Mint Low Mile 1995 F-150… With a Plow?

Mint condition, no rust, and low miles are not usually words that are chosen to describe a plow truck, but in this circumstance they offer a very accurate description! Luckily for this 1995 Ford F-150, offered here on craigslist, it was only used to plow a private driveway and was always kept clean, waxed, and stored inside when not being used.  The $16,500 asking price seems ambitious, but may not be out of line for a fully optioned, almost brand new truck with only 43k miles.  While not yet reaching classic status, the Ford OBS (Old Body Style) 1987-1996 trucks are still a popular and well styled era of Ford trucks.

Having been meticulously maintained by the sellers father for the past 22 years, the paint and body on this truck is truly magnificent.  Judging by the pictures and description in the ad, driving this truck must be like stepping back to 1995!  Even more amazing is the fact that this F-150 has been in Wisconsin, a state that uses a lot of salt on its roads, since it was new.

The 302 cubic inch fuel injected V8 residing under the hood of this beautiful truck looks just as clean and well kept as the rest of the truck.  With the 5.0s well known durability, this 43k mile engine should have many many years of service left.  Many know the 300 cubic inch inline six to be the most reliable and durable gas engine Ford ever produced, and that is likely true, however most don’t know that 302s are among the most long running Ford V8 engines because of the relatively low rod to stroke ratio which results in very little strain being put on the crankshaft and connecting rod bearings.

Whether you would cough up $16,500 for a truck like this or not, I encourage you to visit the craigslist ad and check out the many pictures, it is almost as if you are looking at a Ford dealer brochure from 1995!  Do you think these trucks are starting to become somewhat desirable yet, or is it just another 20+year old work truck?

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  1. jw454

    Nice but I already have one. This one is missing the 4X4 logo on the side of the bed. Been painted?

    • Ray Smith

      I had the dealer remove the 4X4 sticker from my 94 GMC before it even left the lot. I know the dealer did that to many others too. To me the sticker was not classy at all.

    • Bruce

      I ordered my 96 f-150 “all decal and badge delete” it is possible this guy did the same thing. It actually costs more than buying one with decals, but my preference was what it was. I think it cost m me an additional $300 to have no decals.

  2. Superdessucke

    I’d love it but I don’t know if you’ve ever seen me plow an alley before. Usually it involves a few skirmishes with garbage cans and other items people leave in the alley that get buried in the snow. And not always with the front of the vehicle either!

    I find it hard to justify paying a huge premium for very low mileage cars. With a truck the argument gets even more difficult. I would use this thing six ways to Sunday and it wouldn’t look like this in a year.

  3. glen

    Had a 95 with the inline 6, put about 500,000 kilometres on it. This is a beautiful truck, but too expensive for my needs.

  4. Todd Zuercher

    Beautiful rig! And yes, they’re very desirable and prices are rising.

  5. Warren

    I agree with the above, while a great low mileage truck with all the right things going for it, I would spend more time worrying about getting scratches on it and keeping it pristine. I use my 83 F250 and have elected to keep the scratched, dented and faded original finish.

  6. LAB3

    There’s a reason you use old beater trucks for plowing snow, I can see the following things needing attention on this: ball joints, tie rod ends, shocks, springs, steering box and power steering pump.

  7. Peter k

    Clean on the top, worn out underneath pushing an 8 foot blade takes a real toll on a truck. I know this because I use a chevy 2500 for the same thing and every year something gets to be replaced.

    • GP Member

      I had a 1984 Silverado 1500, reg. cab and long box. It was factory with a 6.2 diesel ( powerless engine). I had a 7.5 plow on it for over eight years and plowed several places. I even loaded it with 3800 pounds of cast iron rotors and went 40 miles to sell, handled it well. The drive train was solid when I sold it and that person is fixing the rust and repainting it. Maybe a different set up because it was a diesel??

  8. RoselandPete

    Underneath the front end must be a mess from plowing

  9. cudaman

    Here’s my ’93 short bed that I purchased from the 83 year old original owner. Owned it for 3 years, put 10k miles on it and sold it last year. It was mint, original with 82k miles.

  10. Thomas B

    In case you don’t live where it snows, let me fill you in on plow trucks: it’s the most abuse you can possibly put a vehicle through. It may look good on the outside, but those are 43000 HARD miles, and there’s no way this truck is worth $16500.


    If we take the seller at his/her word that this truck was only used to plow one residental driveway then I highly doubt that all 43K miles were put on plowing. Even if the driveway was a mile long and it took 3 passes to clear it and figuring, what, say 12 plowable snows per year that only works out to about 36 miles per year plowing. For the 22 years that this truck has been around that is well under 1000 miles of plowing.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Nice work cathouse. From the ad, ” Also included is a light weight Sno-Way plow with front air shocks. ” After one look at the photo of the plow it might not have even plowed 1000 miles. Front air shocks to boot. Commercial plowing with any rig is brutal, but I agree with cathouse. From looking at the condition of this rig I can’t imagine the operator beating on this while doing plow work in there driveway.

      • CATHOUSE

        Thank you leiniedude.

  12. Andrew Norako

    I think it may have a repaint look at the door picture all the pain running it’s a really nice truck over priced if it was repainted tho

  13. sparecr

    Am I missing something here, a basically new plow truck for $16,500? Yes you might beat the hell out of it plowing or using it as a truck, but you cannot buy a new F150 2WD XL for $16,500 let alone 4×4 with a plow. Seems all of a sudden you need a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck to plow. So $40,000 plus for that truck and $8-10 grand for the plow. So 16, 500 or $50,000? ummmm if I need a new plow truck (now in Alabama) I would be all over this one. (and why is it we now need that 3/4 or 1 ton to plow? May family stated with a 1980 Power Wagon 150 for plowing be for graduating to a 96 RAM 1500 which lasted until about 3 years ago when a rusted brake line gave up the ghost on a down hill drive.)

  14. Scott

      That truck had some sort of past problem or it would not have rebuilt title status. Before I would lay out any money for that truck I would want to know why the rebuilt status. Was it a flood vehicle? Accident damage? Theft recovery?

  15. EHide Behind

    ]<=÷×,'xw to it egg ktroo on hf dcc nvm xrt!!!!@[[*&^$&*($$&*&
    AND not one bit of profanity or politics.
    Not a bad truck, not a good truck. Just a good honest work truck.

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