so he gutted the interior of its carpet and interior panels. One day I went over and he was removing the A/C ducts. I said what are you doing? he said for every so many pounds of weight removed he picks up a tenth in the 1/4 mile. He said don’t worry, he can reinstall the duct if going to restore the car. I knew it would never happen. Long story short, once the 1/4’s were so bad they wouldn’t pass inspection, the car sat. Probably racing took it’s toll on his bank account with the breaking parts and never really getting it dialed in to realize the tenth of a second gains. I regretted helping find that car, knowing how special it was to have a factory SS, big block, factory gauge car. Looking back now, I wish I would have bought the muscle cars my friends raced and never did body work on and put them on my to do later project list. The 1970 Nova SS, a 1970 Challenger 340, automatic (painted panther pink), and a 1970 Ford Torino (black, 351 Windsor, automatic car). Probably wouldn’t want the Torino as it was too big and heavy and the Windsor just never seemed like it had enough gusto to do what he wanted. Lots of memories of the illegal street racing and street cruising with the muscle cars until local government shut down our cruising. I went the other route and did the body work first. I realized the money they were throwing away with the broken engines and transmissions was better spent on the body work. I’m the only one that still has his car from back then. I’m the second owner of a 1969 Firebird 350 coupe that still looks good and lives in a garage to see daylight rarely. But still got it. Seems like a good investment now for the $2000 purchase price back in the ’80s. Wish I woulda bought the other ones I considered. A 1970 AAR Cuda from original owner (that owned a speed shop and rebuilt the motor himself), I was on the fence on my Firebird or the Cuda, but price had a factor and my GM mechanic brother said he wouldn’t help work on a Mopar, and a Mercury Cyclone Spoiler, Not the bigger engine that made it more desirable and I remember knowing where a Superbird was sitting under a car cover and carport at an old gas station for years (owner reportedly didn’t want to sell, but everyone has their price kinda deal), and a Yellow 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. I remember a guy driving around a 1969 Camaro that was bright yellow with black stripes that always sounded so good. I’m sure I’d have more of a storage problem than I do now though. Probably should have started with the warehouse first. Then fill and work on the toys there. 20/20 hindsight. What would that big block Nova SS, A/C, factory gauge car be worth today? So now you think a small block stripped down base SS is worth $8k and a 4 door Nova is worth $5k? Ouch. This hobby is getting too expensive anymore.

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