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Muscle Truck: 1968 Chevrolet El Camino SS 396

1968 El Camino SS 396

What could be cooler than a 396-equipped El Camino? You can get your muscle car thrills and still have the utility of a pickup! This one is claimed to be the real deal and although there appears to be an engine under the hood, the original 396 and automatic transmission have gone missing. It won’t be cheap to find a replacement, but it might be worth trying if this one doesn’t get bid up much higher. The stock engine put out about 375 horsepower and had to be a hoot to haul with. It’s located in Willoughby, Ohio and is listed here on eBay where bidding is currently around $3k with only a couple of days left!


  1. Avatar photo Dan

    If you are gonna sell something…..get it out in the light….good grief.

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    • Avatar photo Alan (Michigan)


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  2. Avatar photo Robert White

    A good buy given that everything is still straight, original, and accident free. Over $4k and it will be a borderline good deal IMHO. And I am assuming that the box pan needs to be replaced entirely given the rust holes through the box bed. The extra doors are a plus, and I’ll bet there are other spare parts too.


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  3. Avatar photo piper62j

    Why hide it from the buyer..?? Gimme a break. Bring it outside, wash it with a graden hose and take some serious photos.. Some People!!!!

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  4. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    I see the vendor admitted to installing another motor. I was rather disappointed to see an SBC under the hood. I could do with getting the A-C all hooked up and functioning again but the motor is another matter. True one can always get a large crate motor and go from there but I’d rather have a 396. The vehicle itself looks like a worthwhile project; I’ve always had a soft spot for the later El Caminos.

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  5. Avatar photo Steve B

    The mullet of the automotive world

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  6. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    The small block makes more sense, but well up there on the list of the most craptastic Feebay ads. No details, crappy pix and light on specs. does it run? Is it a 283-302-305-307 or a built 383 with trick parts? The Elky is light in the back end, and a big honkin rat motor throws off the balance further. IF you want big block, then throw in a 454 picked up cheap out of a Subarban and call it good with a cam, intake, HEI, headers and a good old Holly w/ vac secondarys and you can pull a honest 500hp, and nearly the same torque. That IS if you pay the big block penalty. A 396 has all the weight and none of the OMMpphhhhhh. A healthy small block can put out more power than the 396.
    I like this car, maybe not this specific one, but we nearly bought one a few years back. We own a 68 Malibu and a 69 as well. Now,,, a well thought out small block can return respectable power while still pulling good gas mileage. My old Camaro (1977 LT) would pull down 24 mpg on the freeway. Now, with a 700R4 with a shift kit you can pull some even better fuel economy and little penalty in power. These are cool cars, parts availability is excellent, and with upgrades is a viable driver still today. Check out the Brake and suspension kits from vendors like CPP and others.

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  7. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    BTW,,, I was driving my truck today and point out, The same issue I had with my Camaro and some of my other hot rods. MODERN FUEL SUCKS DOGS BOLLOCKS!!!

    I have a RV Cam in my GMC truck. (350 SBC, Edelbrock intake, Holley carb, headers, optimized HEI ignition, and a mild RV type cam with emphasis on low end torque) and todays fuel is hard on it to get decent low speed driveabilty. On the freeay at 65-70 it does better, but there is less valve overlap at those speeds. On lower speeds and off idle with a performance cam and oxygenated fuels it has slow flame speed and burn. Thus it runs like crap… On my last performance SBC build i ran a pretty lumpy Competition cams grind and was a very healthy motor but in the winter times with the heavier blended fuels i had to buy a LOT of fuel treatment just to get it to run without massive issues, black clouds of fuel, and fouled plugs.

    We are building 2 motors this summer for my rat rod and my wifes Chevelle and will be researching cam and ignition issues to try and get the good power we want and minimize the fuel problems. Adding alcohol to our fuel is the dumbest swindle politicians have ever forced down our throats. Its a rip off, scam and makes ZERO economic sense and science does NOT support it. Yet the idiots in charge are looking to increase the fuel mixs even higher.

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  8. Avatar photo Doug Towsley

    So, just a casual CL search local to me finds a good cross section of 68-72 Elkys, but in my opinion, spend a little more and get a better car and start your project with a better quality car. Heres some local examples

    Heres one local to me in Oregon, Seller asking $7950 but might or might not be flexible, Externally looks rough, BUT does come with a lot of nice parts and drive train looks really good. Claims to be an SS and has a 427 & T400 See:

    A 1972 with a bit evasive ad, but $3950 and appears a lot of work done but no mention if motor is included. See:


    I confined my search to affordable projects (lots of really nice but expensive restos from $12,000 and up) and ALSO tried to stay 68-72 But check out this one, Looks NICE and appears turn key at $5850. (I LIKE the orange and black paint)
    See: https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/cto/5457908992.html
    a bit later years. but thats a nice looking 70s machine. No mention if 8 track is included
    $ 8500 and turn key, ready to drive? Looks nice and fresh red paint. 1972 w SBC
    see: https://portland.craigslist.org/yam/cto/5446859035.html

    $8900 and 1970 with 300 hp 350 numbers matching 2000 miles on rebuild, nice clean looking car but does have some body issues. Daily driver? See:


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