Mexican Excursion! 1976 Ford B-100 CarryAll

The American market waited until 1991‘s Ford’s Explorer to enjoy a four-door Ford SUV, but coach-builders in Mexico clearly anticipated the popularity of a full-sized SUV from FoMoCo with the B-100 CarryAll. This 1976 B-100 CarryAll in Santa Teresa, New Mexico runs and drives. Seeking a new owner here on eBay, this unusually practical classic can be yours for the Buy It Now price of $9950.

The CarryAll came in three and five door (technically four and six) variants seating up to ten people! This one may have begun life with metallic green paint, and shows signs of some purple spray before getting a fairly thorough sun-repelling white color change.

The dashboard should be familiar to Ford owners. Rear seats may have been replaced with newer models at some point. A four-speed manual transmission changes gears.

The seller describes what “seems like” a 302 cubic inch (5.0L) V8. Ford’s ubiquitous small-block can deliver decent performance and mileage or become a ferocious beast with the proper application of cash. Air conditioning equipment is neither mentioned nor evident in the photos.

Concerns include some floor rust (covered over with sheet metal) and “bad body work.” Also the paperwork is from Mexico so, for now, this truck has merely applied for asylum in America. The buyer will be responsible for applying for permanent residency. With good examples of the no-longer-produced Excursion bringing top-dollar, this B-100 may represent a sturdy full-sized people-hauler that’s unlikely to decrease in value. If you paid full-price for this rig, you will have shelled out about the same value a new Expedition Max loses the minute it leaves the lot. What’s it worth to you?


  1. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    Unfortunately worth the spot price for scrap in California

  2. Troy s

    That would have worked for Ford to compete against the Suburban back then here in the states. Maybe the demand for such a vehicle wasn’t strong enough, don’t know what year the Bronco got big.
    One things for certain, that 302 has its work cut out in a rig this size! Not bad.

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    • Keith Gourley

      Bronco got big in 78

  3. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Where oh where have I seen this one before ????

    • Robert Eddins

      This Mexican made Ford must meet federal motor vehicle USA standards such as safety glass,etc,etc.,or US Customs inspection will not clear it for importation into the USA. If it were USA made it would reenter as, “American Goods Returned”. It will have a small tariff if it is brought up to USA requirements. Get a lisenced Customs Broker to do an informal entry packet if you want it, not too expensive.

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      • TimM

        Robert this is real good information that I wouldn’t have thought of!! This must also be true with cars being shipped from Europe, Canada, Australia and even Japan??? Is this the case???

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      • belinda

        I believe if it is older than 25 years, no modification is needed

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  4. Jim Lee

    A fellow in Nixa MO has several of these, he used to advertize them on Craigslist. Haven’t seen them for a while, maybe he sold them

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  5. mikestuff

    My dad and his new wife spent every winter in Quartzite, AZ (from Utah) which is about 90 miles to Mexico (IIRC) and over the years I made a few trips down there just to visit. They had a very nice mobile home park and a neighbor had one of these in black. I saw it there at least 3-4 times over the years and a couple of times I talked to him. He said he liked it, didn’t spend much on it and it used LOTS of gas. My dad died in 2000 so I haven’t been back since.

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  6. TimM

    Never seen a creature like this one!!! Kinda cool in my eyes!!!

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  7. Doug

    I have also seen Dodge 1500’s from the 90’s that were converted to a Ramcharger type vehicle in Mexico. don’t know if it was a shop there or an actual Chrysler product, but they were dang cool looking. Can’t believe more of these type of trucks haven’t found their way north.

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    • Michael Vickery

      I remember reading a review in a car magazine of one of those. They were a Dodge product. I remember that they used the lift gate off of the Caravan to save money. It seems that the two door SUVs were still popular enough for them to make them for the Mexican market. I don’t think Ford actually built this, as I’ve seen period ads for this that showed nothing but a bare chassis. There were various manufacturers that made everything from paddy wagons to hearses using it.

  8. Tom Bell

    Centurion Coachworks in Michigan also built a version of the Ford suburban using pickup sheetmetal and the removable top from a full size Bronco.

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  9. karl

    10G for a 1976 truck with bad bodywork ? I think its a cool looking truck and I’m also surprised that these didn’t make it past the border , but this one isn’t worth the money IMHO

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  10. John P

    No matter what dump truck load of dollars gets sunk into one-they’re terribly ugly.. Ford seemed to always do better with a Bronco-sized vehicle in the “looks department”.

  11. Little_Cars

    Almost looks like an Econoline van from the rear. I think there are far too many waves in this Mexican special’s body.

  12. Mountainwoodie

    All I can hear in my head when I see this is…………..La cucaracha…La cucharacha…..

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