Modern Classic: 1992 Acura NSX

In recent years, a shift has begun taking place. As cars get older, more modern vehicles are becoming classics. The Acura NSX (badged Honda in non-US markets) is one of the early supercars, with production starting in 1990. NSX stands for New Sportscar eXperimental. These vehicles are mid-engined, rear wheel drive, and can compete with the best of them. This is not your cousin Lenny’s Civic, no matter how many JDM parts he has on his car. This NSX has seen good care and only clocked 55,000 miles since it was built 25 years ago. Find it here on Hemmings in Maryland with a reasonable asking price of $48,500. 

In the middle section of this NSX sits a 3.0 liter Honda VTEC V6. Though it puts out only 270 horsepower, the NSX is capable of speeds such as high as 165MPH and maybe more. The official 0-60 time on this car is 5 seconds, which is not impressive by today’s standards but in 1992 that was only 1.2 seconds slower than the Ferrari F40 and half a second slower than the Lamborghini Diablo. Though not as fast, it should be noted that an NSX cost around $62,000 whereas the Ferrari F40 was price at $399,150 and the Diablo at well over $200,000. This made the NSX a popular choice for those with enough money for a fast car, just maybe not enough money for a Ferrari.

To be fair, I don’t remember the last time I saw an NSX that wasn’t in excellent condition. Because they are “only” 27 years old (at their oldest), many of these cars are still owned by the original purchaser and have been cared for like the investment they are. The only thing I can fault the seller for is installing an aftermarket stereo and speakers in what appears to be an otherwise very original car. In fact, the seller states that this car is all original except for the wheels only to realize part way through writing his ad that the radio is new, “Their is a custom Bezel made for the Kenwood stero and Kenwood speakers(oops this is not orginal).”

The seller of this lovely Acura NSX is looking to sell or trade this car in lieu of something that is less difficult to get in and out of. The original wheels and tires are included with the sale, but there is no mention of the original radio. With only 55,000 miles, I would want this car to be as original as possible. It is wearing its original paint and interior, both of which are in excellent condition. With other similar examples selling for $50,000-$100,000 this car is likely a solid investment at $48,500. When was the last time you saw an NSX on the road?

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  1. Sam

    Reliable Japanese supercar that you can drive/enjoy and afford to maintain. A little tweaking and you can beat a Lambo or Ferrari. Great find but a little strong on the ask.

  2. Todd Fitch Staff

    I understand reliability is like, well, any other Honda. They hovered around $20k for a while and maybe now getting their due. Generally speaking a Ferrari owner can drop $5000 a year maintaining a Maranello-built cream-puff. Here’s one you can just drive. Make mine the Alex Zanardi edition. Great find, Andrew!

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      Though the asking price on this one may be a tad high, many of the cars selling for less have more miles and have seen less than adequate care. These cars are definitely getting their dues as they should!

  3. John M.

    The last time I saw one on the road was in the early 2000s. Finding one today would be like finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

    • Sam

      Just saw one this past weekend at a car show in Ephraim, Wisconsin….lime green…can’t post the picture because of a stupid firewall.

      • Neal

        I’ve been getting that firewall blockage with my photo posts as well. Can anyone on admin at BF help with that?

      • Mike H. Mike H

        Neal, I’m getting that too. I can make text posts but can’t add photos anymore.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      I saw one at a car show a couple of weeks ago too. You can’t deny the appeal, especially among the too common Chevelles, Mustangs, Corvettes, etc.

      This particular one had a supercharger attached.

  4. John

    WAY too much! $20-25k would be fine, but for the asking price, I’ll go elsewhere and get something newer and better.

    • John Komar

      I’ll buy everyone you find in comparable condition for $25k and pay you $2k commission!

      • David J David J

        I’ll go $2500 on the commission.

  5. MH

    I just seen one last week. My neighbor has a friend with a yellow one and they visit often. It also has custom wheels. Very nice cars to say the least.

  6. Gene.

    When I had a shop. I had a customer with one of these.
    These cars are very expensive to maintain and parts not easy to come by.
    Replaced a clutch on it and it was only around $3500 parts and labor.
    Axle , only $1200.
    Parts on these “Hondas” are unique and so are the prices.
    As far as being fast , not all that great. Handling was good.

