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More Doors ‘Vair: 1965 Chevy Corvair


Here’s another craigslist ad with almost no copy and only one picture, but I think this is still an intriguing possibility for someone out there. And yes, it is a four door, and while I don’t know for sure from this one picture, most likely this is an entry level series 500 model known as a Hardtop Sport Sedan, of which some 17,560 were manufactured in 1965. But it looks like a very original car. The seller claims it has only 9,000 miles and this one just looks like it might be true.

Here is the complete ad copy, in all caps per original listing: “BARN FIND BEEN SITTING 45 YEARS INSIDE ON CONCRETE FLOOR. CAR BODY IN MINT CONDITION INTERIOR ALSO MINT.” This Corvair is located in Florham Park, New Jersey and the asking price is $6,500. Price guides indicate that might be a slight bit on the high side, but if the low mileage claim and “mint” condition claims are true, and the floors are not rusty from storage in the barn, it’s not so far off, in my humble opinion. ’65 Corvairs are pretty good driving cars, get great gas mileage, and are easy to maintain. Surely, this example could be a very nice low cost summer cruiser for its next owner. The miles are not so minimal that you would feel terrible about driving it. This car’s value is never going to increase radically anyway, so you can just have fun with it. And you just don’t see these everyday anymore. So are there any takers out there?


  1. ccrvtt

    This is a Monza – too much trim for a 500 and you can barely make out the Monza emblem right behind the front wheel. Hardtop design made for a remarkably elegant small 4-door sedan. Corvairs are very roomy feeling for such a compact car and if it’s rust-free this would be nice little DD. Probably not as much fun as a convertible, however.

    I had a 500 2-door for a few months back in 1970. It had a bent lower control arm which I attempted to replace. When I asked the guys at the local garage where I could find Corvair parts they replied, “The junkyards are full of ’em!” They got no respect…

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  2. MGB '77


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  3. Bobsmyuncle

    And gone.

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  4. boxdin

    These are very attractive 4 doors. We have one locally that’s dropped a bit w a nice sounding engine w a 4 speed. I’d love to have one.

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  5. Fred W.

    Apparently someone thought the story was true.

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  6. Another Bob

    I’d love a 4 door 2nd Gen Corvair. Kinda like a Porsche 5 series BMW before anyone thought of one. Could not care less what trim level it was if it was a real CL ad. 500, Monza, etc.
    The differences are minimal. What I would want is a 140 4 speed though and easy enough to roll your own if you have a rust free carcass to start with. Great cars. Worked on my 500 Corsa powered 66 yesterday. It was converted from 110 automatic so long ago it might as well be original.

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  7. Alan Brase

    I agree, they are attractive cars, good performers for what they are and a good deal. Compare it to a 1965 VW bug, it will be faster haul more and handle better, taking a bit more gas. There are known problems, but known solutions as well. Even the Powerslide tranny is okay…not thrilling, but strong and performs okay.
    My problem is that I have passed on too many when they were $200 or less.
    I don’t need a Corvair, I need a time machine.

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  8. Howard A Member

    I missed the pictures, as the ad is gone. Just as well, I don’t have a lot of interest in a 4 door Corvair. When new, I don’t think many did either, and I’ve probably seen 10, 2 doors, for every 4 door. It seems, the Corvair had a sportier image, and people looking for 4 doors, usually went with other models. As with any vehicle sitting for 45 years, there will be issues, but an incredible find. Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever thought of saving a 4 door Corvair.

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  9. ACZ

    This one’s also been on eBay.

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  10. chad

    My sporty grandma left us one. (Mr. RN killed em). Only prob. I found wuz the oil leaked onto the exhaust (or whatever many of em had) & that smoked up the cabin. Still liked the ford & mopar response to the euro invasion bedah (even the nova, a lill later I enjoyed more). There wuz a hot monza spider I believe. And a nationally known restorer/prts retailer is near here in Shelburne Falls, MA

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  11. Skip

    I’ve always loved the Corvairs, and as I’ve mentioned earlier, had a sweet ’64 Monza Spyder. Made the mistake of selling it to a school kid, who didn’t keep it long: gave it to his older sister. I had become frustrated with replacing the generator belt every time I turned around. I had been told that that was common for Corvairs at the time.

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