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Mellow Yellow: 1971 Chevrolet K10 4×4


This generation of “C/K” pickups was introduced in 1967 and had improvements like a double wall bed, better rustproofing, and coil spring rear end as well as added creature comforts. This is a one owner barn find and is said to have only 42,000 and to be completely mint. It does look nice in the pictures and is original except for the tires and the seat cover which was done in the ’80s. A picture inside the bed would show how well it has really been treated.


The interior really does look nice and original. It’s like stepping back in time.


That bumper makes it look like a work truck except the bumper shows none of the usual battle scars. Perhaps it has just been used to haul a boat?


The engine looks original and unmolested. If the engine compartment was detailed, they did an amazing job.


This pickup certainly looks pristine, but that paint combination reminds me of Easter. It would always be easy to find, even in timber. The seller says there were very few painted this color and I can see why. It is listed here on craigslist and is located in Seattle, Washington. It’s a really nice pickup, but is there really anyone that would pay $18,000 for it? It would be nice to have a nice, sturdy pickup that didn’t need  smog inspections, but it would be a shame to beat up this beauty. What do you think?


  1. Charles

    Nice truck. No pictures of the bed floor or undercarriage?

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  2. Ben

    I always see red flags when someone posts a listing from Seattle on Craigslist in Phoenix, Los Angeles and Lubbock, but not Seattle.

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  3. JW

    Very nice truck, my favorite generation of the Chevy trucks but 18K for a truck that I just could not let sit and look at, would have to use it as it was designed & made for. Sorry to say I would have to pass.

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  4. Dave Wright

    These are the best years……there is no such thing as a C10 4X4, it is a K10 and coil springs were only used on the very lightest…..cheepest…..Chevies and I don’t think ever on a 4X4………. The yellow color doesn’t look like an orignal to me but hard to tell in a photo. The green cab looks like an orignal color but I am not sure about the solid body with different top. Nice looking truck overall. These became better every year after 1970 or so. I like the 73’s the best. My dad had maby 20 of these years in one of his truck companies, mostly C30’s and they were great trucks. Would commonly get 500,000 miles on the “premium 4 bolt main GMC 350’s”

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    • mat

      The 73’s were a different body style.

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  5. Squad41

    If it’s 4×4, it’s a K truck, not a C. The 10 indicates 1/2 ton.

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  6. Greg

    Way too much for a base model with a goofy paint job. Yuck.

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  7. Mark S

    I had a 1970 GMC 1500 it was the plain jane model. It had the inline 250 CID with 3 on the tree, and coil springs in the rear. That truck began it s life as a service truck at a gas station and was 10 years old when I got it. Fixed it up and painted it back to its original colour. It was the toughest truck I ever owned, I daily drove it for 15 more years before it was finally finished. Great find

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  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    My dad had a ’68 Chevy 1/2 ton ‘Custom Camper’ that was the same yellow as this one, but with a plain white roof. Thank the good Lord. Back in the day there were a lot of trucks in our region painted that same yellow. I often wonder if there was some sort of special going on? Like the late 40s with dark green trucks. Anyways, I then get to wondering who actually works in the color departments? Chevy used this color for a long time then sometime in the 70s brought out what was called ‘Neutral,’ or to those of us brought up on the farm, ‘Calf Scour Yellow.’ And I’m an idiot too because I ordered my ’79 GMC with the deluxe two-tone paint: Dark brown metallic and calf scour yellow…

    This truck would be a welcome addition to my collection. I’d keep it fixed up and USE it. I’d also get rid of that green and spray something more attractive like ‘refrigerator white.’ I wouldn’t go any further than that because if I painted the entire truck another color I’d probably end up painting it brown and calf scour yellow…

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  9. Woodie Man

    At the risk of sounding like an internet know it all…..that paint job seems kind of odd. The cab green almost looks metallic. As others have noted its a K………..I’d love it if it had a more common paint job like my 1972 C-10…Colonel Mustard…here serving as a temporary rolling gym…..

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  10. Fogline

    Had a ’72 c 20 that could haul pretty much anything and did. The roof on this had gutters that tend to trap water and rust through leaking water through the cab corners and ultimately rusting out the rockers. It is rare to see one without those issues, even here in California.

    I agree the paint looks odd. I have never seen one painted like this, but I guess anything is possible. And as far as the price, if it is rust free, I think the $18k is probably a bargain.

    Vegas phone number. Arizona ad. Seattle truck. Hmm.

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  11. Mr. Bond

    I too have owned many, and that is one of the cleanest and most original engine compartments I have seen on one of these trucks.

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