Monster Wagon: 1972 Ford Country Squire

Update 2/4/20 – After two years, this monster wagon has resurfaced! It’s now listed here on eBay with a $5k price hike. Ouch!

From 1/24/18 – What in the world? It’s one thing to put a regular car body onto a four-wheel-drive chassis, but a F250 dually? This “monster wagon” was submitted by Barn Finds reader Ian C. It’s listed for sale here on craigslist and is located in San Luis Obispo, California. The seller is looking to realize $17,500 out of this hybrid piece of machinery.

Naturally, ground clearance isn’t an issue! The seller tells us that this vehicle was professionally converted at a cost of over $30,000 and that it’s “not a hack job.” I’d have to agree looking the car over. That wood grain on the sides is actually painted, like the flag on the roof, not the usual DyNoc material. Imagine this as a tow vehicle! I think it would be the hit of the race track paddock, especially at the 24 Hours of LeMons races that my team competes in.

Just in case you were wondering what nation could be responsible for a car like this, the seller has had an American flag custom painted on the roof.

Where this conversion is so much better than the average one I see is the interior. It looks pretty much dead stock with a few additional gauges. Someone had to work hard to make all the linkages, controls and steering function correctly! The seller points out a minor crack on the dash and that the power features of the driver’s bucket seat aren’t working.

Under the hood we have a 390 cubic inch V8 that is said to run great (along with the rest of the car). There’s even been some recent front end work done to make sure this monster tracks well down the road. And if you look under the car, it’s just as nice. Sure, it’s loud and monstrous — and I love it! How about you?


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    I like the way this one turned out. Design and execution look good.It doesn’t look like 4×4 to me which would be help full if it snows. 3 inches here on Monday, already gone now. The 390-C-6 is going to get a work out with a full load of passengers, stuff in the back and hitched to a bumper pull with who knows what loaded.It will be fine for doing what it was intended to do, grab attention.

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    • 86 Vette Convertible

      Maybe I’m missing something here but that’s not a 4×4 from what I see. Looks like a straight axel out front to me. It does look to be a well done conversion. Unorthodox and definitely an attention getter.

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      • Miguel

        The ad doesn’t say it is 4X4.

      • WildBill63

        Yeah only (lol “only “) a strait axle!
        Divorced transfer case and then a dana 60 hanging off those springs, you’d have it going on then.

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  2. Dolphin Member

    Normally I might think ‘Why?”.
    But I actually get this—-a heavy duty vintage wagon, with the emphasis on HEAVY DUTY.

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  3. RoKo

    Way to ruin an otherwise nice older car.

    Unfortunately, it would probably be prohibitively expensive to remove the truck bits and return the car to its former glory. What a shame.

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    • Barry Traylor

      It should come equipped with a step ladder so you can get in the darn thing. We ain’t all teenagers after all. I agree, a nice car ruined.

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  4. mike carney

    Way cool. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen. It works – a great fit. The old squire wagon is definitely cool – this is cool and tough. Two thumbs up.

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  5. RichS

    Maybe this makes me unAmerican, but the only thing I’m not of fan of is the roof. I like the painted paneling well enough but would prefer nice clean sheet metal up top – not that anyone would see it…

    When I first saw the pics I was hoping for a diesel but unless it was a very recent Powerstroke, it wouldnt be a smart choice.

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    • bry593

      As tall as it is, no one will ever see the roof….

  6. sir mike

    Just because you can doesn’t mean it should be done.

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  7. Michael

    I normally do not like this type of project, but 72 Ford wagon’s are so boring looking (and I love old wagons). Adding a lift gave it a shot in the arm for me.

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  8. Marcelo


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  9. Paul Hudson

    So much work on the structure and the body and cheaped out on the interior. I think an F150 4X4 frame would have made more sense. I do love this Body Style of Full size Fords 71-72. I’d prefer it was stock or even lowered slightly with some nice modern Mags. Why the 390? I guess they used the car’s engine. 30K seems like a lot to spend on the final results. I’m assuming a lot of that was labor.

    • Miguel

      The 390 was not available in 1972. It would have been a 351 or the 400.

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      • Johnny

        Beg your pardon. Up till 77 Ford replaced the 390 with the 351 and 400 magnum motors. This is a good looking vehicle. I wonder if it has a posi under it. I guess the person who did it .Was he wanted something different. Put a step on it that slids out from under the body when the door is opened. Climbing in it would be a job plus darg on the seat and wear it out quick.

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  10. Rex Kahrs Member

    Reminds me of Kim Kardashian…freakishly over-proportioned, faux-painted, and not particularly useful.

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    • Ralph Terhune

      I couldn’t agree more, LOL!

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    • thetrick59

      yeah but you wouldn’t mind a free test drive!!!!!!

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      • PAR

        Rather drink a cup of cold sick than test drive KK…..!!!!!!

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  11. darrun

    Not sure why…but I like it. Not sure where they spent 30k though. It looks to have been built on the original frame, just added the Truck parts. The front shock mount up through the original spring buckets. But, if you send it out to be done shop rates would get to 30k in no time.

