Miami Vice Tribute: Ferrari Daytona Spyder Replica

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I’m still not sold on the virtues of replicas of high-dollar sportscars, as so few ever come close to resembling the real thing. That being said, I’ve been open to kits that use the iconic body with some sort of kick-ass motor under the hood, like the Beck 550 Spyders and others that have put some serious money into the motor so it can cash the checks the body will always write. While this Tom McBurnie Daytona recreation here on craigslist is stunning, it retains a fairly ordinary Corvette-derived  350 under the hood and is listed for $34,999.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find. The Daytona replica rose in fame after plenty of screen-time in the Miami Vice television series (hence the vanity plate). According to the seller, this model was abandoned due to Ferrari taking issue with a replica gaining so much prominence, which actually worked out well for Don Johnson since his next car was a genuine Ferrari Testarossa. This Daytona shows no visible flaws, unlike the TV car which was destroyed.

The interiors are a high point, as they do appear quite exotic and fitting of a car as special as the original Daytona. The proportions of the body aren’t bad either, and you’ll at least be driving a replica that appears to be fairly well constructed. If we are to believe the seller, Tom McBurnie was the go-to expert for Daytona replicas, but I’m sure there’s someone out there who’d argue another shop built a more sympathetic recreation.

Here’s where these replicas always fall down for me: the engine compartment. Will it sound good? Sure. Will it provide decent acceleration? Yes. Is it going to be cheap to own? Most likely. But with such a stunning body, it’s like dating a supermodel with a an elementary school vocabulary. Sure, it looks good and is functional, but is it any different from all of the other supermodels? OK, perhaps not the best example, but hopefully you get my point. What would you swap under the hood that’s way more exotic than a run-of-the-mill 350?

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  1. TimS

    I loved Miami Vice, still watch it on occasion and could drive this since it’s an auto. Don’t think I could pay over 30k for the privilege though.

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    Pretty good replica…as long as you leave the top down. I might go 20k -ish. Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Id rip the motor and go EV.Just to further enrage the already hacked off purists who already hate on your Fauxrarri.BTW… I lived down there back in the day. I still have my white linen suit…loafers…and pink tee.😎

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  3. Adam Wright

    I have just the guy I would take for a ride…
    He has very fond memories of a similar car.

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  4. Husky

    Hmmm, what about a Jaguar 6.0L V-12?

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    • ROBERT g.

      That engine, Jaguar v 12 is way down on power you would need a turbo.

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  5. Chinga-Trailer

    Even from the oblique angle of the lead photo, the obviously fake wire wheels just scream “KIT KAR KIT KAR!!” And the automatic was the bold exclamation point!

    Nothing wrong with a fake sports car, indeed my favorite possession is my fake Cobra, but in my mind if it’s so immediately and obviously fake, I would find it embarrassing to drive. So, if you’re wondering about my Kounterfeit Kobra – well it’s totally devoid of obviously “boy racer” parts such as side pipes, stripes, paperclip roll bar etc and thus relatively so authentic looking that we actually sneaked it onto the show field at “The Quail” at Quail Lodge Country Club one Pebble Beach Week in Carmel! You’d never get close with this one.

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    • Treebeardzz

      “obviously fake wire wheels”? What’s fake about them: the wire or the wheels? They look kinda real to me. But then I made the ENORMOUS effort to click on the ad…….Just glad I’m not so inadequate and insecure that I have to badmouth a nice car to justify my pathetic existence…..

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  6. Coventrycat

    That supermodel with the elementary school vocabulary is sitting in the passenger seat next to the receding hairline, knuckle dragging mouth breather that still thinks gold chains and bracelets are the epitome of fashion, and a high dollar kit car knock off is what they’re destined to drive.

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  7. Tony Primo

    Makes me want to put my razor away for a few days and throw my socks away!

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    • Dean

      Perfect moniker…….Sonny Crockett, Rico Tubbs, Tony Primo…..(cue the theme song)

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  8. C3s

    Nice car, but kinda sad since a Corvette had to die to make it!

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  9. ACZ

    Of the Daytona replicas, the McBurnie was by far the best. I agree, it should have guts to back up the looks.

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    • Treebeardzz

      The edge that McBurnie had with his replicas was taking molds off the REAL cars so they are EXACT, plus the emblems and trim are authentic….that’s what got him in trouble. Ferrari made the rule specifically because of him, that they do NOT sell “the Prancing Pony” emblems to anyone unless they show proof that they own the car it is going on and why they need to replace it. The McBurnie replica Daytona is even rarer than the real thing. LOT less expensive, but rarer.

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  10. pat gill

    BMW 750i V12, they sound great with the rear exhaust boxes removed, and they come with a good autobox, that would be my choice,

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    • Derek

      “good autobox”…?

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  11. Ken

    At a better price, I would take it and remove every bit of Ferrari badging. You’d have a great looking cruiser without the pretense. I might even add a QUALITY roll bar for kicks.

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  12. Tony Primo

    Thanks Dean, I would have loved a chunk of the royalties from this show.

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  13. Kenny Brooks

    Lovely…..just kicked off the Miami Vice theme song in my head.Well that beats green OMG No……..

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  14. Victor Anderson

    This car has been on craigslist for sale for a looong time – and I notice that most of these Daytona replica’s take forever to sell. This one at $35k is one of the more expensive ones too.

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  15. Maestro1

    Victor, that’s interesting. Replicas in general are slow movers, and appreciation can be depressing or modest. I’m sure the rest of you will yell at me but I’m fine with the 350 primarily becuase I would drive the car in LA traffic and I don’t need anything quicker. Even the freeways are nose to tail.

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  16. Dickie F

    I can’t remember which chassis is under these Daytona replicas ?
    And is there a good fitting top with it?

    With the Daytona aerodynamics and a breathed on SBC, it should be a decent performer?

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    • SubGothius

      IIRC, these were typically built on C3 Vette chassis.

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  17. Chase

    The Mcburnie replica is no really a replica. It is more of a tribute car to the Daytona that was used on Miami Vice.
    The corvette platform with the 350 engine is perfect for this vehicle.
    I’ve owned a Mcburnie for 13 yrs.
    here is the last build of the car
    I have also won car shows and beaten the Magnum PI car. The Ferrari 308 GTS.
    I had entered the show in “Most Modified”. However the judges moved me to exotic/foreign. I won overall. When asked why I was in that category, the judge replied “that’s the most famous Ferrari there is” the owner of the 308 walked up and agreed, and had no problem of my car beating a real Ferrari.
    So…… these cars are not trying be a real Ferrari, or fool people; they are just a tribute to a show that changed TV shows forever

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  18. Mark Giumarra

    Hey guys, I just bought one out of Texas. I did a deep dive on the internet and found the car was for sale Florida a couple years ago (same vin) any how I will need help making this thing as original looking as possible. Do any of you guys know if C3 Corvette parts like door panels, seats, carpets and convertible top is the same as the replica parts. I agree with whoever said the car isn’t so much trying to fool people but more just being brash . I looked so long for one of these, I realized there’s 2 million A/C Cobra replicas for sale out there.
    not that these will ever be worth much, but what the hell it’s all for fun. Right?

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