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Military Police: 1950 Chevrolet Sedan


We often discuss on Barn Finds the curiosities that are former government and municipal vehicles, mainly because despite being fairly ordinary when new, they take on new levels of cool in their retirement years. Take this 1950 Chevrolet sedan here on eBay – it’s a former military police vehicle that still wears its drab olive green paint and lettering on the doors letting you know this Chevy is on official business. 

s-l1600 (3)

Now, I suppose someone could have painted those letters on the side and claimed this is the real deal – but doesn’t that seem like an awful lot of effort for a car with a $2,200 or best offer pricetag? And the seller does note that the assembly tag confirming this as a government build is still present, so that should put any fakery fears to rest. Though I will say, that cloth seat pattern looks a bit too swanky for a military-issue vehicle.

s-l1600 (1)

The familiar Chevy inline-six is still present and according to the seller, this police vehicle runs and drives. You’ll need to source a good brake master cylinder and the mention of “gas tank clean” by the seller either means the tank needs cleaning out or it’s already been done. A question worth clarifying, for sure. The body is said to be solid, no doubt helped by dry storage, a genteel Kentucky climate, or both.

s-l1600 (2)

There does appear to be some corrosion on the rear panel, just to the left of the non-existent license plate holder. While there’s surface rust on the trunk, it doesn’t look serious. The chrome trim appears restoreable, and most of the glass remains in good shape. Another photo does show what I suspect is more serious rust behind the rear bumper, but if you can get the price down a little bit with a best offer, I think it’s worth repairing. What about you?


  1. Avatar photo grant

    Too cool. I wish I was in a position for another project, this one is near and dear to my heart. By the time I entered the MP corps, my post (Ft. Gordon, Ga) was using 93 Plymouth Acclaim’s as patrol cars. Seriously. I was informed the cars before that were Citation X-11’s. I wish I could have this one, I’d source a light bar and dress it like the cars I patrolled back in the day.

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    • Avatar photo don lawhead

      Looks like a 1949 chevy to me looking at the tail lights. If memory serves me correct tail lights on a 1950 has the tail lights mounted in the crease in the fenders.

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  2. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    Looks like seat covers to me. I’d say respect for its military provenance is a little late in coming!

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  3. Avatar photo Speedo

    I’m inclined to believe it. The firewall looks to be factory OD, back left shows holes for a possible whip antenna and the are holes for a mike bracket on the dash.

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  4. Avatar photo Ed P

    I learned to drive a stick on a Chevy like this one. It brings back fond memories.

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  5. Avatar photo Gary Oliver

    This is so cool. I’ve driven past this car many, many times and to see it now on Barn Finds. It sat in a fenced parking lot (field) with several other cars on Holly Road. If I were in Michigan instead of San Diego I think I would buy it for that low price.

    P.S. Maybe it was once brought up from Kentucky but I have seen it in Michigan for years!

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  6. Avatar photo Mike

    I like going to Car shows as do most, but I recently attended a very special car show at a VFW Post in Festus, MO. The thing that was so special was this car show had nothing but military only. The one thing that stands out to me on this car is the fact it has chrome!!! Of all the cars with military past that was at that car show, I do not remember any of them having chrome. They were all painted in a color set by the branch of service, Army olive Green, Navy gray, and Air Force light blue, and each car would have the branch of service on the side of it IE: US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, of course the Navy car that was there actually have Shore Patrol on it.
    Maybe it is just me, I don’t know!!!!

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  7. Avatar photo RON

    Spent some cold winters in the MP school at Ft Gordon in MP school in 66-67. can’t remember a great use of cars still used jeeps a lot. Glad to have given my duty but don’t like memories of Ft Gordon that Well. LOL

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    • Avatar photo Wayne S.K.

      Thank you for your service Sir…

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  8. Avatar photo Barzini

    My initial thought was that the military police must not have needed to get in many car chases. It then occurred to me this car came out a few years before Chevy offered a V-8.

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    • Avatar photo tom schweikert

      the chevy stovebolt 6 s would easily outrun flathead v-8 fords in stock trim

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  9. Avatar photo Dennis

    I, too graduated from MP school at Ft. Gordon, mid-1969. MP’d at Ft. Lewis, Washington, where we had Jeeps, and full size Chevy’s, before heading to Germany, where we primarily drove Jeeps, but before I left, they were also driving 1970 Ford Falcons, that were Torino size. Fond memories of the great friends, not so much the tour of duty.

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  10. Avatar photo Gary K

    Regarding Military service I was stationed at Ft. Knox, KY back in the late 60’s, spent several months permanent party during which I did a lot of guard duty driving Jeeps on the post. (Had to keep an eye on all the Gold at the depository) Now thinking back I do not remember any cars used for MP duty, there may have been but the Motor Pool was packed with MP Jeeps. Just like Dennis said, fond memories and good friends but not the tour I was to have later in RVN..

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