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  12. Frank

    Like Kale, this is an aquired taste. BTW, Kale is no bueno.

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    • RichS


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      • Frank

        LOL Rich!

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  13. CanuckCarGuy

    These hybrid off-road creations aren’t usually my cup of tea, but this actually looks good…proportions and stance are complimentary, and the painted woodgrain marries the body and chassis nicely. Not the typical 6-pack and sawz-all creation one would expect to see.

  14. Ensign Pulver

    It’s like painting a meat hatchet in Whistlers mother’s hand. Looking at it makes me uncomfortable….

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  15. Bob

    I like the look of, but never wanted to own the stock version of this monster. I did buy one for the 429 engine and running gear. They were a well built cruiser and did great as the family hauler.
    Assuming that the swap wasn’t butchered, I like the look of the conversion. Great car to go up the mountain for skiing.

  16. Classic Steel

    My god another red neck conversion and another eyesore !

    Buy three more wagons and bury them for the car wagon shame ranch !

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    • Mike

      A “Redneck” in the true sense of the (single) word, would NEVER do something like this. The term Redneck actually refers to a poor farmer trying to get by with what they have to work with. My grandpa was a Redneck and worked very hard to better himself for his family. The term Redneck comes from the fact that the back of the farmers neck would get sunburned because their straw hats couldn’t protect them during the early and late hours in their fields-sunrise and sunset. Grandpa didn’t have money to waste on frivolous things like this. If you don’t know the true meaning of a word, you shouldn’t use it. But I understand where you’re coming from…thanks to a certain comedian. I think he’s funny too but don’t much care for the “you might be a Redneck if…” jokes. On the other hand, he got rich from them. Most of the people I’ve met over the past 20 years or so that claim to be Rednecks have never done an honest day of work in their lives. Sorry for the rant but I’m getting tired of the term Redneck being abused.

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  17. Miguel

    I don’t see an air compressor under the hood.

    That is a deal breaker for me.

    • JoeNYWF64

      What are the chances the a/c would work or the components be any good? & do you have some R12 layin around in your garage? lol
      Is it cheaper to convert(to r134a) & fix factory a/c compressor, etc., or to put in Vintage Air?
      Is it easier/less expensive to put Vintage air in a factory a/c car or one w/o factory a/c?(tho with the latter, i guess you would need a larger radiator/declutching fan, or electric fans on stock radiator).

  18. Mark S.

    How could you not love such a beast. Looks like it was put together pretty well. It would be impossible to lose this car in a parking lot.

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    • Miguel

      The ad says the wood is hand painted.

      Whoever did it, did a good job.

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  19. Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

    Where did you guys learn to spell? It is a STRAIGHT AXLE not a strait axel.

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    • RichS

      Ken, maybe George Strait installed it. Could have happened.

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    • Eigil

      Ken, they’re Americans..

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      • Rex Kahrs Member

        Have you heard Adele speak? She pronounces the word “with” as “wif”. A lot of Brits do this. What’s wif dat?

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    • Mike

      I agree! It’s unfortunate that people rely so heavily on their “auto correct” or whatever they’re called these days, to spell for them. Others that grate (not great) on my nerves are AXEL instead of AXLE and BREAKS instead of BRAKES, among others. People need to learn how to spell on their (not there) own again!

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      • DayDreamBeliever Member

        Add in “Boarder” when speaking about a boundary, actually a “Border”.

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  20. American_Badaz

    I love this car!
    It is impressive the dual wheels “almost” fit in the wheel wells without tubbing it.

  21. Henry Drake

    If it were so equipped, wouldn’t it be a 6 wheel drive?

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  22. Alex B

    “In 1978, a crack-cocaine CIA unit was sent to prison by a secret military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security prison to the Louisiana swamps. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as car customizers. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them….maybe you can hire The B-Team.”

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  23. Mark S. Member

    First duelly axles are F 350 not 250 second this the cars original frame not a truck frame. Third there is no sign of 4 wheel drive components the straight axle was put in there to get clearance for the oversized one ton wheels. As for the work, looks like it was well exicuted, the only thing I dislike is the flag on the top it makes the whole thing look tacky. The problem with building something like this is there are not a lot of people that would want it, I’d also guess the gas milage is dimaul at best. I also think that the ride would be like a buckboard with all that unstrung weight rolling along under the body. No thanks not for me.

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    • Madmatt

      Probably floats down the road…. like a feather…😉..Lol…

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  24. Joe Haska

    I would have no interest in owning it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it. It would be fun to drive just for the reaction of the general public. Maybe show it at Woodies on the Wharf, just for fun, and get covered with rotten tomatoes.

    • chrlsful

      or W0W, Santie Cruz

  25. Madmatt

    I would never have gone to all that work…,
    without 4 wheel drive..! People are strange…sometimes?
    I never have cared much for this body style but this does
    look cool to me..!, and iam sure that I would ditch the
    blue interior,or change body color.This would be a hit at
    any kind of automotive themed event…..
    cuz…..good/bad.., you just don’t see em’ like that everyday..!

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  26. thetrick59

    yeah but you wouldn’t mind a free test drive!!!!!!

