Multinational Roadster: 1953 Nash-Healey

Multinational Roadster

The guys over at Gullwing are always digging out impressive finds, but this rare Nash-Healey caught my eye. All that dust makes it hard to tell what’s going on here, but its claimed to have been in storage for the past 20 years. You probably recognize the Healey name from the famous Austin-Healey sports car, but this car came about from a similar collaboration between Donald Healey and the Nash Motor Company. Nash (USA) provided the engines, Pininfarina (Italy) did the bodies, and Healey (UK) waved his magic wand. The result was a unique machine, but few were produced before Nash became part of AMC. This particular one is priced at $56,500 which seems high to me, but I supposed these don’t come to market very often. What do you think? Thanks goes to Robert R. for the tip!

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  1. Capt Doug

    Listed as SOLD – I drove a friends Nash Healey like this up to Watkins Glen back in the late 60’s – it stood out in the parking lot even back then.

    • Jesse Staff

      That one went quick!

  2. Dolphin Member

    Looks like Gullwing Motors has gone Hollywood–barn find style. No more snapshots of cars in an alley in Queens, NY.

    The car does look like an actual barn find, and not staged unlike that 911S “barn find” with “soul” from yesterday. No underside shots, but the topside looks dirty but solid. Sold for the $56.5K asking I guess, which seems OK if the car really is solid underneath, and as complete as it seems, making it a not too difficult restoration.

    There were only 252 of these made over 2 years, and the SCM Guide has them at $115K – $135K in #2 condition. These had bodies by Pinin Farina and the famous Healey name, with simple Nash drivetrains and a great Italian-American look, so the selling price here seems in line.

    • Horse Radish

      I said it before:
      this guy is too lazy to shoot his own photos, before he doubles his money and out the door…….

  3. Another Bob

    They must have an air powered mud throwing gun. They are the rage on Ebay for those that stage barn finds.

    • skloon

      Ceiling texture gun ?

  4. DENIS

    Super-rare car….always kinda wanted one. 6 cyl AMC power w twin carbs…very hard to find parts to restore

    Like 1
  5. Jerry Long

    Good enough for Clark Kent. Good enough for me.

  6. Fred

    There was a recent “American Pickers” episode where they inspected 3 Nash Healys in similar shape. The prices were no where near this high.

  7. MikeW

    $50K worth of dust.

  8. Thorsten

    An object is always that worth, what somebody would pay for it….

  9. Achman

    Prices on the up, $100K gets you a driver, restored nicely easily $125k+

    with so few made, they are hard to find in restorable condition. I saw this a couple of days ago, and if you cleaned the car and got it running, you could flip it in three weeks for $75K-80K easily. Gullwing is about 15 min from my house.

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