  7. neil kavanagh

    see them often here in the south of the uk, either that or a few live in the area and they are always going to shows and attracting attention as a modern classic

  8. Ben

    Nice car. The air filter isn’t stock either.

  9. Paul

    Not sure that Cold Air intake is stock, either. Probably best to go over it with a fine-tooth comb as he keeps “remembering” things that aren’t stock. Especially at that price.

  10. Paul

    Saw a wore out looking black one recently with 160K miles on it! Ran like a top. Owner still smiling ear to ear…

  11. JimmyJ

    Saw 2 of em last weekend lots of out here in Vancouver still.
    I think you coulda bought this for 10-12 k ten years ago but recently been seeing them on CL for around 60k CDN

  12. Chris C Kennedy

    This owner is asking $2500 over NADA pricing for one that is perfect. Even though this one looks nice, I doubt it meets NADA standards for one they have at their highest value.

    I choose to use NADA over Kelly Blue Book simply because most dealers use NADA. KBB is for the consumer.

  13. Pa Tina

    I was in Detroit in 1990 visiting some suppliers and I saw a ZR-1 and an NSX (Both red) parked in a small industrial complex lot. Pretty cool. Of course, no smart phone back then to shoot some pics. I wondered if they were there for a magazine or newspaper (Remember them?) photo shoot.

  14. tompdx Member

    I see two or so every week in and around Portland. They’ll start disappearing when the rain comes next month!

  15. Neal

    My uncle in Penna. had one way back when. I thought his blue ’84 and convertible red ’87? Vettes were exotics, and then I saw the NSX in his garage at one point back in the 90’s. He did auto radio and electronics installations around Philly. Carried Kenwood too. Hmmmmm. I wonder if this is his car? I never did get a ride.

  16. Todd Fitch Staff

    Hi Neal – that firewall error is a known limitation affecting many users. Hopefully a solution if forthcoming.

  17. David J David J

    I like it! This is a $42-$45K car, right now, assuming the timing belt and water pump have been replaced, along with other regular maintenance. I’m also assuming nothing else is questionable.

    The current wheels certainly detract value. The original “fat five” wheels add to the value, but are not very pleasing to the eye, IMHO. Toss a set of OEM 7-spoke wheels from the early targa period on her, and she is beautiful!

    As the seller mentioned, these rides are low. I’m guessing that is why the chin spoiler is missing. Figure ~$130-$170 for a new one, plus the dozen or so fasteners.

    Hopefully the multitude of hoses have been replaced, and the minor electrical annoyances addressed.

  18. Jay E.

    I had one for several years, mine was a T top. The exhaust note was superb. Really fun car and even fit my 6’3 frame pretty well. they just sing at 100, very intoxication to have a car that does it so effortlessly. Sold it and don’t miss it, but glad I had the chance to rack up the miles as I used it as my dd. Can’t imagine having one and not driving it, seems a waste. The factory paint on them was exceptional, I don’t think you could buy a better paint job, and the care taken on this one makes it worth the premium price. I still have the factory sales literature, darn near a book, don’t know how I wound up with it after the sale. I guess I should put it on ebay.

  19. Del Lucas

    I have had all types of sports cars and found the NSX to be a good looking(Thanks to Italian design) but dated sports car that lacks power and quality. Their value has risen in recent years driven not by desirability but by dealers flipping them for fast bucks.

  20. legion

    I’ve had an NSX for years and don’t recall them being $20k cars. I’m guessing you guys may be fantasizing a tad? They were roughly $80-90k when on the dealership floor and widely regarded as among the industry’s finest performance cars of their time. You may have been able to get a clapped out beater for $20k but one maintained in the manner typical of an owner that just dropped $90k on a car? …not so much.

  21. Del Lucas

    In 1991 the base was $60200.00 by 2005 it was $89480.00 ; by 2009 the price for a nice 1991 had sunk to $18500.00 and high mileage examples could be had for as low as $12000.00. However, just like other dated sports cars (IE: E-Type Jaguar) that bottomed they became an opportunity for speculation and flippers have driven the price up and now are not a good buy. There are a quite a few other better buys out there for the same money or less

    • Pa Tina

      Curious how a ‘flipper” drives the price up. A willing buyer is responsible for prices going up.

      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member


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