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Muscle Cars in England


After featuring Liam W’s massive find, he promised to send us another one of his recent discoveries. As promised, here it is. This one features even more American cars, including a number of muscle and drag cars. Unlike the owner of the previous collection, this one’s willing to sell everything. If there is something you’re interested in buying you can contact Liam here for more information. Just remember that these cars are in the UK.


The owner has a rather eclectic mixture of cars, with everything from a Thunder Bird to a Stutz Victoria and just about everything in between. They have a number of old race cars as well, and even a Keith Black tuned boat and drag car. Their T-bird and Stutz are both in excellent shape, but both could use a good cleaning.


A number of these cars are unfinished projects, but most are in better shape than this disassembled Mustang. Many of the projects were being built for drag racing, which means they have been extensively modified. According to Liam, some of the cars have been tuned and when they were running, were putting out some serious power. If you have been looking for a muscle car to use for drag racing in the UK, this might be the place to visit.

Ferarri 400i & Lotus Carlton

The owner obviously has an appreciation for all kinds of cars, with an emphasis on speed. With so many dragsters, it would be easy to assume he is only concerned about going fast in a straight line, but cars like this Ferrari and Lotus Carlton suggest otherwise.


Liam has already bought a few of the cars for himself, including this ’71 Mustang, the ’72 Firebird, and the Cadillac Limousine. Everything else is still up for grabs though, including a ’68 Shelby GT500, a 1350 hp ’70 Hemi Cuda Convertible, and several vintage race cars. Liam’s Mustang is going to need work, but most of the labor intensive stuff has already been done, such as installing a 460 cui V8 and widening the rear fenders to fit drag slicks.

1968 Shelby GT500

We are amazed that the owner of this collection has amassed so many American cars. There are some truly unique and desirable vehicles here and hopefully they will go to good homes where they can be finished. We want to thank Liam for sharing another great find with us! So which of these cars would you like to have?


  1. MH in MN

    It would cost double what you paid for one of these to get is back to the states.

    • Liam

      It’s not actually as bad as you might imagine. Bear in mind, many of these came from the States originally, so they can be shipped back. In fact, with the massive increase in Muscle Car prices in the States over the last several years, many cars that were shipped here many years ago, are now being shipped back, as many of them fetch more money in the States now than anywhere else.

  2. Josh Staff

    That’s the biggest issue we see with these to MH. If the seller is really motivated to sell and is willing to negotiate, we see the Shelby GT500 and the Hemi Cuda making it back to the states. We doubt the others will, but you never know. Perhaps someone here knows an affordable way to ship these over? Maybe one could buy several cars, find buyers for some of them in Europe and use the profits to get one or two cars over here. It would be a lot of work, but like they say, anything is possible!

  3. erikj

    Shipping would be worth lots of this collection. I like the cuda conv. the Shelby and the GTO convert.

    • Liam

      Definitely agree with you Erik! The Cuda needs finishing, but has been fully restored, and the engine has an awesome 1360 BHP which can be proven! It was shipped to the UK many years ago and has never been used. It comes from a proven source in the US who was apparently a well known car dealer over there, who specialised in Muscle. I dont know who he was, apparently he passed away years ago, but I will ask the owner who the guy was…..The Shelby, see comments below……The GTO was restored years ago, and only covered a few hundred miles since. It had a new power hood fitted at the time. The interior is original, being too good to need restoring. The engine has been worked, and really does go and sound so well! It really is one angry goat, but it is the type of car you can literally drive anywhere. It sits in traffic quite relaxed, and when you want it to go, it does just that, and it does it well! It is show ready too, jump in and drive. It is one of his favourite 6 cars he has, that he does not really care if those 6 sell. If he sells several other cars, there are some he would keep for himself, and the GTO is definitely one of them! The Coronet is a genuine RT440 with 660BHP and a further 250BHP of NOS! Again, that goes and sounds like thunder!! I wish I could buy them all myself. A kid in a sweet shop, definitely, but no kid wants to hand the sweets back once he has had a taste of them!! ; )

  4. KristianB

    I want the Morris Minor!

    • Liam

      The Morris Minor is very cheap! It needs welding on the floor pan, but otherwise, the body is solid, and it is all original paint and interior, and relatively low mileage. It is a totally unrestored and unmolested example.

  5. jim s

    the gt500 would be my pick. with enough money a trip to Germany for some legal high speed driving before shipping it home. i wonder what the red open wheel car is? great collection and find

    • Liam

      The GT500 has a documented, balanced and blue printed 760 BHP animal hiding in the engine bay, and a C6 auto trans built to the highest standard to handle the power. The car does also come with its original numbers matching engine as well. I have been inundated with enquiries for this car in the first day of it being offered for sale, and only on Barn Finds so far, that I expect it will be gone within days!

      • jim s

        yes i too think that the GT500 will sell super fast. when that happens a story about the new owners plan for the car would be interesting

  6. Bryan Cohn

    More photos of the Formula Car would be nice, if only so we could identify what it is. That single photo doesn’t tell enough of the story. Could be a modified March, could be a bunch of cobbled together body parts off different formula cars of the day. It does have 8 front and 10 inch rear wheels which rules out Formula 3 and Formula Super Vee as those cars used 6 and 8 inch wheels. They are visually much skinnier.

