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Mechanic Owned: 1961 Ford E-Series Van

While the market is after trucks and SUVs, vans still have a niche audience. This mechanic owned and maintained 1961 Ford E-Series Van is for sale with a buy it now price of $6,800 with the ability to make an offer. The title is listed as clear, the mileage has rolled over, and there is a VIN included. It is located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. You can view more on here on eBay.

There are very few photos and little description about the mechanical components of this van. A photo of the inline 6 cylinder engine is available, but that is it. No transmission information is listed. It is a rear wheel drive van though, and judging by the lack of a third pedal, it looks to be an automatic. The listing states that it turns heads where ever it goes, and that it runs and drives great.

There are a few photos of the cabin area, which seems to be aged, but not terrible. The gas pedal is one of the foot with toes pedals. There does not look to be too much rust on any of the floors in the cabin. The seats do look a little primitive, but functional. According to the seller, they have the back fitted with a motorcycle chock to transport your two wheel ride. However, they do not show any photos of that.

Car buying online can be a difficult thing, but the few photos and little information provided for this van, really don’t seem to raise up any red flags. You might be pleasantly surprised by this one if you arrange to see it. If it is what the seller claims it is, then it would could be a great promotional vehicle for a shop. Especially any motor cycle or even pedal bike shop could benefit from this van.


  1. Avatar photo TimM

    Really cool old van!! I’ve had a couple of the 68-74 models but these are sweet!!

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  2. Avatar photo Camaro Joe

    The shifter looks like more like a “three on the tree” than an automatic. The picture appears to show a shifter rod just above the steering column. I can’t see a clutch petal either, but the pictures aren’t top quality.

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    • Avatar photo Evan

      I’m not even sure an automatic was available in ’61.

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  3. Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

    Technically, it’s a Falcon. ( probably says so on the back door) I read, 1963 was the 1st year for an automatic. I had one of these once, a rare “double side door”. I got it for nothing, and shortly afterward found out, the stubs coming from the unibody to support the engine had rusted through, with the engine laying on the front axle, and away to “Larry’s Auto Parts” it went. Just as well, they were miserable vehicles to drive, but great for “stoppies” with Aunt Hazel in the front seat,,,,

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    • Avatar photo Fitzwell Member

      The “stoppies” were possible in a very early production unit. GM made a film showing this. No telling what was done to the vehicle. By ‘62 Ford added a plate over the fuel tank (165-200 lbs, depending on which interweb source you choose) to make sure it didn’t happen.

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      • Avatar photo Rube Goldberg Member

        500 pounds of ballast in the passenger compartment of the Ford and was a pickup to boot. Pure propaganda by GM to promote the Corvair trucks.

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  4. Avatar photo Dave Member

    Ya, most of these were three-speeds, and the occasional, kinda rare, 4-on the tree.

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  5. Avatar photo Trevor

    I know this guy! He’s a hell of a bike builder, has won many awards. I’ve never personally been in the van but I remember when he got it and he has driven it around for at least the past six years maybe eight. I really hate to see him sell it. It fits his personality perfect, good luck to the new owners.

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  6. Avatar photo Rick D Borstein

    I have a 1962 Econoline Pickup which I am restomodding. There is a huge community for these trucks on Facebook and regular meets all around the country. Many parts are available and even some body parts. Rust is the biggest concern.

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    • Avatar photo TimM

      Rick I just read your post and I have the later model, 69 different body style as well!! It was the same year and model as one of first service trucks!! Are there guys on the site your speaking of that have this body style as well or is it just the earlier models???

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  7. Avatar photo Johnmloghry

    In 1967 I was riding with my Dad on old highway 44 in Northern California when we suddenly came upon a van like this that had hit a bear. Man and woman in the van were both killed as well the bear. I had to stay at the Scene while my dad went to find a phone to call the police. I’ve always been afraid of this style van ever since.
    God bless America

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    • Avatar photo karl

      I’ve been afraid of these style vans as well. When I was a senior in high school , a classmate had one of these .One day riding to school on the bus we saw his van ,wrecked, at a gas station. It looked like he hit a telephone pole – the headlights were actually facing each other ! Later we found out from him a motorcycle ,blinded by the sun, swerved in his lane and he hit the guy head on . He was lucky, he was beat up and cut from the windshield , the biker wasn’t as fortunate.

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  8. Avatar photo Jeremy

    Was originally my van, now belongs to a friend. 3 on the tree, 170 from a 64 falcon, 8.8 disc brake rear, discs up front, rebuilt the transmission, aluminum radiator, Weber carb, electronic ignition, just a little surface rust not rotten spots. Full rewire using painless harness. I’d drive that van anywhere.

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  9. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    I’d finish the bodywork and throw a MAACO paint job on it. Drove these when I just finished high school, delivering auto parts. I was also scared about a collision in these, you would be the first one on the scene of a front end crash.
    Lots of these sold; bosss and me would rebuild the little falcon six in the car, I’d take the pistons up top, sent the van up the lift with , me and the parts in it. I’d send the pistons down; boss would button up the lower end while I was putting the head back on. Not a ball of fire but the contractors loved ’em. Simpler times.

    Good luck to the new owner.love the tooth grille…

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  10. Avatar photo James Meyer

    I had a ’61 in the late 90’s. Leaky carb leaned out the air-fuel ratio – I could light cigarettes off the red-hot exhaust manifold . . .while driving down the freeway!

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