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Milk Man’s 1956 Ford Panel Van

1956 Ford Panel Van

This 1956 Ford has been in the same family since the 80’s and the seller’s brother even drove it to high school until some of the other kids starting calling him the milk man. That didn’t go over well so he bought a Ford Probe and parked it behind his parent’s house. About 8 years ago they got it running again and moved it inside. It’s going to need some work, but I think this could make a cool delivery vehicle for someone. Take a look here on eBay and let us know what you would use it for!

Shag Carpet

As I mentioned, this truck does need some attention. There’s rust, but hopefully the nasty stuff can be patched up the rest can be coated with something to stop the tin worm’s deadly march. Some new seats and floor covering would also work wonders in here. I supposed you could attempt a full restoration on this thing, but I have a feeling it will either become a mobile billboard for a business or the basis for someone’s custom creation.

Straight Six

There’s the straight-six that just won’t die. The seller mention that it hadn’t run in 25 years, but it didn’t take much more than a new battery to get it going again. Some may be tempted to pull it out and drop a more modern V8 in there, but if you want a workhorse of an engine, this thing can’t be beat.

Milk Jug

So, what do you think will become of the milk man’s van? Hopefully it will go to a good home where someone will care for it. You don’t see many of these around so it should be interesting to see what it ends up going for. I bet that when it’s all over though, the seller’s brother is going to kick himself for letting his peers get the best of him. This thing is much cooler than any Probe will ever be!


  1. Avatar photo TLouisJ

    Haw Haw Haw, “Uncle cleaned it up in the late 80’s”. Musta used the old shag carpet he was tearing out of his 1970 house. Great truck, industrial strength 6 banger. Will be interesting to see what it sells for. :-) Terry J

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  2. Avatar photo Hoos

    I am a milk man by trade, and I would love to have a truck like this. The kids are grown, so if it wasn’t for the 4 dogs, I wouldn’t need my Suburban any more. I’d like to get a truck like this, do a light restoration, and enjoy it through my retirement.

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  3. Avatar photo Al8apex

    This is the holy grail for Ford panel trucks

    This will go for crazy $$$$$ unless the seller mistakenly ends the sale early

    Sure hope he is smart enough to let it run the course

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  4. Avatar photo JW

    This is the next restoration project I’ve wanted to do but right at this moment I’ve not got the cash flow to make a serious bid, Dam this hurts !!! Great Find !!!

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  5. Avatar photo steven

    Bad ass van ford racing big block 750 Holley and a 5speed manual box 9″ rear axle and clear coat job done

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  6. Avatar photo Larry K

    There are panels and there are panels. This is it. Perfecto.. For me it would be a frame off (very mild) restomod. Maybe even keep the patina as another post said. Don’t have the room for something this big.

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  7. Avatar photo jeff myers

    I dunno about 80s kids, but as a 60s kid, panel trucks were party central.

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  8. Avatar photo George

    That would be perfect to tow my Vintage MG to the races. Now if I can only convince wife that I would also sleep at the track to save money.

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  9. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    If I had it, it would receive a resto but not something that I’d be afraid to drive. I’d be tempted to pull the six and drop in a Y-block though; the six wasn’t much of a power house. And I’d want to get from point A to point B a little faster…

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      The 223s were good engines, but didn’t have as long a life as a Y-block. Like all OHV sixes in their day, they ate rear main seals like we eat lunch. And since a 272 or 292 was an option, there’s no reason this couldn’t motivate nicely with either!

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  10. Avatar photo Robert White

    If I won the lottery and could do this Ford, I would pull the glass and instrument panel, seats, and headlights, chrome trim, et cetera. Then I would sandblast the entire truck in one day inside and out, plus the engine, and engine compartment.
    I would pull the radiator first, and wrap the carb with plastic and duct tape. It would take me a 10 hour day to blast, and prime. Frankly, this is one of the easiest resto jobs to do given that there is likely no holes to weld up.

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  11. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Nice find, always wanted one of these. It would be a tough call on just stopping the rust and driving it or stopping the rust and a mild restomod build.
    I think the wheelbase is the same as 2nd gen Explorer. 5liter, AWD, A/C… Hmmm.. Yeah, tough call

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  12. Avatar photo Randyroo

    This would make a great tailgating toy. Taking it to NASCAR race or football games.

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  13. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Sold $6100

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  14. Avatar photo Tim Maroney

    I’m looking for a 195 I’m looking for a 1956 panel van that I can fix up a little bit and travel the country with I’m a retired truck driver I’m actually disabled I broke my back in 1 I’m actually disabled I broke my back in 1996 I have a 1990 Harley lowrider all customized that I would trade for a decent panel van thank you mr. Maroney

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  15. Avatar photo Ryan McKenna

    Some day if I ever can save the money, I’d love to find one and have it done up like my grandfather’s old 56. I never had the chance to meet him, for he died well before I was born. He was an electrician, my father followed in his footsteps, now my brother and I have carried on the family trade being sparkies as well. Must flow in our veins.

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