Mustang Downsizing: Herd For Sale!


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It’s always interesting when a collector decides to thin the herd–but in this case that term is especially relevant as they are a collector of Mustangs! The cars are located somewhere south of Charlotte, North Carolina and are listed here on craigslist with pricing but little other information.


It’s pretty obvious based on the pictures that the seller is a serious collector, with most of the cars at least being stored under cover. Here we see one of the 1970 models perched over a 1969 model that is listed as a “true barn find.”


Here’s a complete list of the cars in the advertisement; note that all are not pictured. The seller first talks about a high quality driver, which I’m guessing is the main car in this picture above. It’s a 1969 fastback, H Code Mach 1 351 4V with an automatic transmission. The seller wants $28,500 for this one. However, there are a lot of project cars for much less:
1970 Mach 1 351 H code factory 4-speed, original color Calypso Coral — $9,500
1970 Mach 1 351 H code automatic, original color Counter Revolutionary Red — $7,000
1970 Grande C Code, 302 automatic, Wimbledon White — $6,500
1969 Fastback H Code, original color Indian Fire Red, barn find with very little rust, great driver, 351 4V automatic — $16,500
1970 Mach 1 survivor, been in storage for 25 years, $20,000
1967 Fastback A Code, rust free roller, $19,500
1965 Fastback coupe/fastback conversion, “with all the parts, fresh rebuilt 289 engine too!”, $10,500
1965 Fastback, original 6-cylinder automatic, $8,500


They have some lower-priced project cars as well, with the ad listing three additional 1968 coupes from $2,000, three more 1965 coupes from $2,500, and finally a single 1968 Cougar for $1,200.


We know this isn’t all they have, either, because there are two 1971-73 cars in this picture alone that aren’t listed in the ad. It sounds like the seller is interested in divesting some of these cars, but is also well aware of their worth. If you were to choose a project car, which one would you go for out of the listed projects?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. JW

    Too far for me to look at anything but I like his honesty and I wish I had stated some of my ads on Craigslist with I’m a NO BS GUY so don’t try it. I have had a few monkeys BS me in the last few weeks how interested they are but never call. I told the wife I think telemarketers are using Craigslist to get private numbers now as I’m starting to get them even with being on the Missouri & Federal no call list.

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  2. Cassidy

    poor guy, having to thin his herd, I’d love either of the 69’s, but I’d have to thin my herd and my son has made it quite clear he’s not for sale. oh well

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  3. dave57210

    I’d want to look at all of the ’67 to ’69 Stangs and I’d want to have a good long look at the ’68 Cougar

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  4. Metalted

    Wow, some great deals here,
    Please someone save these great stangs!

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    Most of the Ford guys will already know this but for the 69-70 models an H code is a 351 2V. So if the cars actually have a 4V on them they have been modified, which is not a big deal as long as a buyer knows this before making a purchase.

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  6. Bruce

    2V Cleveland motors are better for street, 4V work best on the track. My 70 MACH 1 is a M code car.

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  7. van

    Really cool
    Is it retirement time or
    Did the Mrs do the math
    “Hay baby why am I driving a pinto”

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  8. joeinthousandoaks

    The ’70 Mach 1 survivor looks like a deal.

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  9. Rob

    His asking prices are honestly all a damn bargain! A bundle purchase would no doubt make the investor a nice profit right away, no reason to sit on ’em.. wow. … hmmm, what state are these in?! 😆

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Just south of Charlotte probably means upstate South Carolina.

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  10. John H.

    On the map he is just SE of Charlotte and east of Rock Hill, SC. I believe that’s approx. 15-20 min south of the Charlotte airport outside of rush hour.

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  11. MikeW

    I like to look at the 69 and 70’s but the wrong coast.

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  12. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive CasonMember

    Good comments on the H codes. I have an H code 1970 Grande now wearing 4bbl heads and Edelbrock carb.

    I don’t think “C code” means anything on a ’70, though, as the 302 would be F code.

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  13. MikeW

    The last C code was early ’68

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  14. Metalted

    What’s C code ???

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  15. Rancho Bella

    Metalted, C code is the engine. In this case a V8 2 barrel carburetor
    A code is a V8 with 4 barrel

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    • Metalted

      Nice , thank you. All ways enjoy learning from people that have facts about car details.
      Very impressive!

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  16. Nighttrainx03

    The add was flagged , does or did anybody get his phone number?

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