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More Sightings From Eli

Eli's Sightings

Back in July we featured a few sightings that were made by one of our younger readers, Eli R. He has been quite busy getting use to his new 35mm camera and it appears that he has found lots of great cars to practice photographing with it! Here is what he has to say about this batch of photographs – Well the film finally got developed! I’ve got 30+ sightings for you folks! These are the combination of two trips I took to take photos, sadly one trip was plagued with relentless rain so one or two of the photos are slightly out of focus, but alas, I still and very happy with the turnout of this bunch.


Sadly I will be off to college soon and I won’t be able to get too many more photos before then, so this may be my last submission for quite a while. But hopefully by travelling states over, I can find even more cars to photograph, that’s what I’m hoping. I love photography, cars, and this site, and I really hope the future holds more photos from me!


And as for the Junkyard in the photos, that was the day it was raining bad, and I would have asked to look around but I was out of film, the road there was all mud, and no one was home, so maybe thats a future trip.


So guys, what do you think of Eli’s photos? I for one am glad to see more young people getting into classic cars and film photography, both are hobbies that need more young people getting involved! I look forward to watching his skills grow and I want to encourage him to keep taking photos. Best of luck at school Eli!


  1. Rick

    Wow – check out the Swept Wing Dodge, looks mint too

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    • Gary Gary Member

      I can’t remember ever seeing one of these. What year is it?

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      • Tony

        Gary from what I can remember the pickups from the late 50’s Chryslers sometimes used the same fins as the cars, similar to the 59 Chevy pickups which had the same tailgate as the trunk of the Impala wagons and sedans. This one could be around 1957 to 59.

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  2. Dan

    They still make film for 35mm cameras?….wow

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  3. MH

    I agree. Im more amazed they make the film more then any of the cars pictured.

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  4. jim s

    time to unload the ford truck? look at the tire rub on the beetle. i too like the dodge truck. great job and please keep the photos coming. thanks

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  5. Bobsmyuncle

    Some very cool shots! I’ve been hoping we’d hear from you again soon!

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  6. Tricky

    Yes, but where are they and are they for sale???!!!
    Would love to grab the COE and the swept wing Dodge!

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  7. George

    The Ford truck has a Model A for a rear end? :-)

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  8. Bruce R. Colbert

    Thanks Eli R. Keep up the good work !

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  9. Jose

    Great find, Eli. Really enjoy seeing all these old cars. Keep hoping someone will find my HS ’46 Mercury convertible one day. I’ll never get it out of my system.

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