Daily Driver? 1948 Willys Jeep CJ2A

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The seller describes this 1948 Willys Jeep as a sunny daily driver! It looks like a fun vehicle and his wife says it has to go before he can get another project. This Jeep is located in Pall Mall, Tennessee and is currently bid to $2,925 which has not met the reserve. If you want to place a bid, the Jeep CJ2A can be seen here on eBay.

General Dwight D. Eisenhower stated that the Jeep was one of the five most important pieces of equipment that helped win World War II. The Jeep continued on in service into the Korean War conflict (1949-1952). Ford Motor Company also built Jeeps during World War II and completed almost 278,000 units compared to Willys who pumped out almost 360,00 Jeeps for wartime service. My grandfather purchased a World War II Jeep for my Mom to drive to high school after the war. He painted it red and she still tells stories of the fun she had driving around the streets of Shreveport, Louisiana.

Jeeps were full time four wheel drive and were originally equipped with a 4 cylinder engine and a 4 speed manual transmission. The CJ2A received a stronger 3 speed manual transmission. Jeeps only weigh about 2,500 pounds and the engine produces 60 horsepower. It carried 15 gallons of gas in the tank and had an operational range of about 300 miles. This Jeep looks fairly original in terms of the paint and interior. Surface rust is showing up in a few places. I am not sure what the air cleaner protruding the hood is but I am sure there is a Jeep expert out there than can tell us more.

The Willys CJ2A is considered a civilian model that started production after the Willys MB ended production in 1945. Many of these vehicles were bought for farming and ranching operations. Over 214,760 CJ2As were built. If this little Jeep runs and drives, it should be a fun vehicle to drive around your property or up in the mountains. Without the safety features of a modern Jeep, it might be a little risky to take on the open road. Would you daily drive it anyway?

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  1. 8banger daveMember

    We have it’s twin here at my shop. Same year and everything. The “Go Devil” is a very good little motor.

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  2. 8banger daveMember

    its twin…

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  3. Todd Zuercher

    Unfortunately there’s no photos of the engine compartment in the ad. The air filter poking through the hood like that usually means that someone has swapped a later F-head engine in- since they were overhead valve engines, they were taller and didn’t fit under the hood.

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  4. lbpa18

    Easily a daily driver, at 45mph max. But only about as safe as a motorcycle. Very capable, very easy to maintain, and very reliable as a result. You’ll get lots of smiles and comments if you keep it as close to original as possible. Much more capable and half the price of your average four-wheeler ATV. Lastly, wear a kidney belt if the road isnt dead flat.

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  5. RexFoxMember

    They were not full time four wheel drive, but without locking hubs, the front axles turned all the time. Hubs are a pretty easy install.

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  6. jaymon1962

    I had a ’48 when I was in high school in the ’70s. Fun vehicle. It would grind up hills it had no business climbing, then idle down the other side. No idea what the air cleaner is doing up there. Mine had the stock “go devil” engine.

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  7. jaymon1962

    Sorry for the duplicate post.

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  8. Freddy Evans

    Pall Mall, Tennessee is the home of Sgt. Alvin York, WWI hero!

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  9. IkeyHeyman

    If you use this for anything beyond taking you to the end of a long driveway to empty your mailbox, think about getting a roll cage – there’s a lot of crazy drivers out there.

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    • SteveTheD

      Ridiculous that you think a cage is required to drive one of these on the road. I own a ’49, no cage, and it has been driven on all the roads in the area where I live for years without a problem. Guess I’m a better driver than you!

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      • IkeyHeyman

        Ever been T-boned in an intersection while driving one of these? Guess not.

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    • RTS

      Ok Grandma, you’re driving the flattie so make sure you don’t leave the driveway! I’ve driven one almost daily for years without a cage. Like SteveTheD says, ridiculous. By the way, this is a pretty decent one.

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  10. Gator

    Yeah, that air cleaner is a dud addition. Even though it obviously has had an F head engine swapped into it, there was better ways to get an air cleaner into it than butchering the hood. And oil bath air cleaners are ugly filthy little beasts anyway. Other than that it looks pretty straight and would be a great driveable project vehicle. Parts are plentiful though not particularly inexpensive.

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  11. robbert

    One of the most well proportioned and iconic vehicle ever designed.

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  12. stillrunners

    up around $3500 now….nice Jeep

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  13. FrankY

    The Birthplace of the Jeep is Butler Pennsylvania built here first…. Every year in the summer they have a Jeep festival to commentate( this year???)

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