    My money is on it being a Hillclimb special of some kind. Pilbeam maybe?

    • Liam

      Hi Bryan, more information on the Formula car will be forthcoming as soon as I get it all form the owner. I know this particular car was once a well known race car, but he has to search both his memory and his paperwork to remember everything. With so many cars, and being an elderly man with more important things on his mind these days, his memory is not as fresh as it once was with his knowledge of all the cars, so some of them require a bit more research on my behalf.

  7. That Guy

    Ooh, a Lotus Carlton. That would be my choice, if there were any non-criminal way to get it registered here in California.

    • Liam

      You might be interested to know, that the Lotus Carlton is actually a Left Hand Drive model! I have a friend who is a good contact for shipping cars worldwide for anyone who may need it…..he does it all the time, so he knows all the process very well.

  8. Mark E

    Quite an eclectic collection for the UK! I’d be all over the ’70 Trans Am and the Stutz! Plus the ’40s Cadillac if I could have three please… ^_^

    • Liam

      The Stutz is quite interesting. As you probably know, when new, they were hand built in Italy to order, and the name of all those involved in the assembly, are etched onto a brass plaque, which is placed in the engine bay. Another plaque is placed around the glove box, with the details of who the car was made for. The plaque on this car states it was made for a foreign (meaning, non UK Royalty) Royal Family Prince. He had it made for him to use while he was attending college here!

  9. davew833

    Call me crazy, but my favorite is the 190e 2.5-16 AMG– with a trailer hitch!

  10. Kerner

    Hi Liam,

    I would love to know what he wants for the GT500 as well.

    Cheers and thanks for the lead

    • Liam

      Kerner, please click on the link at the top of the page, (under the Hemi Cuda) to email me direct and I will answer your question, thank you….

  11. Rancho Bella

    The Hemi has Steve Magnante’s name all over it.

    • Liam

      Really? Isnt that the guy who wrote the ‘Rusted Muscle’ book??

      • Liam

        And the Barratt Jackson commentator if I am not mistaken??

  12. Dave

    All of them are nice cars, but if I could have just one, it would be the ’70 Dodge. I had one years ago and it was a Coronet 440. Loved that body style.

  13. gavin boast

    I like the Ferrari what shape is it in ??

    • Liam

      The Ferrari is in excellent shape. It has developed an immobiliser fault since being stored though which will need to be rectified, but it is priced with this in mind. The car was running perfectly when last driven into the garage between 12/16 months ago, but since being sat idle for many months, and the battery died, the immobiliser does not seem to want to reset itself now that a new battery has been fitted. It will turn over, but not fire. I have not yet looked at it myself, but will do in due course, as I have a strong idea what the cause of the problem is, as I had it myself with another car I had last year. Once the car is running though, and back on the road, he will adjust the price accordingly.

  14. simon

    hi liam,sure ive seen that boat before,are they in the north of england???i am,might be interested in the GTO,any idea on price??cant email via the link,wont configure..cheers pal.

    • Liam

      Hi Simon, please email me direct at:

      The boat was once a well known race boat many years ago apparently. It is now located in the South West of the country.

  15. Steve

    Love them all, any rough prices on the caddy convertible, Lotus Carlton or any race projects? Cant get the link to work

    • Liam

      You can email me direct if having trouble with the link:

      **Jesse, I am happy for that email address to be shown on here, it is only used for replying to car enquiries** Thank you, Liam

  16. Liam

    Thank you very much to everyone who has made contact with me, I have been absolutely swamped with enquiries from several countries. If you are waiting for a response from me to a message you have sent me, please bare with me! I have been preparing one of my own cars today for an event tomorrow (Sunday) and due to an unexpected problem with the car, I have spent every minute today trying to get it sorted for tomorrows meet, and that has kept me off line today! So if you are waiting for a reply from me, or photos etc, I WILL get back to every one of you as soon as I possibly can. I will reply to all of you between Sunday evening and Monday evening at the latest. ALL of the pictured vehicles are still available at the moment, in case anyone is wondering, along with others not pictured, like a Ford Talladega, Daimlers, Jag’s, a ’57 Chevy Bel Air 2 door hardtop Pro Street project, and others! Thank you for your patience and support. Liam

  17. Jeff Staff

    Love the 190E. Is it a 2.3-16 (the model tuned by Cosworth)? Not a potential buyer but interested in learning more.

    • Liam

      See this link…

  18. William Robinson

    How old is that carlton ? I want that out of all of those fantastic cars. Living in Canada it only has to be 15 years old to be legally imported. The problem is the cost of shipping it would prohibit the purchase for me, as I can do one but not the other at this time.

    • Liam


  19. z1rider

    I had a car shipped from Bristol (southwest England) to New Orleans in a container for around $2500 all in. That’s a drop in the bucket relative to the value of several of these.

  20. Matt51F1

    The only thing there I could afford is the one thing I already have…. The Laycock 4-post hoist :)

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