Mr. Clean’s Mustang: 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia

Every once in a while, you run across someone who takes car care to a whole different level.  A really, really different level.  Thanks to a tip from faithful reader Pat L., I think we have found an example of that dedication.  Feast your eyes on this meticulously cared for 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia here on craigslist in Kissimmee, Florida, which has a market testing asking price of $12,495.  Before the price scares you off, you need to take a better look at this seventies stunner.

As you can see by the photos, this little Mustang II looks like a million bucks.  It’s even painted the color of money!  The emerald green exterior is accented by a white vinyl top, pin striping, garnish moldings, and what appears to be an all white interior.  While it appears that the obviously hard to clean white interior is as spotless as the exterior, the owner unfortunately did not furnish any photos.

The seller of this one owner car, claims that it’s has been garaged its entire life.  When you look at the complete lack of fading paint, the crystal clear plastic taillights, and the absence of rust around the vinyl top, that statement is easy to believe.  What is hard to believe is that the car has only 59,797 miles on the clock.  It looks like one of those museum cars that has never seen sunshine and asphalt.  To polish up this amazing story even more, the owner boasts that the original three sets of keys are still with the car along with the original decals and service stickers.  If you need further proof of this little pony’s originality, the factory chalk marks from the production line are still evident in a few areas.

When you add it all up, this is a pretty amazing piece of history.  Between 1973 and 1978, Ford made over 1.1 million of these downsized Mustangs.  Only a handful of that number had the Ghia option that the feature car wears proudly.  Named after the famous European Ghia coach building firm, this was a very luxurious version of the popular second generation Mustangs.  Given that we had to suffer through the oil crisis and the demise of the fire breathing pony cars of the 1960s, cruising around in one of these little luxury cars was a pretty good plan B until better times came along.

All things considered, this little Mustang II has a lot going for it.  Obviously, it was incredibly well taken care of and still has a lot of miles left in it.  Perhaps the most fun would be the conversations it would start at cruise ins and car shows.  There aren’t a lot of people walking around that owned Shelby Mustangs, even though you seem to meet a whole lot of people who will claim to have been owners.  However, you will meet tons of people who really did own Mustang IIs.  The fun the next owner will have talking to them and hearing their stories will make this stunning little car worth every penny.

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  1. Sam

    Ok, the slot machine ad is very annoying. I understand advertisng but the slot thing totally interferes with viewing BF.

    Another Charlie’s Angels Mustang…nice

    • boxdin

      pop up blocker works great, I see none of that junk.

      My Mom got one of these mustangs in 1974 fully loaded like this one but w a 4 speed manual, at age 61 !! She went around corners in 3rd gear sometimes but I still admired her spirit to back to a manual so much later in her life.

  2. Scott Rasmussen

    I remember as a kid, my dad telling me my grandmother bought a Mustang. I thought how cool, as I envisioned a fox bodied mustang in my mind. You can imagine my disappointment when she pulled up in a tan version of the above car. Nonetheless, this car actually looks really nice in this shade of green.

  3. Rock On Member

    I thought that it was only me getting bombarded by that slot machine Sam. Good to know!

  4. Superdessucke

    Still has that hair spray smell.

  5. Roscoe Conway

    Sam: Not to mention the ad which *completely* hijacks my ipad’s Safari browser.

    BF: Is this your doing, or is it the BF website that’s getting hacked?

    • Oldog4tz Member

      It must be a hack. Hijacks lollypop/chrome as well

  6. Vegas vic

    I like it! Styling shines and wonderfully different color. 12k?
    Seems pricey.
    Cue the Carter and Kotter years!

  7. Art Fink

    This car would be a great around town grocery getter. For that money you can drive something different, reliable and cheap to keep, instead a used hondanissantoyota, which everyone is driving. Just Sayin’………..

  8. -Bear-

    Very Nice looking Mustang II! :-)

    But $12K?!? NOT gonna happen! (…maybe approx 1/2 of that for the right buyer.)

    That said, a Mustang Collector who already has multiple examples of the more desirable years/versions of Mustangs might be tempted to add this to their collection.

    I do remember the 1st time I rode in one of these as a kid. A friend of mine’s Dad had just bought a brand new example (very similar to this notchback Ghia) & he was picking both of us up from a week of summer camp. The trunk in that Mustang II was so small that it couldn’t fit 2 suitcases, so I had to ride for 2+ hours in the cramped back seat, with my suitcase taking up most of the space!! :-O

  9. Don H

    74 to 78 not 73 to 78

    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Don, I believe they started manufacturing in 1973 for the model year 1974.

    • carrman

      Most new cars are introduced in Sept/Oct. So a ’74 would’ve been built in summer of ’73.

  10. Moparman Member

    Oh, if only this was the hatchback version!! :-)

  11. Stang1968

    There are interior pics now on the CL ad. This car has a lot going for it but I was hoping to see a 302 under the hood and not the 2.3l.

  12. Jeff DeWitt

    Really nice little car, you could do far worse for 12K.

    But… I see why for a Florida car it has so few miles, no AC!

  13. Tom

    Had a 74 Red Fast Back, 4 banger and 5 speed.
    The State of Michigan has evidence of near triple digital.

    Very fun car to drive.

    I think it was 3400 bucks new

    • z28th1s

      5 speed was not available in ’74. 4 speed manual was the only manual trans option.

      Very nice car! I like the green with the white interior. That white pinstripe is not factory.

  14. RoselandPete

    I can’t believe how clean that car is but no AC in Florida? I can’t believe that either.

  15. Paul

    74 through 78 mustangs are not very sought after 12,000 is way to much!!

  16. Gay Car Nut

    I’ve always loved this generation Ford Mustang, the Mustang II. I know some Mustang fans may not like it, but that’s their damn problem. It’s always been my favourite along with the 1964 1/2-67 Mustang.

    • Jeff DeWitt

      I knew a young lady who had a dark blue Mustang II fastback with a 302 and T Tops, beautiful little car.

      • CFA

        That color combo look good on this body style .

  17. Chris In Australia

    Excellent example of the breed, but it’s still the stunted runt of the Mustang litter.

  18. Jay E.

    12k is fantasy land. A far better buy for a driver would be this one, it probably gets better MPG too!

    • Jeff DeWitt

      Well.. the Mustang II is a collector car, that 2011 isn’t.

      That being said it IS a nice looking car, and it’s got AC and a stick.

    • Delmar

      Actually, the Mustang II Ghia gets 24mpg city, where the 2011 v6 gets 19; highway is 34 and 31 respectively. The Ghia is cheaper to drive.

  19. Joe

    I heard these Mustangs had Trans problems, back in the day.

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