Muscle Wagon: 1969 Ford Country Sedan

1969 Ford Country Sedan

I love the shape of these Ford wagons! The asking price for this one is what caught my eye though. Sixteen grand may seem crazy for an old station wagon, but this isnt your typical grocery getter. It is in very good condition and seller claims that despite some touchup work, is all original. A previous owner used it take their buddies on pheasant hunts, but the spec sheet is what makes it really interesting. The 429-2V isn’t totally out of place in a big vehicle like this, but the Detroit Locker differential out back is odd. The seller mentions that perhaps the option box was checked in anticipation of towing duty. No evidence of a hitch could be found though, so perhaps the first owner just liked to do a little stoplight drag racing between pheasant hunts? Maybe not, but for some reason I really want to buy this and rebuild the engine to Cobra Jet spec! Find it here on eBay out of Redding, California.


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  1. Sam

    Boy, this brings back memories! We had one of these (with a 390) when I was a kid, in this same weird yellow, too!

    • Dick

      We had a ‘69 in Indian Red. 390, two barrel, with 278 horsepower. Facing seats in third row. Great car. Would love to find one.

  2. Nick G

    People in snowy areas order LSDs sometimes. It made it a lot easier to get a RWD up to the ski hills. Might want to have a good look underneath.

  3. don

    asking 16k? REALLY! nothing special about this wagon, what a joke!

    • Tirefriar

      Agree – With the MPG this wagon gets, it’s not something you will use on daily basis unless you work 2 blocks away from your house or take on a faMily trip. I bought a one owner under 70k mile BMW E39 Touring for less than half of the asking price here.

  4. Mike D

    Station wagons with the ” monster ” V8s always impressed me back in ’67 I lived in a then small township in central NY, I was out for a walk on the two lane road I lived on, which had a small hill about .half a mile mi ahead of me I could hear a big V/8 roaring, winding up , and one of our ” Town Clowns” as we called them back then came roaring over the hill, I swear it got air and flew by me .. not sure if it was a HiPO 390, or a 428 .. Later, while vacationing in Southeastern PA with my parents saw a ( then) new 68 Country Squire with a 428 badge on the fender, and it had CA plates, and some sort of movie studio logo on the windows now this one … $16K sounds pricey, but try getting a 428 Mustang for that.. My ” other” dream car is a 455 72 Vista Cruiser… but, that is for another time, another post

  5. jim s

    be better if it had a 4 speed manual. nice old SW that still needs some work. seller is taking offer. another car to take to the oldies drag races. great find

  6. Moxman

    I really like this car. I also like the idea of turning the motor into a 429 CJ. How cool would that be? I too, think the car is a little on the pricey side, but maybe a deal can be made with the seller? I could see this car “resto-modded” with a shaker hood scoop and some period-correct high performance wheels and tires. I’m sitting here asking myself, “What would Chip Foose do with this car?” As far as the Detroit locker rear end, I would want to know what gear ratio is in it. Anything taller than a 3:55 would be swapped out. Lots of great potential here.

  7. Ray

    i bought one 1969 Ford Country Squire wagon with a 390 back in 1978 for $300. What a great car that was.

  8. Titefriar

    $16k?! Really? This kind of scratch buys you an E39 540 in top shape with a manual trans. I love old american wagons but everything needs to have rhyme or reason…

  9. Charles

    My dad had a 69 Country Squire that was the same color with the 429 engine. The main differences were that the CS had hide away headlights, wood grain on the sides, and full wheel covers. It was a decent car and I can’t remember it giving any problems. Dad owned it for several years. It was a gas hog! It seems like 11-12 MPG was average, and it had a taste for premium fuel. The car was so heavy that it did not feel high performance at all, but would tow like a truck, and had a good stable ride.

    • Sam

      That was the LTD version, if I recall correctly.

      • Charles


  10. blindmarc

    Owned many of this style wagon, and all were 429 or 460’s. But at last one only cost me $750. His asking price is waaay over what I’d pay.

  11. guggie

    My Parents traded their 58 ford ranch wagon for one of these with a 390 candy apple red A/t .full wheel covers 3rd row seats am/fm radio power windows a/c cruise tinted glass I think the head lights disappered , gas hog around town , on the road not bad , smooth car no speed ster I remember the drum brakes had trouble keeping up with the weight in a panic stop . had it for several years before mom decided a big boat was no longer needed as us kids had grown up and had our own cars , including a VW 19 window van, she got a Torino coupe !

  12. Chebby

    Seen this one here before. Sold for $9,300 3 years ago.

    • Jason

      Wow, inflation!

  13. Warren

    LOL, only inflation if someone buys it at that ridiculous price…..

  14. blindmarc

    Anyone who has driven a car with a locker will know that unless it’s in a straight line, they are a pain in the butt turning especially on any wet road.

  15. Tom S.

    I love the shape, too. I had a similar ’69 wagon, bright red w/390. Got it for free from my parents’ friend when I was in college in the late 70s.

  16. Rocco Member

    I have a question. What does the OH 1985 stand for in the ad?

    It says “108K mi. C-6 AT OH 1985, 429 V-8, A/C, AM radio, Detroit Locker Rear End”

    • Tirefriar

      I would imagine it means C-6 trans overhauled in 1985

      • Rocco Member

        Thanks. That sounds right. It just didn’t register.

  17. Cassidy

    Sold for $13,500

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