Name That Car: Mystery Micro Plow

Micro Snow Plow

Winter is on its way and I’m already dreading my least favorite aspect of the season, shoveling snow. Having an ATV with a plow can make the task a lot easier, but the interesting little vehicle you see above looks like a much better option to me! It might not have the traction and ground clearance, but it’s enclosed and is just so amazingly odd! Oliver C sent us this photo in hopes we could help him identify what it could have started life as. His uncle had the car on his farm in France, but unfortunately he just recently passed away and Oliver never had the chance to ask him about it. So, he is turning to us for some help identifying it. If you have any clue what it could be, please share in the comments section below. Also, I think this creation deserves a creative name, so even if you don’t know what it used to be feel free to leave your suggestion for what it should be called now!


  1. Pawel

    Fiat 126P

    • Art

      It’s a Yugo that was shortened. That’s one crazy creative person.

    • Constantine

      Really is!

  2. Brian Sheehan

    Was a Fiat, bambino or 126

  3. Bill Feeney

    That looks like a small tractor with part of a Yugo body!

  4. Steve

    Fiat 126…
    Plow it again tony!!!

  5. James

    Fiat 126 minus some bits – front and middle bits that is….

  6. christian

    Its a Fiat 126 with welded doors and shortened body without front wings.

  7. mike

    Thinking Fiat….

  8. BernieR

    Part of a Fiesta? ‘Sno Fiesta?

  9. boxdin

    How do you get in & out ?

    • Barry

      Good point. Crawl in from the back perhaps.

  10. Ron

    From the shape of the rear, it looks like a Yugo that has been shortened. If it is a Yugo, it now appears to be a Yu.

    • Abe

      more like a yo

  11. radu

    shortened Fiat Polski

  12. DJ

    VW Rabbit

  13. Tony

    Ford Fiesta. :) Chopped of course.

  14. Rich

    Looks like Luigi from “Cars”!

  15. Josh Maddox


  16. Dave

    I believe I would call it a Snub Plow!

  17. Mark E

    I agree it WAS a Fiat 126 earlier in its life but what was done to it? I mean, how do you get into it? Crawl in the window or open the rear hatch and clamber over the engine?? Oh and now, obviously, it would be a Fiat 12.6!!

  18. MDchanic

    Darn, you guys beat me to it.

    First thought was a Yugo (Zastava in its native land), but the Yugo was a front engine FWD car, while the 126 was a rear-engined RWD car, which would be perfect for this layout.

    I could use one of those for the driveway, myself…

  19. J.W.

    Since I know nothing about foreign cars but I used to own a landscaping and snow removal company I will give it my own name, ” Mini-Scooper” That thing would have come in handy at the Condo complexes I did as there were tight spaces my 1 ton trucks couldn’t fit so we had to use a snowblower there..

  20. Jose

    Looks like a Yugo to me.

  21. Daymo

    1970’s Fiat 126, angular successor to the 500. An already very small car made even smaller!

  22. That Guy

    I think Oliver C is pulling your leg. This picture has been all over the interwebs for a while now. Google “Polski Fiat 126 Plow” and you get about 25 copies of this exact photo.

  23. barry

    Renault la plough

  24. Tony

    You would enter in through the hatch. Pop the hatchback, and climb in. Sort of like a BMW Isetta, but in reverse….

  25. Stuart

    Yikes…I wouldn’t want to be sharing that cabin with the engine, unless they did an electric convert, which we doubt. I shall dub thee Asphyxa-plow….

    • MDchanic

      You wouldn’t be sharing the compartment with the engine.
      The engine is behind you and under the seat.

  26. JM

    Photo taken in Poland and it is handmade plow with Polski Fiat 126p (Polish Fiat 126p).

