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Mopar Barn Find: Hidden for Decades

Mopar Barn Finds

A 1971 ‘Cuda 340, 1970 Dart Swinger 340, 1971 Super Bee 383, and two 1970 Chargers: find them all in one collection, supposedly just discovered, here on craigslist for $120,000. I’ve never understood why sellers want to list these cars as a collection, as I’m sure they’d find more buyers sooner if they sold off the cars individually. Regardless, if this is a real-deal discovery, each of these cars has a following of Mopar faithful who are likely to try and convince the seller to let them go separately. I can’t tell exactly where the cars are located, since the listing says Boston but it appears on the Charlotte craigslist; based on the background photos, it looks like my still-cold backyard of the northeast. What do you think – does this story look too good to be true, or is it the real deal?


  1. redwagon

    seller may think of the cars as a family therefore doesn’t want to break them up. as if inanimate objects had feelings, or somehow functioned better together.

    or it’s a scam.

    personally, i would go with the former until something smelled fishy.

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  2. Mark W

    Price seems a little ‘crack pipe’ considering the restored worth of the lot, and the likely costs to get them there.

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  3. Sean

    Did anyone notice the 70 charger had a 69 tail lights??

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  4. Doyler

    I’m a mopar man.

    If something looks too good to be true…

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  5. John

    They will have no problem selling this by collection. If I had $120.000 laying around, I’d buy them all….

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  6. JW

    I agree with John, if I had the cash I would buy all of them then keep the Cuda and Dart and sell the rest and most likely get most of my cash back IF they are as described.

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  7. Volker

    Inanimate objects DO have feelings :) They feel like this: “honk” (imagine two-handed gesture).

    The trailer one of the cars is sitting on belongs to these folks: http://www.autosportengineering.com/
    If I were planning on buying this mess (which I am not), I’d call them to see what they know…

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  8. Filipino

    I don’t see two 70’s Chargers. I see one 70’s and a 72?

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  9. Car guy

    Just when you thought, you would never find that many Mopars in one barn in need of restoration.
    It gives you hope that there are more out there.

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  10. krash

    …hey, that’s my neighborhood, and I recognize the tow truck driver…
    the story is:
    the seller bought this whole collection from the deceased owner’s elderly wife for @ $500 per car under the premise that they were being taken to the junk yard. She was told that it was the most she could ever get for them because they needed so much work and didn’t run…She apparently intended to use the money for her church….

    maybe I’m a serial prevaricator just like the seller…

    here’s a possible solution to the puzzle
    call the number listed on the side of the flatbed to see what the real deal is with this little treasure trove..

    **the Charger looks like it has a Rhode Island license plate on the front…

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  11. L.M.K.

    The listing is already Deleted…..Who knows?

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  12. Jason

    Now listed on Boston CL

    Flatbed is based in Stow, MA. Oddly, it’s a Porsche shop.

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  13. kenzo

    Very Interesting. And the plot thickens

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  14. John Morel

    hey guys just thought i would clear the air and answer some questions. first off yes this is real deal, i know this because i was the first person offered the chance to buy the cars. secondly, yes there are (2)chargers (1) dart swinger (1) challenger R/T which is NOT INCLUDED (1) 71′ cuda and of course the super bee. all cars have been stored in the garage which is located in pawtucket RI since the 80s. all cars were driven in under there own power. the reason for the sale is because the owner of the cars couldnt afford to pay the storage fees resulting in the forfiet of the cars (all exept for 71 R/T) to the owner of the property. now as for condition they are all truly in need of frame off restorations. the cuda is in the worst condition out of all the cars (meaning rot, rust, interior) , the dart and the super bee are in the best of shape over all with the least amount of rust, rot, interior condition, one of the two chargers ( a general lee colored) is in better shape than the other. however each of the cars has its nice options, having interchangeable parts one decent charger can be built. As for the motors, they all hold oil, coolant, and despite bieng the least desirable motors (318 cui, 340) exept for the 383 they mostly all feature a/c and automatic trannys. overall the cars beed some help but with the right restorer, collecter, there is ALOT of potential. if anybody has more questions about the cars you can email me at lapequenaturborace@gmail.com

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      The Boston ad makes sense and is probably legit. But, would the seller have posted it on the Charlotte NC CL too? Someone probably hijacked his ad and that is why it was Flagged For Removal.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Oh, forgot to say Thanks for the input.
      I am a Mopar nut not too far away (NH) and would love to go have a look, but don’t have the $$ to do anything about it.

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  15. RoughDiamond

    I’m guessing someone got beat out of 5 rare MOPARs and it’s nothing more than a flip.

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  16. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Flagged For Removal = Scam

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    • Alan (Michigan)

      Flagged For Removal = Someone wants the ad taken down so no one else sees it.

      Flagged For Removal = That ad is hurting my chances of selling my own item.

      Flagged For Removal = Lots of reasons people click on that button, some of them even legitimate.

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