Mountain Climber: 1962 Willys Wagon

1963 Willys Wagon

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We’ve featured a surprising number of classic cars that have been found in our small home town of Sheridan, Wyoming. Given the harsh winters there, it isn’t surprising how many old trucks and SUVs call the area home. Well this ’62 Willys Wagon is one of those old SUVs. It has spent it’s life plowing snow from it’s original owners driveway in the mountain town of Story, Wyoming, which sits just above Sheridan in the Big Horn Mountains. It’s been retired from snow duty and is now listed here on eBay with bids climbing past $17k!

1963 Willys Wagon Engine

This is another rig that I remember seeing as a kid. I didn’t ever see it on the road, but instead saw it in the previous owner’s driveway on several occasions. Story is a beautiful location, so I took many hikes through area and saw lots of great cars sitting in driveways and open garages. I happen to also recognize the Toyota FJ sitting next to it

1963 Willys Wagon Interior

The seller claims this rig runs great still and that everything works as it should. The paint has seen better days, but gives the truck a sweet look. I don’t see any major rust issues, but given the amount of snow Story gets each year, I would want to take a close look at the floors and frame rails.

1963 Willys Wagon Survivor

Seeing this truck brought back some great memories of off roading in the mountains. I hope someone gives this Willys a good home and gets it out on the 4×4 trails before summer is over! Will that someone be you?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Dave Wright

    Snow is seldom the culprit when it comes to rust. It is more often chemicals and salt. In high snow areas they deal with snow and ice more with plows and sand than chemicals. It is much kinder to vehicles than the alternative. I remember when I was a kid in Spokane, the city had a fleet of road graders they used for snow removal. The city hired a new city manager from back east. He sold the graders and tried to make the snow go away with chemicals. It was a multi-million dollar boondoggle that eventually cost him his job and cars that had never had any rust issues started having some. This is a great old girl, it is nice to see her getting some respect.

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  2. Matt Tritt

    NICE! Way too bad that the price is so freaking out of reason.

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  3. Chuck

    Doesn’t do a thing for me- really gives a meaning to “different strokes”.

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  4. HoA Howard AMember

    I’m not really sure what the high dollar attraction is with these lately. I think people think they’re cool, and they are, it’s just not what they expected once they actually get one. This was at the end of the Willy’s wagon run, and the updated Wagoneer was right around the corner, and just as well. These were slow, hot/cold, noisy, poor brakes, poor steering, rattled, rode rough, no 4 door, as opposed to the Wagoneer, which had all welcome improvements. I had several of these, and while simple, they are a pain to drive. Parts are plentiful, but the prices for a nice one is out of control. They were popular up north. Everybody knew someone with one of these. This one sure is in nice shape. The low mileage confirms these weren’t the best road vehicles. I guess if one wants a driveable “flat-fendered Willy’s” wagon, this is what you’ll have to pay. Just be prepared to go 45-50 mph the whole way with the hammer down.

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    • Matt Tritt

      So true, Howard. I installed a Advanced Adaptors overdrive in my 51, which gave me an honest 55 cruise speed and very good fuel economy. Mine had the little 4 cyl F-head that I think was better than the flathead 6, and lighter. After fording deepish water the brake pedal became just a place to rest your foot, much like both my Land Rovers. I sold mine not all that long ago for $4,000., which I thought was a lot of money, even after I rebuilt just about everything and had the seats reupholstered in the original imitation Spansih-grain leatherette. Loved the car and wish I’d kept the damn thing.

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  5. Eric Dashman

    Anyone remember the movie “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” with a cast of thousands of great comedians? This vehicle was driven by Terry Thomas with Milton Berle at his side before it flipped over and the 2 of them had a hysterical fist fight.

    A neighbor of ours had one when I was a kid. He used it as a station car for his morning train commute. I remember it as loud, uncomfortable, and very top-heavy…lots of body roll, but it went like spit in the snow and ice with its 4WD and low range.

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  6. Roger

    I was around during 19 or 20 and ran across a 58 sitting in someone’s yard for sale in my little town. Def needed work but by no means was it a rust bucket. Price on for sale sign was $500. I knew this thing was gonna get snatched up quick but I didn’t have a lot of money on me ( or a lot in general lol ) but I talked to the owner. I explained I could pay him the next morning because I had my pay check but needed to cash it. I gave him a $50 deposit and asked him if he would hold it for me till the next morning. He agreed, I was happy as sheet!!! Well I came back the next morning with the rest of the cheez and to my horror this POS done and went and sold it on me!!!! No one answered the door, guy was no where to be found . Well I know I must have stopped by 4 other times. Finally I stopped by the last time around 10 at night and he was home, AND the 4 rims and tires and gas tank that used to be on ” MY ” Willys were laying on the ground. Oh no, we all know what that means. Guy said he ” Really needed so,excited cash ” right away and he junked it 7am, soon as the scrap yard opened the gates. Gee, I wonder what he needed the money so bad and quick for? Anyway he did give me back my deposit ( which I guess I should feel lucky about lol ) but I was very sad to see her go to the crusher. Although initially when I thought he sold it to someone else I was ready to Crack some heads lol, but after seeing it go to the crusher I was honestly thinking to myself – man I wish he had just sold it to someone else………. This would have been around 99, 00.

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  7. Bruce fox

    This Jeep is still being shown for sale by a guy named James Blackwell. STAY AWAY FROM THIS GUY HE STATES IT IS IN SEATTLE AND MONEY SENT TO ESCROW ACCOUNT AND JEEP SHIPPED BY GLEN DINNING SHIPPING ALSO IN SEATTLE. I sent money and should own this Jeep per Jim Blackwell. I lost my money and have no Jeep. I am filing a FBI report with names, numbers, banks and contact people. I will follow up with this so no one else gets SCAMMED like I did.

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