Name That Car: Camping Trip Find

Camping trip find

From James C. – Hi, Love the site. Always love reading the stories. This weekend myself and a buddy were out 4WDing in the blue mountains outside of Sydney and down a track we found this. Not sure what it is… Well, one thing is for sure – the elements are winning the battle here James! I bet we can identify it for you though. What do you think guys, can you tell what this rusted hulk of metal used to be?


  1. Eric

    Im guessing a Ford Rustang perhaps the USS Rustoleum

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    63 Plymouth/Chrysler Valiant? And yes, this is just a guess.

    • Wayne Norman

      I agree with Jamie……but do I detect just a hint of Rambler?

      • Rocco Member

        The first thing to mind IS a Rambler.

    • St. Ramone de V8

      Think you’re right. Valiant.

    • pursang

      That was my first impression, as I learned to drive on one as a teen.

    • Geoff

      Its an AP6 Chrysler Valiant.

      • Matt51F1

        Spot on, Geoff! That’s it :)

    • Ranco Racing

      Rust free (no extra charge for the rust). First impression was early 60’s Valiant (or variant.)

  3. Lester

    ..”Ran when parked, some visible rust, restoration candidate or part out. No tire kickers please!”

    • jimmy

      What tires?

  4. racer3344

    I agree. Looks like a Valiant or Dodge Lancer

  5. Tirefriar

    Looks like some one already borrowed the side pillars…RIP

  6. redwagon

    a/c inoperable. just needs a recharge?

  7. e55

    Volvo 164

  8. Chris

    Definitely Mopar, Maybe a Savoy.

  9. Jim

    Looks like a numbers matching engine;-)

  10. John


  11. Al

    $25,000.00 reserve not yet met!

  12. Denis

    Valiant or Rambler American…nice patina

  13. Steve Douglas

    Boxy front end like a late 50s early 60s Studebaker.

  14. Matt moffitt

    That is absolutely a 63/64 Valiant. I’ve got a 63. Judging by the early stages of rust on this one, I’d say this photo was taken around March of ’64 right after a rainstorm.

  15. michaedo

    That chrome strip that runs from headlight to headlight
    makes me think this is an early 60s Holden.

  16. Scot Carr

    ~ Australian Mopar. Blue Mountains outside of Sydney is the clue.

  17. Andrew

    AP5 or AP6 Valiant wagon without a doubt as I have a AP5 and would know that front end anywhere

  18. JW454

    1963 Valiant 4 door would be my guess.

  19. Mark in Medford

    I believe Andrew is correct. The thing screamed Aussi even before I read the text.

  20. Pete Member

    I had a 62. Valiant…, hood anyway. Wish you had a side view.

  21. Mark in Medford

    Heres a US version from 1964.

  22. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    I’m surprised that we don’t have a unanimous decision yet. Here’s another hint!

    • John


    • Rocco Member

      Well, at least we know it’s right hand drive. Did they make RHD Ramblers south of the equator?

  23. type877

    clean, one owner.

  24. Jose

    Looks like the anchor to the USS Minnow.

  25. Chris

    …”needs carb cleaning”…

  26. Steve

    Something English or European. Looks like right hand drive.

  27. BradL

    It’s a 1963 Valiant. The 64 has a narrow ridge down the hood. The 63 has a wider, tapered ridge that ends near the small “Valiant” hood badge.

  28. francisco

    … was running well when last parked.

  29. Mel Lindsay

    Looks to me like a 63 Valiant

  30. Trickie Dickie Member

    Well, I don’t care WHAT it is. It is obviously very rare, needs a loving restoration and will be worth many many thousands of bucks for next year’s Barrett-Jackson. My opening bid is $45,000. But can and will bid much more as soon I can sell this rusted hulk of a Porsche 911 seen last month here on Barn Finds. Oh, the Humanity !!

  31. Han Kamp

    Oldsmobile F 85??

  32. Ian Chorne

    I was thinking a jeep or maybe a land rover defender at first, but after that second hint I’m not so sure…

    • Chip Hemenway

      Land Rovers have aluminum bodies.

  33. Horse Radish

    1963 Volkswagen Bus, worth a fortune even in that condition.
    Replace every panel- full restoration and you have $200 000 Samba.
    Yeeaahhh, Baby

  34. That Guy

    Aussie Chrysler Valiant. Different in detail from the North American Plymouth Valiant: grille, rear wheelarch shape, and C-pillar roofline –

    • BradL

      Jesse’s side view shows RHD. It’s a Chrysler Valiant (AP5) Sedan by Chrysler Australia. It’s not a Regal Sedan as it doesn’t have mounting holes for the rocker trim. I think That Guy is a winner.

  35. kenzo

    Uh Ohh
    Better get MACCO and hurry up before it’s gone

  36. Mike L.

    Early Ford Maverick! ….?

  37. Bill Kyle

    Definitly a 63 AP5 (Australian Production ) Chrysler Valiant.. In the States are are called Plymouth Valiant. The scuttle is the give away. Wipers park american style and I believe AP5 to be the only one model with that . AP 6 and later had the wipers parking correctly for right hand steer vehicles.

  38. Chris E

    You can see the recess for the badge on the bonnet….doesnt look like a Valiant…..

    • MikeH

      I was all in for the Valiant until you pointed that out. None of the Valiant pics have a badge in the center.

      • BradL
      • MikeH

        @Brad–no–if you look closely, there is an oblong recess for some sort of emblem in the center of the raised part of the bonnet as it ends at the front.

  39. Barry T

    Just a few minor dings, they should just buff out.

  40. crazychevy

    A little clear coat to protect the patina and a set of 24s Your ready for The BJ auction!!!

  41. Wayne

    It’s def a Valiant. I spent quite a bit of time “down under” and brought back 5 Chrysler Valiant “utes” and a Ford LTD which is totally different than our LTD’s

  42. Fred

    Whoever buys it, just clear coat the patina and drive it as is.

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