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Mustang Update: Calling In Reinforcements


With our deadline fast approaching, we have decided to enlist the help of some professionals. It is hard for us to not do the work ourselves, but to able to have the Mustang all prepared in time for the rally, it was necessary. Ironically, this old Ford has been the easiest to work on of all our recent project cars. Luckily, it has also been the easiest to source parts for. The guys at the shop have been busy wrenching and we just wanted to give an update of what work has already been completed.


We had mentioned that we scored some newish tires from a Chevy II for $100 the other day. The rims didn’t work out, but the tires fit our old Outlaw IIs, so on they went. Later on we might stick steelies on there or even some American Racing Libres. Those rims are popular with the Datsun crowd, but they made some that would fit our Mustang and we think they would look great. The selection of 4-lug rims that will fit our car is limited, so these will have to do for now.


Our exhaust may have produced a nice rumble, but we knew the sound would get old on trips longer than 15 minutes. Some backpressure isn’t a bad thing either. The machine gun sounding backfires may be cool coming out of a dragster, but not so much on a street car. We also value our hearing, so out came the glasspack and on went a more conventional muffler. The fact that the pipe will now also run all the way to back of the car should help with the fumes. The layout may not be stock, but it should do the trick.


While the car was up on the lift, the guys attempted to fix a few of the oil leaks too. Understandably, the rally organizers would prefer that the cars in attendance aren’t spewing fluids all over the parking lot. A new valve cover gasket has already gone on which was the obvious cause of a lot of the drips. A new oil pressure sender is also going in and that should take care of most of the leakage.


The lower control arms were also replaced because the ball joints were about shot. Some of the bushings and the shocks must have been replaced fairly recently because they were still in good shape. Today a dual bowl master cylinder will be going in along with a new brake hose in the back. The main mechanical issues are about all addressed. There is still a lot of sorting and cleaning to do though. In fact, 75 pounds of parts are scheduled to arrive tomorrow! Josh is still over in Wyoming, so I’m going to have my hands full for the rest of the week. Next week we will be able to put some shake down miles on the car though and hopefully we will be ready to head out on the 24th. Now, if only this triple digit heat would break!

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  1. Heath

    Great progress!! I’m in Meridian and this heat has kept me out of the shop a bit more than I like as well. Would love to see the car and meet you and Josh…send me a msg and let me know!

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  2. Chris A.

    Not too many of us have worked on 6 cylinder engines, let a nice rocker shaft full of 12 valves. If that is what the rockers looked like when you took the valve cover off, it doesn’t look too bad on the rockers and shaft area. How do the plugs look?

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  3. MikeW

    I recommend a Pertronix’s conversion kit, because you can’t get good tungsten points anymore. The Chinese copies burn up real fast. also when looking for leaks, the rear main oil seal is prone to leaks and if you have a clutch, it will get on it and make it slip.

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  4. jim s

    i like the work you have done already and the work you planing to do. when i see a photo of the dual master cyl in place i will be very happy. is part of the 75 lbs of parts that are coming gas tank armour? old paint but new tires, exhaust, brakes, etc, just as it should be. this is fun, i hope to see a video of the car running and the costs to date after you get back from the trip.

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  5. Mike Schiffel

    This six shooter looks to be amazingly clean under the rocker cover. Somebody was diligent with oil changes, and all these years later it is paying off…These engines are pretty bullet proof when properly maintained…It was a good call on the exhaust by losing that glass pack sound system.

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  6. sunbeamdon

    Great progress – but I’m bummed you didn’t put dual glass packs on – good ear-plugs plus a cheap intercom could have attenuated the noise!

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  7. George Briggs

    Let me know if you want to sell it when you are finished. I’ve enjoyed watching your progress and I really like what you’ve done with the Mustang. My first car was a 1965 Mustang, 200 six, automatic, heater deleted from factory as it was shipped to Hawaii. I really miss that car…

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  8. Bryan Cohn

    I second the vote for Pertronix ignition. I’ve converted several point cars over to the Pertronix ignition and all have seen better performance, and increase in mileage and a huge leap in reliability. Simple to install too, just make sure you connect the wires correctly!

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  9. DT

    Another vote for the Pertronix ignition module,complete lube job,change fluid in trans and diff.,high quality oil change

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    • DT

      New tires look good,exhaust looks good, in general that thing is starting to look good,soon you may be forced to give it a decent paint job,change the fluid in your tranny,because it most likely hasnt been changed since he rebuilt it,and it could have metal in it.grease your U-joints,if they have zerk fitings.cars that dont drive around for a while,should have fluids changed in,roughly one year intervals

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  10. paul

    Keep going, good job & yes these are about as simple as it get’s & easy on your wallet as well.

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  11. Jerry

    I have a neighbor with a ’65 Stang and I swore it was a V8. Wrong, just a 6 shooter with a Clifford header and dual exhaust. It sounds so sweet running all stock pipes.

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  12. Chris A.

    Now that the oiling system, ignition, suspension, transmission, braking components are all being addressed, how about the radiator, hoses heater and heater connections and fan being looked at? Running up and down the Oregon hills cold really get hot and cooling probelms are no fun. The way this summer is going, you might even need a working defroster.

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  13. Mike


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  14. youbugme

    My first car in ’85 was a 1966 6 cyl. stang. Dad wouldn’t let me have a v8 (smart). I put headers and dual exhaust. It would almost keep up with a buddy’s 318 dart. Off the line it was even, but would peter out. I hated the integrated head/intake manifold since it made it hard to put on a bigger carb

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    • Joe Howell

      Eons ago Hot Rod magazine modified the stock 6 cylinder intake to take 6 Honda motorcycle carburetors.

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  15. geomechs geomechs Member

    Progressing well! I have to admit that I’m envious; you seem to have some time to spend on this. I’m itching to get a couple of my projects back on the road but it seems that if my regular job doesn’t get in the way, our home based business does. Of course I really COULD spent a little less time on my computer…

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  16. Darrel H.

    See you in Portland. I’ll be navigating in a Alfa Sprint Speciale. The NW Classic Rally is a very competitive event that is more than a tour. A lot of interesting cars and people. While you are still working to get your car ready I am working to pull my rally gear together.

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