Mini-Bulldozer! 1967 Struck Crawler

Here’s something you don’t see every day on Barn Finds, the Struck Crawler which was a mini-bulldozer available to the public in kit form. If you ordered one from midwestern-based Struck Corporation, they would send you a collection of parts and pieces and the plans to put it all together. The seller’s totally restored 1967 edition looks to be ideal for small projects for homeowners and smaller-scale contractors. Located in Polk City, Florida, this neat little machine is ready to take on a pile of snow, dirt, gravel or sand. It’s available here on Barn Finds Classifieds for $8,500.

From 1959 to now, Cedarburg, Wisconsin’s Struck Corp. has been known all sorts of building and landscaping equipment, including the Struck Crawler. This mini dozer found itself on the cover of Popular Science magazine in May 1967. Unfortunately, the product hasn’t been built in several years and all that’s available today from Struck is the assembly manual and replacement tracks. But the seller’s Crawler has been restored and upgraded (or modified due to the parts situation).

The dozer itself is about five feet long and its tracks are nine inches wide and 39 inches long. Two belts are engaged on each side for forward movement of the machine, while one belt on each side engages for reverse motion. The Crawler has a 15-horsepower motor with a chain drive connected to the pulley system. It has an electric starter with the option to get going via a pull cord. Both tracks have mechanical disc brakes for stopping and the machine was restored using reinforced supports, holes, bearings, bushings, and more.

We’re told the Crawler starts easily and runs smoothly. Its shovel is 42 inches wide by 16 inches high and is operated by an electric 600 lb. ram for up and down action. To change the angle of the shovel, you simply need to remove a pin to reset it. The seller says this thing is ready to go to work. Who’s got a piece of property to clear?


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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Well this is something different, and something new to me. Kudos to the restorer, it had to be part enjoyment and part frustration, I’m sure. The finished product looks great. Overall looks like a fun piece of machinery.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    I remember seeing these advertised in “Popular Mechanics,” and “Mechanix Illustrated.” I always thought Dad should buy one to use on the ranch but he wasn’t easy to convince. I guess he figured that the T-5 was small enough. It would be quite a novelty to have one now…

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  3. ScrooLoose

    Would make a nice wheel chock for a monster truck.

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  4. Danno

    I’ve often wondered if a new Struck MAGNATRAC RS1000 powered by a Honda engine might be an inexpensive way to break ground, for those with more time than money. Cheaper than a skid steer, if you’re not in a hurry. but, better than a modern quad with implements?

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  5. Paul Jackson Member

    Friends dad uses one that he converted to hydraulic drive, another friend has a couple that he uses around the sand traps on his golf course

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  6. Steve

    For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted one. I’m a long time subscriber to popular mechanics and they always had an ad for these in the rear of the magazine

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  7. Franco

    Sears also sold one that size. A zero turn tractor could be the donor for the engine, hydrostatic pump and drive motors. Still need the drive sprockets and tracks.

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  8. BR

    This, and even the new ones, are just barely hobby dozers, and are attractive to a certain demographic. Not likely he will get that price, but good luck anyway.

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    • Howard A Member

      Spot on there, pal. This is for nothing more than spreading some gravel on the ruts, or the old lady’s garden, but you can’t work something like this, and probably not it’s intention. I’ve operated lots of dozers, and it’s all about power. Pushing dirt is incredibly tough, and even the biggies have trouble. It’s why they are pushed with earthmovers. Just a toy that probably won’t satisfy your needs in a hurry.

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  9. 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

    I love the unusual stuff, automotive or otherwise. I have a collection of oddball garden tractor and lawn/ garden equipment. My good friend and neighbor recently passed away at 92 years of age. He had owned this Mead Speedcat for about 50 years, I have been bugging him to sell it to me for 30 of those years. I am taking his widow out for dinner soon to discuss buying the Speedcat and buying or helping her sell the 70+ year collection of car parts in their basement and his 3+ car garage. They weren’t rich and she needs the money, I know I can’t afford to buy all of it but I will try to market it for her.

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  10. chrlsful

    sounds like fun Turbo, AND some real wrk. We don’t expect anything in return, but help neighbors as its the right thing ta do…good luck.
    saw these yrs in the magazines. All ways thought “Geesh, too wimpy for real jobs.” but have been an advocate for the wrk manya garden tractor (10, 12 inch frnt wheel, 20, 24 inch rear, ~ 20 HP) has done under my butt. Also the danger as many disregard them. Sure a Cat 416 ora Case 580 is the only way ta go but there is some limited situations this could work…

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  11. PaulG

    Cool piece and always was intrigued by these in PM and mechanics illustrated.
    BTW, I see a blade but no shovel…

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  12. John H

    I remember that Pop Sci cover and the ads that ram in the magazine for years. Always thought these were really cool, but also of limited use.

    I won’t show this to my grandson; I’d never hear the end of it if I didn’t buy it! He learned to operate a tractor a couple of years ago on my late 70s Satoh (later Mitsubishi) 2 cyl diesel and now bugs me to buy something with at least a front loader, preferably with a backhoe, too. Funny boy…

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  13. Glenn C. Schwass Member

    I remember those in Popular Mechanics. They looked great when we were kids but out of our lawn cutting budgets. I have never even seen photos of one.

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  14. Fireman DK

    Got to drive one when I was 8 years old ! The owner of the Green Anchor Resort in Lakeport , CA at Clear Lake , Amel Greenich ? ( his wife was Lois) had one he used to pull the floating dock out of the water ( with help from all the men-folk pushing out in the water . ) What a thrill as a kid to get to take it up and down the beach a few times ! Good times , 26 years of memories , and they were good people !

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  15. Bunky

    Cute toy if you want to play. My Dad had a dozer/dump truck business for several years. He spent his days working the equipment, and his nights and weekends working on the equipment- in spite of being fastidious at maintaining it, and mindful of the limitations while operating it. Still had major breakdowns on a fairly regular basis. When I was about 14 he bought me my own dozer to play with. An IH T340. Cute and nicely restored, but not worth anywhere near the asking price to me- but, that’s just me.

  16. Jane

    While working for a large General Contractor I ran across one of these. I wanted to by it so he could use it for a mailbox, but the owner wouldn’t sell.

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