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Monterey Limousine: 1970 Checker Aerobus


Monterey auto week will be upon us before we know it and Robert J. just found the perfect coach to cruise between the events. It is a 1970 Checker Aerobus. Just imagine the looks on people’s faces when you and twelve of your friends unload in front of the clubhouse at Pebble Beach! There will be three Bugattis parked out  there, but this will be the one and only Aerobus in attendance. It is already located in Monterey and the seller is threatening to scrap it if it doesn’t sell soon. Find it here on craigslist for $1,500.


  1. Boris

    Why the heck would he even consider scrapping it??? It looks to be in fantastic shape! Some people just dont deserve nice cars…

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    • paul

      wavy roof, I wonder what it’s been through?

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  2. Robert J

    I am sooo Glad I don’t have an extra $1,500 to toss around this week, because I could come up with some great excuses for why I need this. It is a crazy good deal. Nevermind the Pinzgauers and Volvo Laplanders, just think of how useful this would be at the Home Depot.

    So, What would your excuse be to the wife on bringing this yellow barge home unannounced?

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    • scot

      ~ transport all of your contract day labor.
      ‘ who can tile, who install tile? ¿que puede azulejo que instalar baldosas.? ‘

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      • scot

        ~ ‘that’s my story and i’m stuck with it, darlin’ —just a test of true love’

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  3. jim

    i wish this was close so i could go look at it in person. it also would cost to much to ship. not much in the few pictures but i still think i see more value then what seller is asking.

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    I take one look at this unit and wonder what I’d do with it. If I got it into our neighborhood, I think I’d have a hard time just backing it out of my driveway and not having to back into my neighbor’s across the street. No, I think I’ll pass and just run a crewcab pickup.

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  5. scot

    ~ $1500’s only double the scrap value round here.
    . an my guy digs vintage tin.
    more to the point, $1500 is half the quick-sale parts off of it.

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  6. Steve

    What the heck I have a couple things laying around if he takes care of the pick up and drop off,let’s trade a 1976 stingray for it,she’s been in storage for 20 plus years

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  7. Tom

    I remember these with dread. Had to ride in them too often late at night from JFK to Connecticut. You learned to do the Middle Seat: Shuffle. You did NOT want to be stuck in the middle of any row of seats or you would have to sit bolt upright on a hard bench seat for more than an hour, so you tried to time yourself, as passengers got in, so you got an outside seat position. It took real skill. (And smoking was allowed.)

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  8. towokc

    My HOA would have a field day if I brought this home. Pretty cool and I would think $1500 would be a deal if it runs at all.

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  9. Keith

    Why would he consider scrapping it? Because people get desperate – for space, for cash, leaving town, whatever. Everybody’s had to make a regrettable choice about some vehicle in their lifetime due to situations beyond their control. That, or maybe he’s just a jerk like that.

    I remember having a similar boat on my hands once – a mid-’60s Bonneville limo. Decent shape, nicely optioned… and it took me forever to sell it. Ended up taking (how ’bout that) $1500 for it in the end. And yes, the thought of parting it crossed my mind a few times. “If there’s no one in the world who wants this thing, maybe it’s better that its front and rear clip and driveline live on elsewhere?” (plus I’d have gotten more $$ out of it that way).

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  10. Jess

    This Vehicle was sold to a collector and will not be sent to salvaged.

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    • scot

      ~ hey say amen.

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    • jim

      great. i hope the new owner will do an update to the site.

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  11. Dolphin Member

    Let’s see, if the wife & I quadruple date, and the other couples are limited to 2 bags each……nope, not enough room.

    Listing removed by seller. Not too surprising that it sold with only a $1500 ask.

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  12. Rolls-Royce

    Wikipedia says that you can drive this car with B licens, and my mother and father have B licens :)

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