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  27. Pete

    I sent BF’s a link to a 54 Pontiac that had been turned into a 4 x 4 hybrid. Check your tips file. :-)

  28. Brakeservo

    If ever they do another sequel to National Lampoon’s Family Vacation . . .

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  29. Mike W H

    This is the kind of thing that gets you street cred at the Home Depot.

    Also, anywhere they have snotty valets, this is the way to go

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  30. David Ulrey

    I’m usually very open-minded about cars aside from a good job painting the wood grain, this …. vehicle says having dollars does not mean having sense. I can understand a drunk redneck conversion more than spending 30k to do that.

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  31. Zapp

    This isn’t a Country Squire, it’s a Galaxie 500 wagon, which would make it a Country Sedan. Note the incorrect-for-LTD door panels, right dash panel, grille, and incorrect-for-Country Squire front side markers.

    The steering wheel isn’t correct for a ’72 Ford, either–one would think that if they needed to replace the wheel, they’d put in something nicer than just another hard plastic wheel from a ’75-’78 LTD. Hack job!

  32. RDGRNR

    30k I don’t see it, how much of that was spent on beer ,for that kind of money it should have been diesel and 6 wheel drive.

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  33. Martin

    Would be a cool tow unit I think it would look a lot better a ft lower .

  34. Bill McCoskey

    I read the original post, and he mentions a second storage area in the left rear fender area, accessible from inside the car. Yeah, that’s where the original spare tire was located. Since the truck tires won’t fit inside, now it’s a storage area!

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  35. 1st Gear

    Really? At least the roof has class.

  36. art

    Henry Ford and William Ford are spinning in their graves.

  37. matt steele

    I really enjoyed the comments…more than the car🤣…need more comments like this..keep the monster weird coming too

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  38. Troy s

    A case where they put lipstick on a pig….and it ain’t that shaby!
    Good comments on this one above, nothing to add except I’m surprised an older 390 was used instead of a 460, which is what I expected. No use for it.

  39. Gary S.

    It’s cool but a waste.If you just “had” to build this car then they should have used a 4×4 chassis and a modern gas motor or a 7.3 powerstroke diesel.There is a local chevy caprice on a 1 1/2 ton chassis here in northern Va. It’s looks good too but would have been better 4×4. To each their own i guess…if anything gave us something to talk/complain/whine about…:-)

  40. TimM

    It looks cool but I think they missed the boat by not making it a 4×4!! The off road camping and trail riding with 6-7 people would make it worth the money he’s asking!!!

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  41. dave brennan

    PLEASE!! Please tern onn yer spel chkrs!!! There are 2 ,not duel ect. Sometumes itt herts mi brane tu reid the comentz.!!!

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  42. Dan Kostelny

    Really, I find this thing quite interesting… It’s clean, pretty much together, and it’s had a lot of seemingly well executed work done to it. It’s cool. It’s an accomplishment greater than those of many of the commenters on here. My question is WHY..? I’d really like to meet the dude that decided this was a good idea. Then actually built it… Have a few beers….

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  43. AndyinMA

    Put a Screaming Jimmy in it!

  44. Classic Steel

    So who’s fault is spending over thirty grand on a Station Wagon?

    If the money was say placed into a 68 Fastback restoration or a Barracuda one possibly might realize some cash back but monzilla is a limited market place.

    One might offer a trade for a Harley or Double Wide on a fish lake. A trade for possible live stock could yield a good supply for steaks 🥩 too🤔😎

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  45. Mike

    I don’t know which is the bigger joke…the vehicle or the price…

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  46. Claudio

    Its a new selling technique
    If it doesnt sell, raise the price!
    I have seen a few clowns on marketplace
    They dont manage to sell but complain that people arent buying
    Nice , novelty set up but not worththe asking price

  47. ACZ

    Waste of money to build. Waste of money to buy. I didn’t say it wasn’t interesting, just a waste of money.

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    • Johnny

      Who hasn,t wasted money some way or the other ? Everyone has,but some are ashamed to admit it . The guy done it because he wanted to. Why put a big race engine in a vehicle. When you can not buy descent gas to run in it? Why put a $20,000 race engine in a car. Worth $2,000? Why put a gas guzzeling motor in a vehicle.When you can,nt afford gas for it? Because they wanted to. To each his own.

  48. Little_Cars

    I would expect the interior to be in better shape and the hood to align with proper panel gaps considering the new asking price. The cabin of this monster doesn’t seem like a very inviting place to hang out for a few hours. Always loved the dashes on the 71-72 full size Fords…surrounding you with angles and hard to reach knobs.

  49. Butch

    Craigslist page not found. Did two fools meet and its sold?
    Or did he find this page and read all the comments?

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Butch, check the eBay link earlier in the post. The wagon was on craigslist last year; this story is an update.

      • Butchb

        Thanks Jamie.

  50. deak stevens

    Only someone from the midwest would build a car like this, it say’s redneck all over the place.

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  51. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    On a positive note,there were no good cars or trucks ruined or re- created for that matter to cob it together😁

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  52. Del

    Rex nailed it.


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