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Motorcycle Madness!

'66 Sears

Time for some two-wheeled fun! Here’s a small group of bikes from four different manufactures that some of you maybe interested in. How about a 1966 Sears Sabre? Listed here on craigslist for $1,100 OBO. This bike is sitting in Festus, Missouri with, as per the seller, only 2,000 miles on it!

'66 Sears plate

This bike is believed to be all original. If it really has only covered 2,000 miles, than it’s likely that it is all original. It definitely has a neat look to it!

'78 Yamaha

Next up is this 1978 barn find Yamaha XS 1100 project. This bike is in St. Clair, Missouri and is listed here on craigslist. The seller is asking $1,200 and is also willing to trade.

'78 Yamaha right

We don’t know when the images were taken? This bike is said to run strong and has supposedly been stored with a dry gas tank. You can start the bike with starter fluid for the time being.

'78 Yamaha gauges

If you have a john boat, wood splitter, etc. you maybe able to make a deal on this one without having to put out any cash.

'71 350 right

Now, how about a clean looking 1971 Honda CB 350 for spring 2016? If you want the electric starter you will have to put it back on this bike. The parts are included with the sale though. This bike is in Warrenton, Missouri for $3,300.

'71 350

You will find this CB350 listed here on craigslist. Daren, the seller, is open to trades and you maybe able to negotiate on the price. This bike has been totally rebuilt and is in working order.

'51 HD

Well maybe you are interested in a 1951 Panhead project? This project is listed here on craigslist for your review and contact information. The bike is parked in O’fallon, Missouri and is priced at $6,500. The frame is a ’94 and the bike is titled. The seller says he has too many projects. Many of you know that story.

'51 HD parts

The parts in the bins are included. So which bike/s would you like? If you could have only one of these four which would it be?



  1. Avatar photo erikj

    The cb350 for me although the Harley,if I had the time would be fun. Nice group of bikes B/F.

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  2. Avatar photo Morten

    The first one is a Puch VZ50 with in a US tirm.

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  3. Avatar photo Chas

    Unfortunately, the Sears Sabre listing has been pulled, but these are very cool little bikes, which were made for Sears by PUCH. I currently have a very nice original condition Sears Sabre that I will sell for a very low price if anyone is interested. It is complete and the engine is free. I have sourced an NOS piston for it, but have not yet installed it. If anyone is interested, contact me at chasgould@mac.com

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  4. Avatar photo mtshootist1

    the panhead is the best deal of the bunch. The Honda 350 is way overpriced, by about 2 grand. The Yamaha has no particular following that I know of. I have a Yamaha triple in the garage that sits there because it isn’t worth fixing. I had a 71 CB350 in red that I bought for 300 bucks a few years ago, and did a three way trade with two guys, and wound up with four Hondas, including two 350s, one an 71SL350, and the other a 68 CL350. I would love to have another 50’s vintage panhead chopper.

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  5. Avatar photo kman

    I don’t know what the bike with the square headlight and gauges is but I like it cuz of the high rise handlebars. I’m a tall guy and don’t like having to bend over the bike a lot. Otherwise I might like a small Honda and modify the handlebars. those square gauges do look really cool.

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    • Avatar photo mtshootist1

      Kman, it is a Yamaha XS1100, four cylinder in line, I have a friend who has two of them, I think some were called Midnight Specials, this one appears to have some kind of aftermarket exhaust system on it, just judging from the one photo. I think most were shaft drive. On the vintage Japanese market, I have not seen a lot of real enthusiasm for the Yamaha road bikes of this vintage and Yamaha did not maintain a parts supply for their bikes like Honda did. My three cylinder 750 Yamaha was given to me, it had the old glass fuse block mounted to the rear fender, and the seat would be right on top of it right where it would break off the little clips that held the fuses in. The inside cylinders would run hot, so my center cylinder has poor compression, compared to the outer two. When I would ride my 71 CB 350 it felt like being a bear on a bicycle. .

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      • Avatar photo kman

        Thanks hootist, I had an ’81 Yamaha 750 Virago and a 550 cafe racer as well as a Honda CB 900. The last one fell on me when the brakes locked and shattered my shoulder so I’m not really supposed to ride anymore. I have a titanium shoulder but I’d like to try a smaller bike that I could sit upright on. An off road might do. Don’t want heavy in case it lands on me again. Loved the Honda.dual gearbox and lots of chrome.

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      • Avatar photo PRA4SNW

        I had a ’79 Yamaha XS750F Triple back in the day. No modifications, yet would best my friends’ Suzuki and Kawasaki 750s.

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  6. Avatar photo Scot Carr

    ~ Wow… your St Louis deal spotter is on a roll, no pun intended.
    Non of these bikes is more than 40-50 miles away !!

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    • Avatar photo Robert Member

      Thanks Scot I’m the finder. More will follow shortly.



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      • Avatar photo Scot Carr

        ~ I’ve been curious who else was in the area! me; Barnhart, 55&hwy M.

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  7. Avatar photo edd

    When I was ten years old (1966), my dad bought a ’64 Sears Allstate Puch MoPed for me for $66.00 brand new. They were a NOS closeout at Sears. I wanted the $99 non MoPed version but cash was too tight. My dad said the $66.00 was the price of a bicycle so why not get me a MoPed. It got me started on a many year habit on two wheels. I smelled like two cycle fumes until I was 18.

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  8. Avatar photo trevor cassar

    The Yamaha XS 1100 would be a nice & fun project to be turned into a cafe` racer

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  9. Avatar photo Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    The Sears……Hands down!

    All the others are pretty much a “dime a dozen”, including the Harley. You just don’t see them!

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  10. Avatar photo Tirefriar

    Not a very enticing group of offerings here. Sorry guys, but it feels like a half hearted effort. However, you did earn points just for having posted bikes here…

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  11. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    The Honda, but as stated, not for that price. Currently, I’m negotiating a deal with my boss/ landlord who has a CL350 of this vintage, about 10K miles on it, which was “found in his barn”, pretty clean,( not this clean) but not run in about 10 years, and I wouldn’t give him more than $300 bucks for it. The Sabre, too weird, but cool looking if it had more power, ( looks like a Triumph tail light), the “Excess 1100”, these were fast bikes, but quirky styling, much rather have a Z-1 Kaw and one Harley in my life was enough.

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  12. Avatar photo jim s

    i will pass on these 4 and wait for the next group. the sears can not keep up with traffic. the yamaha would, as noted above, be hard to get parts for. the honda is to close to the price of a new 300cc to 350cc bike, on ebay starting at BIN of $ 4399. and i do not do old HD. interesting finds.

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