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Micro Cars, Mighty Projects: 1955 Messerschmitts


We featured these Messerschmitt Bubble Top projects back in November when they were listed on Craigslist. They are now being offered for sale again, but this time they can be found here on eBay. The seller was asking $20K the first time they had them for sale, but hopefully they have lowered their price this time around, as these two 1955 Messerschmitt micro cars are in rough shape.


The seller is very clear about how rough both cars are and as you can tell both are missing lots of parts. The KR200 is missing its engine, transmission, and rear suspension. The seller claims they purchased it from a movie studio, so perhaps it was used in a movie? The KR175 is more intact, as it still retains its original motor and drivetrain. Finding parts for both of these could be a challenge, but the Messerschmitt Owners Club offers some parts and can help find anything they don’t have.


Given how few of these little cars were built, we are sure there are plenty of collectors out there that would love to take them on. Given how small they are, we don’t imagine it would be real difficult to work on them, but finding all the missing parts could be tough. We aren’t sure whether there was much parts sharing between the KR175 and the KR200, but it’s possible. We are sure there is someone out there that knows more about these then we do, so we will let them clarify that.


  1. Robert J

    It sure would be worth it if they were the “Brazil” Messerschmidts.


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  2. Horse Radish

    Legend has it, that even Elvis owned one of these….

    now , if either one of these were an Ex-Elvis car, it still would be a hard sell at the asking price, that I believe I saw on the CL ad.
    Or maybe I am just completely clueless !

    For this kind of money you can buy a Mercedes 600 in better shape….

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    • Webby

      When I see “Messerschmitt project” I tend to think of Me 109/110/ 262.

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  3. FRED


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    • Blake

      Scrapping them serves no purpose whatsoever. They aren’t big enough to bring a lot of money, and even an imperfect restoration would be neat. Carbureted motorcycle engines could be fit, upholstery is easy, the bubble top would be the hardest. I would think people on this site would want to preserve the cars found, not scrap them.

      I don’t think they’re worth the asking price, and I certainly don’t have the time, but I like them and they are worth saving!

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      • paul

        They had a micro museum in Georgia that auctioned these a couple of weeks ago & one went for a couple of hundred grand.

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  4. Larry

    What am I missing here?? Are these things worth this kind of money?? I guess they must be worth a lot of money restored, we all have our own taste in cars and thats what makes it so much fun. Good luck to the seller and whoever buys it.
    And what the heck is that on the seat?

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  5. Spike

    I just skimmed the results from the Bruce Weiner Micro Car Auction that went down a few weeks ago in GA. There were quite a few Messerschmidt’s in the auction and prices realized ranged from $23k to $115k, with most of them upwards of $50k. Thank’s Bruce!

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    • paul

      I thought one went for 220 G’s but I may be wrong.

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  6. braktrcr

    I think they look like Aliens… alive, and wil regenerate themselves. But… I think most of us that buy projects we don’t get to hope the same thing : )

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  7. William Robinson

    These things would be neat if restored to look somthing like a ww2era fighter plaine. Maybe with some sort of liter bike engine and some original mini wheels up front in a dull grey or olive drab and some real bullit holes. What was the BIN again?

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  8. paul

    To me I would say next, but if you needed parts to make what you already own complete, then I would say it’s worth quite a bit since parts must be scarce.

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  9. Peter

    Apparently they had excellent fuel consumption.
    I have seen advts for them in old british ‘The Motorcycle’ magazines.

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  10. Ilario

    If they were in Pittsburgh pa. I’ve give it plenty of thought. There cool.

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