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Microcar Mania

Microcar Barn Find In Germany One Car Alone

What’s better than finding one car in a barn? How about finding 21 cars in a barn? Well the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum in Madison, GA found this collection of microcars in a barn in Germany in 2004. The Microcar Museum is now selling off a handful of the microcars they brought back from Germany.

Microcar Barn Find In Germany

These microcars were originally collected by a Mr. Berger for his car museum. He opened his Automuseum in 1976, but three short years later he passed away. Shortly thereafter, his widow closed the museum and all of the cars were left as they were.

Microcar Barn Find In Germany Main Barn

Bruce Weiner got wind of these cars in 2004 and made a deal to buy 21 cars. The cars were loaded onto 7 containers and they then made the journey to their new home in Madison, GA to Bruce’s Microcar Museum. Most were restored, but a few like the red Isetta 600 seen in this picture are unrestored and for sale.

Microcar Barn Find In Germany Hiding Microcar

Not only were there microcars inside barns, there were cars scattered all about Mr. Berger’s estate. This little car looks like it is hiding; maybe it was scared to make the long journey from its home of 25 years in Germany to Madison. Most of the cars were in excellent shape and just needed to be cleaned, while a few were in rougher shape. Some of the cars that were in better shape were even able to make it to the Micros In Madison Meet a few months after making it to the States.

Microcar Barn Find In Germany Cars In Container

Here three of the cars are loaded onto their container to make the long journey to America. Of the 21 cars, the Microcar Museum is currently selling 8 of them. A few of the most noteworthy ones for sale include a 1958 Goggomobile Transporter, a 1947 Julien (which there are only 6 known to exist), and a 1950’s P. Vallee Chantecler.

Microcar Barn Find In Germany Row Of Cars

We’re glad someone was able to save this collection of microcars and we hope the cars that are being sold off will be able to find good homes. We wish we could come across an entire collection of barn finds. If you are in the Madison, GA area go visit the Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum and see if you can spot some of these barn finds in their collection.


  1. Avatar photo Paul Wegweiser

    I’ve had dreams about buildings filled with cars like this. I usually wake up giggling from those visions. What a superb find! And hilarious!

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    • Avatar photo Anthony Wurthmann

      I used to have a 1958 BMW 600. It was stolen in 1995; lost forever. I put a great deal of my heart into that little car and she gave me many summers of enjoyment.

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  2. Avatar photo Ron Southan

    Love it. I can see myself an any or all of them.

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  3. Avatar photo Lon Lofgren

    That little yellow one is a Zundapp Janus! OMG! Why are these things always on the wrong side of the country? Too far from Tucson! :(

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  4. Avatar photo Joshua Calloway

    What an amazing assortment of Micros! I often daydream about seeing the streets of Merced, CA where I live abuzz with these pint-sized classics! It came true for a minute yesterday in town! I saw a little Cushman golf-cart sized vehicle in a grocery store parking lot as I pulled in. A couple appearently were using it as their regular car! It had plates and was street legal! I believe it was a four-wheeled version of the Cushman Truckster! It had real doors and looked like a micro- size minivan. I’m with you you, Lofgren! If only the US caught onto microcars decades ago, we would’nt have the stupid wars for oil, and people would have to drive more safely. Plus, they look just cool and lots of fun to drive! In fact, I’d love to build a 700-cc modern Messerschmitt 3- wheeler one day from motorcycle parts LOL!

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  5. Avatar photo Ted

    i recently stumbled on the MicroCar Museum.. and its in the town next to where i live! Lots of cars.. lots of memoriabilia.. i think Bruce is the “Double Bubble Gum” heir.. (“Bubble Car” .. “Double Bubble”.. get it?) and this is his hobby.. Museum is only about 20-30 miles east of Atlanta.. just of I-20, a few miles south… so next trip to Daytona or Florida beaches… check it out.. http://www.microcarmuseum.com/ you can see it is really nice setup, nice new bldg.. and nearly everything runs/works, even neon lites and candy machines.

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  6. Avatar photo ed

    What always gets me about really nice old car finds is when the owner is approached, he is around 101 years old and says “It’s not for sale”. You can see the same thing with none car items on the show American Pickers. Old hoarders. They never seem to realize that when they die, what the consider “Not for sale” will be sold off by family members. Really good stuff at a top price, not so good stuff for pennies on the dollar. And much of it taken straight to the dump.

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  7. Avatar photo Todd Darling

    To Joshua and Lon. The yellow Zundapp now resides in Sacramento, Ca. and was bought from the Bruce Weiner collection. It runs and drives now with new paint and interior. You should check out the “Southwest Unique Little Car Show” that just took place in AZ. and happens around April 1st every year. It has been rotating from Az to Ca. and should be in Ca. next year..

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