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Maxi Mini Mix: 1984 Mini Suzuki Nissan 4×4

Caution: Objects in your mirror may appear smaller, or larger.. or both.. Here’s an unusual vehicle, as if I really needed to say that. This is a 1984 Mini Suzuki Nissan 4×4 and it’s a doozy! It’s listed on the Gumtree website in gorgeous Langebaan, South Africa, on the West Cape, where I should be right now with our local temperature being 5 degrees F as I write this. This tip was sent in by a Barn Finds reader so yes, there are fans from around the world. Sorry if this one isn’t in your particular neighborhood, or, neighbourhood. But, it’s in someone’s area who watches this website and we thank them for sending it in.

There’s your 5 mph bumper! No, it’s just one of the custom fabrication bits on this fun and funky car. There isn’t much information given in the ad at all, just the main chunks: it’s a 1984 Mini (Cooper, I’m assuming since, yeah..), Suzuki “Jimmy”, which Im assuming is actually Jimny, and it has a Nissan 1400 engine, which would be a Nissan A14, a 1.4L with somewhere between 50 and 85 hp, unless it’s been modified, which given the rest of the car, seems like a safe bet.

The photos were taken with a special type of South African camera that doesn’t have the ability to get the entire car in the frame.. wait, no, they just didn’t take the time to make sure that they were standing far enough back. That’s one huge brush guard, or as we would say in Minnesota, deer guard or deer catcher. I’ve hit two deer and it’s not a pleasant experience, I’m sure that this heavy-duty steel grille guard would help with that. The tires don’t look too aggressive to me, tread-wise, but they sure make the car look cool. Or, give it a cartoony look, whether that’s a good thing or not depends on each individual’s preferences. I personally think this would be a fun car to own. With a bullet-proof engine and drivetrain and a cool Mini Cooper look, what’s not to like?!

This is a right-hand-drive car, as you can see. And, it bloody well should be since it’s a Mini Cooper from South Africa! The interior looks tidy with nice seats, although the white door panels look a little weird to me given that everything else is black in there. I’d change those out for sure. But, the seats are nice and you can find a replacement accelerator pedal cover, as well as pretty much every bit and piece for this Mini Suzuki Nissan. There are no engine photos and oddly, no sales price given. Shipping will be an issue for anyone not in South Africa, but shipping is always an issue even if it’s 500 miles/KMs away. Could you see yourself driving a small, tall, custom maxi-Mini like this?


  1. Larry K

    Redneck clown car?…… Sorry.

  2. ClassicCarFan

    I know that the original Mini Coopers are really cool iconic classic cars but why is it that just about every classic Mini that comes up for sale here in the US is described as a “Mini Cooper”. Only a tiny minority of Minis were actually “Coopers”, 107,000 Coopers out of more than 5 Million Minis (up to 2000, not counting the BMW built retro one).

    This Mini body doesn’t look much like a “Cooper” it’s not even the body style that was used for the Cooper. It seems to be the Mini “Clubman” body used for the Clubman and 1275GT models between 1969 and 1980. You’ll notice the more boxy full-width front end styling and on the inside the instruments sited in the more conventional position in front of the driver.

    It does have some sort of “Cooper” badge on the back though. Odd?
    Is it a fake Cooper? or some odd export market special

    • Jim B

      You can see “Clubman” on the badge on the rear tailgate/hatch/whatever they call it. Nice call!

    • Scotty Staff

      You’re probably correct, ClassicCarFan, my mistake/mistype. I should have deferred to our resident British car expert, Jamie, on the model.

  3. Mark

    When I was living in Venezuela, you could buy a fiberglass-bodied Mini knock-off called the Minicord. I guess they had licensed the rights from BMC in order to assemble locally and thus avoid steep import tariffs. Fiberglass seemed a pretty good idea, considering the humidity and proximity to the ocean. I had a chance to drive one, and although under-powered with it’s 1 liter engine, it actually had functioning AC!

  4. Stiffler4444

    I want it. Sadly I’m sure the shipping exceeds its value exponentially. Boo.

  5. Stiffler4444

    To hell with it, I’ve emailed for pricing details. Maybe too much vino tonight….

    • Scotty Staff

      Ha! With that clearance you could probably drive it over the ocean. Wait, now it sounds like I’ve had too much vino..

    • Matt Member

      The price for the car in America should be quite cheap as there are 13.99 South African Rands to the $ except for shipping costs…

  6. Bill

    All Coopers are Minis but not all Minis are Coopers. there were no Coopers in 1984, and this is a Mini Clubman on a 4×4 chassis. Cool, but I freekin hate it when people call a run of the mill Mini (especially a clubman) a “Cooper” John cooper is turning in his grave.

  7. Stiffler4444

    Well, cheap yes. Got a response of 35000, which is about 3300 Canadian. Even with cheap shipping it’s all possible. But sending money to South Africa, now that’s the problem, isn’t it.

  8. chad

    no problem IS:
    2 Japanees co.s, an English1
    & a S.African gent w/a welder.

    Hopin the rear bumper is alu or wood so as to not overwhelm that lill motor

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