  27. gene

    Definitely WAS a Fiat 126……….second guess was a Yugo…………

  28. Andrew Minney

    A much shortened (if that’s possible) FIAT 126.
    Andrew (in England)

  29. Wiley Robinson

    Yea, you’ve been had. That photo has been appearing everywhere on the internet for years. The car is a Fiat 126 or most likely an ex iron curtain variant like a Zatavia. It’s a rear engined car so hacking off the front was probably a way for the drive to see the plow better or something.

  30. Ziad S

    Fiat 126. 2 cyl engine in back

  31. Michael

    That’s most definitely a Fiat. Access must have been through the back window

  32. larry z.

    plow bub

  33. Josh Staff

    I’m not sure if Oliver pulled a quick one on us or if he himself was confused about this car, but either way it has been a fun conversation! After you guys figured out what it was, I went on the search for any Fiat 126s here in the states.
    We never officially got the 126 here in the states, so finding one is rather rare. As chance would happen to have it though, one just showed up on eBay that was imported from Poland. It is entirely too nice to be turned into a plow like this one, but one can always dream! Have a look at it here:

    • ConservativesDefeated

      Already at 7100 bucks, Josh


  34. Dude

    Love that car!

    Found a picture of that car a few years back, and used it as my screensaver. At the time, was working on a vehicle design team for a major US heavy equipment manufacturer. The designers LOVED it. We spent many hours sipping coffee, staring at that pic, pondering possibilities.

  35. Tony

    It’s a 1984 Rolls Canardly. It rolls down hills and canardly make up the other side.

  36. DT


  37. Barry

    Looks like a Hugo to me.

  38. Barry

    Whoops, I forgot it is spelled Yugo. Reminds that when I met my wife she asked me to go along with her to find a car for her daughter and she thought a Yugo we saw was cute. I had to tell her the nicest way I could think of to even think about it.

  39. adam smailes

    A modern version of this is what we need for big cities with little space for large trucks I.E Newcastle, London, NYC, Paris ETC

  40. Tara P

    Its a Fiat 126 Panda.

  41. rancho bella

    A sawzall?

  42. the chucker

    Take the plow off in the spring and do wheelies….or back flips. :-)

  43. Chuck Black

    Polish Fiat

  44. gregg witt

    It’s a Toro Power Max Snowblower Snow Cab with out the handles, snaps and side window.

  45. Szilard

    Polski Fiat 126P (shortened)…

  46. Bryan

    I am sure this car is a Fiat 127 or its Eastern European equivalent (Yugo)?

    • Constantine

      When Yugo had been designed by the late ’70s, the Fiat 127’s concept was taken into consideration by the engineers of the Zastava car factory. Ever since the Zastava mass produces cars and commercial vehicles, they’ve been always under strong influence of the Fiat and Iveco companies.

      • Constantine

        …and of course under the influence of the OM (Officine Meccaniche) which had been absorbed by the previously mentioned Fiat+Iveco in 1975.

  47. Mark Aitken

    Its a chopped Fiat 126 Bis a small 600cc Air cooled Two Cylinder, sold as Cheap transport for the masses in Italy

  48. Andrew

    It might be a Fiat or a Yugo either way I want it!

  49. Rick70

    Fiat 126 with shortened front. Fuel tank cap, wheels and the rest are unmistakable. Grew up crashing them in the countryside, with Autobianchi A112 and others.

    Like 1
  50. motorclaimguru

    it is a fiat 126 that has been shortened! definately NOT a yugo.

  51. motorclaimguru

    I can give you some very interesting fiat 126 here in the uk! on my youtube, i have a few vids with V8’s in them, and one with a MR2 turbo engine….

  52. Joe G-A

    I’d say it’s a Fiat 126, or a Fiat Polski, or a Polonez, all the same car, under different brands, it has a two cylinder engine in the rear, some of it air cooled, others water cooled, but this looks as a 126 having had part of the hull sliced to be used as a farming element, by decreasing overall lenght.

  53. CRF

    Was a 126, now is a 123 FarmVille!

  54. UnclStevie

    I’d call it a “Putin”.

  55. Steve

    Looks like Snowmator like a character from The movie Cars

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