Movie Car? 1989 Cadillac Limo Snowmobile

How many times have you thought to yourself, “I wish I had a Cadillac limousine snowmobile?” Well, it’s your lucky day. That’s exactly what can be found here on Craigslist in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For the asking price of $6,000, you can shuttle your friends in luxury to a remote winter cabin or up the nearest ski hill. Thanks to Barn Finds readers Brian F. and James B. for their tips on this unique find!

Unfortunately, there are only a few exterior photos in the ad. There is no indication on the condition of the car or snowmobile (we say “snowcat” in the north). The only details in the ad are that the Caddy is from 1989 and the snowcat is a Bombardier SV250.

A quick internet search yielded another article about the car on This article indicates it has a 5.7 liter Chevrolet V8 with an automatic transmission. Interestingly, this article says the car was featured in the 1997 movie Mr. Magoo. You can see still photos from the movie on the Internet Movie Car Database. I’ll let you decide if this is the same car. It certainly looks similar. What do you think of this car? Let us know if you think it’s the same car that is in the movie.

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  1. Mawd

    Oh My Gawd

  2. Nick

    I wish I could un-see this…

  3. Dirk

    Wonder what it’ll do in the quarter.

    • Dave A

      Rumble strips.

  4. Jack in NW PA Member

    It has aged a bit but looks like the movie car. I like the job they did covering the wheel openings.

  5. Gaspumpchas

    wow that hurts my feeble head…

  6. Ikey Heyman

    $6K CDN ($4.6K USD) for this lawn art/conversation-starter? I’d take it if seller gave it to me and delivered it free of charge to my house, but other than that…..

  7. Drivers ED

    I took my drivers test in one just like this except my moms was black in color. Great car.

    • Neal

      And didn’t have caterpillar tracks!
      Or did it?!?

  8. Dolphin Dolphin Member

    Some people have way too much time on their hands……

  9. Dirk

    Looks like the exhaust be ridin’ on the track.

    • Don H

      The KING of rednecks ,hell wa🤠

  10. Southbound

    That is some really long side pipes.

  11. KevinLee

    Has to be the movie car. Why would anyone in their right mind build a look-alike to this?

  12. Danny

    Okay, so what I would do with this car if it were mine, and money was not a problem . Since I live in the southern part of New York nd don’t get crazy snow drift where I need something like this, I would convert this to be something more usable.
    Turn into something like a serious off-road vehicle All I would have to do is swap out the snow tracks for rubber tracks like on excavators. Then I would swap out those front skis for something like the front landing gear from an airplane. This way it would be stable and can be turned and have a suspension. Then I would have a serious off-road vehicle that would probably rival a Humvee going up hills. All this assuming that I could find rubber tracks and they could be switched out on this, does anybody know if the Bombardier had track that were easily switched?

    But I would do all this making sure it could be turned back to snowcat If ever needed. So basically keeping the old tracks and using some sort of Disconnect system for the front skis.

  13. Karguy James

    That thing is bad ass! Looks like decent workmanship covering up those wheel openings too.

  14. Rodney - GSM

    “Standard of The World”

  15. Fred H

    Wish I money to waste like this .

  16. leiniedude Member

    I like it. Winter is coming here in Wisconsin.

    • Howard A Member

      You’d have to paint it green and gold, Mike,,GO PACK!!!
      ( just can’t warm up to those Broncos)

  17. Howard A Member

    Now THIS is the result of a suitcase of beer and a welder. It must be steered with stopping the tracks, because whatever is up front would never steer this behemoth, and I don’t know what that is sticking out the front. I think the Jalopnik article claims it goes 15 mph. Not all movie props are meant to be used after the movie, you know.

  18. CanuckCarGuy

    Mr Magoo is the only one that would find this appealing to the eye.

  19. Jay E.

    So I’m at warp speed on my Ski-doo and meet this coming around a corner on a snowmobile trail towards me? Nightmare.

  20. Moose_feather

    Wife: Hey honey, I know you’ve wanted a hellcat for a while. I found a rusted out one for only $50k I guess you could go out and buy.
    Me: Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I’m not sure it would be good in these Canadian winters. I’ve got an idea to build something for around that kind of money that will get us around much better.

  21. Jud

    Why not convert it into an 89 Caddy Limo? Wait…What?

  22. ACZ

    Another waste of a perfectly good Cadillac.

  23. Del

    Nope it cost too much to get it to a wrecker

  24. chrlsful

    frnt skis just 2 keep it frm nose divin?
    Treads steer it?
    Might B a nice ride above the tree line…

  25. canadainmarkseh Member

    Put a truck axle under the front and you’d ave a half track. Ideal for generals that want to travel in style. Or maybe it could be a micro car crusher at the bone yard.

  26. Peter

    “Calling International Rescue, and step on it Parker…”

  27. David Rhodes

    someone had too much time on their hands

  28. Madmatt

    The world gets even more absurd.!!…if that is even possible..
    this would be great up at the Ice lake rebels tv show,
    put a trunk rack on it to haul the elk/moose home,
    and go to your fishing spot in style.Wonder what
    kind of milage this gets,also how expensive/hard would
    those tracks be to ever replace….??..Barn finds ALWAYS surprises,
    and enlightens me…,and is the best spot on the web…!!

  29. Danny

    I wanna not only know who will buy this , but how the current owner got it or did he buy it and why?

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