Muscle Wagon: 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Concours Estate

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Life may force compromises upon us, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Take this 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle Concours Estate as an example. It presents superbly and would make a practical family wagon. Usually, owning such a vehicle would involve kissing goodbye to any performance potential. However, the warm V8 under the hood of this classic should provide more than enough power to satisfy most enthusiasts. Located in Newfield, New Jersey, you will find the Chevelle listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $27,900 but leaves the way clear for potential buyers to make an offer.

This Chevelle has an enormous amount to offer potential buyers. Its Mulsanne Blue paint shines beautifully, with the seller indicating that the vehicle underwent a repaint years ago. Since the repaint, it has accumulated a few marks, but there’s nothing significant visible in the excellent shots he supplies. The Blue paint perfectly complements the immaculate woodgrain that flows along its sides. There is no evidence of rust or significant body issues, while the trim and chrome appear perfect. The 14″ SS wheels are in excellent condition, as are their trim rings. The front spoiler is a subtle nod to the car’s performance potential, and the wagon also features spotless glass. As a classic that makes an incredible visual impact, this Concours appears to be a winner.

The seller indicates that the Chevelle’s interior is original and unrestored. If this is accurate, the condition of the upholstered surfaces is impressive. There is no significant wear or physical damage visible anywhere and no signs of fading. The dash and pad have escaped the cracking that can affect these classics, while the carpet is spotless. The exception is the carpet in the rear cargo area. It has accumulated a few marks over the past fifty-one years, but it’s still acceptable. The plastic trim in this area hasn’t been afflicted with the scrapes and marks that can be a sign of wear and tear in a classic wagon, and the overall impression is positive. One of this classic’s owners has installed a tachometer and some aftermarket gauges, but there have been no other interior modifications. It isn’t loaded with luxury extras, although an AM/FM radio should relieve boredom on longer journeys.

Lifting the hood reveals an engine bay that presents as impressively as the exterior. Chevrolet offered the 1971 Concours Estate with a 400ci V8 that produced 300hp. With an automatic transmission bolted to the back of that motor, the Chevelle could cover the ¼ mile in 16.2 seconds. Our feature vehicle doesn’t sport a 400, but something that is probably even better. What you are looking at is a 383 Stroker V8 crammed full of performance parts. These include Dart Sportsman heads, Harland Sharp roller rockers, an Edelbrock dual-plane intake, and a Holley 750cfm carburetor. Those components help the intake charge get into that glorious V8 efficiently, while Hooker headers and dual exhaust with Flowmasters expel the spent gases. It isn’t clear what sort of power this motor produces, but I would estimate the figure at somewhere around “plenty!” The power finds its way to a 12-bolt rear end via a three-speed TH350 automatic transmission with a shift kit. The wagon also features power steering and power brakes. The seller has recently replaced the entire braking system, including the master cylinder, booster, lines, and all components on all four corners. It features new wheel bearings and a recent service. He says that the vehicle runs and drives extremely well and that the 383 sounds strong and tough.

Many performance enthusiasts quickly dismiss classic wagons like this 1971 Chevelle Concours Estate. To do so, in this case, would be to do both themselves and the vehicle a disservice. Not only does it present beautifully, but it should have power to burn. If you’ve previously found yourself falling into that camp, now could be an excellent time to reconsider that stance. If you do and pursue this one further, I could hardly blame you.

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  1. PaulG

    Refreshing that it’s not tarted up with SS badges (we don’t need no stinkin’ badges)
    I’d have gone for a more stock look under hood but it’s definitely clean.
    Not too cRaZy about the interior color but the rest is quite nice!

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    • chrlsful

      called ‘wagonman’ round here (he draws’n fires),

      I’m w/Paul, less under there, the blk hoses, oe – no MSD. More nits ta pick: a drk blue exterior w/the di noc. A least 15s wida same wheel (“17’s the new 15”) and asa ford guy – the 428CJ, SC (nxt pic in ‘front page’). The rest’s fine (if ur wife sez that its ‘F’ed up, I-nsecure, N-ervious, & E-motional).

      With all that – I like it, the 3rd (final?) gen – I love – Malube Classic with the nice square grill, ‘camino w/the same’n the rounded head board’n bed window? Yeah, worth a trip over to the chev styling…

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  2. Big Bear

    That is one cool Boss Wagon or Heavy Chevy. Watch the video the 383 sounds great. I would guess about 500 HP with those goodies in it. Made more, I wish they showed the wagon in motion. I wouldn’t mind going to car shows with this wagon. The next owner will have fun. 🐻🇺🇸

    Like 10
  3. Stan

    Beauty. 3.42 ring and pinion. Shift kit. Torquey 383 in a Wagon. Awesome 👌

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  4. Jaaon E

    It has a 72 grille with 71 side markers…???

    Like 7
    • David Skinner

      Better than a ’71 side marker on the left, and a ’72 marker on the right. I’ve seen that more than once….

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  5. local_sheriff

    While not necessarily out of place I could live without the front spoiler and especially the hood pins. If this interior is indeed OE this Chevelle must have had an extremely easy life for a wagon. I didn’t find any docs in the ad stating what paint it was born with, personally I find the blue exterior/tan interior combo a bit odd…?
    Anyway, she’s a sweet looking wallpaper woody!

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  6. Car Nut Tacoma

    Nice looking car. Are you sure it’s a 1971 Chevelle? Unless the grille is a replacement from a 1972 model, I would think that it’d look like a 1971 model Chevelle.

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  7. Al camino

    Wow still in the crate!

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  8. Troy

    Not bad but its in new Jersey so get it on a lift before you drop that coin

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  9. Stevieg

    Odd, not only the color combo but also the 1972 grill with the 1971 turn signals. That is easy enough of a fix though.
    I actually like the color combo. I think the tan interior works with the blue body, even though I never seen that combo before.
    With the overall general condition and that beautiful engine, this could be a great car to buy. I am envious of whoever buys it!

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  10. Steve Clinton

    The Chevelle wasn’t offered with woof grain siding. (I meant ‘wood’ but I think I was right the first time). Horrible add-on shelf liner!

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    • Mr Dave

      Steve Clinton, the Chevelle wagon most definitely WAS offered with the “wood grain” siding. I have a complete front clip that I personally removed from a Chevelle wagon, with that same wood grain. It’s not an add on. Doubting the blue with that is factory, but……..

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  11. Bob S

    This ranks right up there with the Malibu post sedan listed a few days ago, strong build, while keeping a mostly stock appearance. I agree with you Mr Dave, color doesn’t look like a stock color, but goes well with the wood grain.

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