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The other day I decided to go through some of my stuff that’s stored in my parent’s garage. While rummaging around in there, I discovered a few treasures. People sometimes give things to my Dad when he is working at their homes and one of his all time favorite scores is a huge stash of records. There are five boxes full of them and they supposedly came from a radio DJ. He would like to sell them to someone who would enjoy them, but listing each one for sale individually is just too time consuming. So, he would like to sell the whole lot for $500. This isn’t our typical type of find, but you never know what gems might be in there. Leave a message in the comments below if you are interested and I will forward his contact info. There were lots of records from famous artists in there, but this was my favorite. If you haven’t seen the John Wayne classic, Hatari!, you should!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Dow

    Any way to get an idea of the majority genre? are the mostly soundtracks, country, jazz, easy listening, etc? Most folks’ record collections lean in one direction. It would helm me gauge my interest without nagging you for titles.



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  2. Jeff Hull

    I would love to have more information. -jeff

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  3. Dale

    A local record store (yes there are still some around) may be interested in buying the whole lot. Vinyl is making a comeback, so they would probably be interested, but as others have said, it depends on what all you have. Some could be worth serious $. Others, not so much. What may seem valuable to you may not have much value (kinda like cars). Cost of shipping that much weight is another concern. Good luck!

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  4. PeteMember

    If you were closer I’d likely buy.

    I’d want a quick leaf through to see
    the major theme of the collection.


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  5. Bill Gillooly

    Where are they located? How far must the ship to reach NJ?

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  6. Bill Gillooly

    Where are they located?

    How far do they need to ship to NJ?

    What is the copyright status on the records?

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    • Jason

      “What is the copyright status on the records?”


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  7. Mark E

    Like Pete, I have a friend who actually makes a living buying and selling records. He’d undoubtedly look at them and make you an offer but unfortunately I’ve never known him to drive more than 100 miles to look at a collection of records and even then it has to either be very massive or very profitable.

    I’d suggest advertising them locally on Craigslist as a lot. Any local record collectors will see the ad and contact you. They can look them over and buy them or will likely make you an offer.

    BTW as a rule of thumb, my friend figures a large group of records to be worth about $2 each on average which means those that are collectible average out the worthless ones…

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  8. Cassidy

    This listing has to be some kind of record…

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  9. Domitype

    I was a radio DJ for about 30 years and I also collect records. Mark E. is right on target for most typical garage sale boxes of records from the 1960s. .50 cents to $2 is about right. Unless the original owner had really unusual tastes, the soundtracks and pop music albums are probably not all that collectable. If they came from a radio station they would be well worn and probably marked with station ID. A “huge stash” would be thousands of records – five boxes is really not all that many.

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  10. Matt A.

    Yeah, I have to agree. Most LPs are just not worth much even if they’re pristine. I’ve been to lots and lots of auctions in my time and can’t count the times large piles of LPs, 78s and 45s go for a few dollars– for the entire lot. That’s because most of them seem to be things like Henry Mancini, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass and Mantovani. There are exceptions, of course, but they tend to be old R&B, jazz, blues and performers like Bob Dylan.

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  11. AMCFAN

    Back in the 1990’s I attended my grandparents estate sale. I remember as a child my grandfather would always give record albums at Christmas. It used to be sort of a joke because the records although new were so obscure no one would want them. Like getting a fruit cake. Well while looking around before the sale I spotted a large trunk. My grandfathers stash! These were infact the very ones he had given away many years earlier. Something seemed strange, They were all made by the same record label. Toward the end of the sale came time for the trunk. My experience with records up to that point was minimal. What I knew was you put the box of albums by the curb after a garage sale. The auctioner opened at at a dollar and I am in. Then quickly someone else bid against me. After Fifty bucks I started to sweat. Serious? Fifty? I stood tall. I gave up at $225.!!. The whole room was quiet. What was the deal? I later that I learned my grandfather had worked at King Records in Cincinnati. The records were new old stock. Many were one off. King was a nich recording company. Their specialty was Hillbilly/Country/Rockabilly and Rythim and Blues. Everything middle America wouldn’t buy. Their most famous star was James Brown. In fact I learned later my grandfather was friends with the Godfather of soul. Wish I had a chance to ask him about it. Sadly what was in that trunk would have easily paid for my sons college…and maybe a car…or two.

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    • Jason

      That’s a sad story for sure. People should do a better job of using wills.

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  12. fred

    Sad story AMCfan. I’m not a serious record collector but have accumulated a stash over the years. I live near Nashville and go to a lot of estate sales, picking up LP’s I think might have value. Usually they don’t , but I did get a lot of first issue Elvis albums and a lot of country radio station discs. Also have what may very well be the first recording (on acetate disc) of “Tobacco Road” , by the songwriter.

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  13. Woodie Man


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  14. Robert Hadley

    I’m interested!
    like others, I’d like a short list

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