Mightier Than The Sabre: 1960 Buick Lesabre

Sleek, mean, and stylish, these 1960 Buick Lesabres are not all that common to see. This particular car appears original, but needs some help when it comes down to the interior. Although not currently running due to old gas, this Buick was runner as of recent. For $5,500 this massively stylish Lesabre can be yours. Find it here on craigslist out of Fillmore Missouri.

Having some minor patina, this 364 cubic inch Nailhead engine has been run as of recently. Old gas, and perhaps some other fine details prevent this engine from currently running. Buicks always seem to have the higher end features having power steering, power brakes, and a 2 speed automatic transmission. The paint in the engine bay is nice, and there are no signs or rust, other than super engine bay components, that are not painted.

Although rough, this is not the worst interior that I have seen. The seats and door panels wear factory coverings, but time and age have taken their toll.  There is plenty enough left to work with, and perhaps the door panels could be finessed to lay flat, and take on a suitable enough appearance. When it comes to where you sit, the seats are ripped, and tattered, but as mentioned in the sales ad, a blanket would disguise the condition. On the other hand, there is enough remaining to pull patterns and color samples to recover the seats. Lacking the factory carpet, you can barely see some rust issues in the floors per the seller’s description. The passenger floor board is the worst with some small holes, and the sheet metal appearing thin. When it comes to the highlights of this interior, the dash isn’t too shabby, although its lacks a radio. Also the windshield is “new”, which is a very nice feature in any classic car. Although not a highlight, you may want to wear gloves as the steering wheel is cracked and chipped. Adding carpet and cleaning the interior would likely give a more pleasant appearance.

Even though the fins on this 1960 Buick aren’t as large as some other cars of the era, they are still very cool as they are incorporated into the bodyline. Surface rust is present on the roof, with a few small patches elsewhere. Rot looks to be at a minimum on the exterior. The driver side rear door has some rot, as well as the rear passenger door, with a tiny spot in the rocker nearby. Almost straight as an arrow, the passenger rear quarter is dented, but it is not as ugly as it sounds. Restored, or enjoyed on the cheap, this Buick would be an awesome classic to share at events. What would you do with this Buick Lesabre?


  1. packrat

    These have been getting a lot of attention lately, and like so many of these, I can remember when they could be had in this condition for a decimal place’s difference. The opening price might be a little ambitious, but the 60 4dr on ebay last December, in similar builder condition, did end up selling for twenty-two hundred… http://www.ebay.com/itm/1960-buick-4-door-/172428255595?hash=item282586616b:g:GfkAAOSwCGVX7ug0&vxp=mtr (or http://archive.is/E7C4x when that expires) There’s a tired but complete 2dr in a ‘no-reserve’ right now, being pictured with, and sold by, the original owner in Newport News VA, who writes about which dealership he picked it up at, etc. It’s broken the 1500.00 mark right now with two days to go, so it may go high or someone may get quite the deal.

  2. Fred W.

    Reminds me of Brad’s “Cruising Vessel:….

    • bill

      “3 more payments gentlemen and this luxury cruiser is all mine”

  3. G 1

    Chrysler alternator. Those 2spd. slush boxes were only high end in GM.

  4. mike d

    not a bad looking car, I have seen worse . It could be run ” as is” for a little while . am not crazy about the light blue, and if it didn’t take away from the value, would like to see it in black, and keep the light blue interior , of course put in some sort of an after market stereo . if the engine is up to snuff would put glass packs on it ( duals of course) would be an attention getter!

  5. Bob C.

    Fun fact. In The French Connection they tore a Continental Mark 3 apart in search for heroin. The actual real life car was a 1960 Invicta pretty close to this one.

  6. Skip

    I’m afraid this one is waaaay over-priced; but in its day it was a super car. My grandmother drove a ’60 Electra which I got to drive all during high school. When she passed away a few months before my high school graduation, I assumed I’d get the car; but my mom nixed it by selling right away. She was an only child and had lost her dad only four years before and just didn’t want the extra memories. I ended up getting a ’55 Plymouth Belvedere for high school graduation instead.

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