NASA Apollo Program Ground Crew PPV


In the late sixties, when NASA was trying to put a man on the moon, they had some interesting ground vehicles to get around in, including the famous Airstream Trailers or “MQFs” and the Lunar Rover. Reader Chuck F. found this odd 2 person pedal car or “PPV” listed here on craigslist. It is claimed to have been used by NASA in the Apollo program. They are asking $2,800 for this project.


The PPV pictured below on the left is a restored version and as you can see, they were quite futuristic looking. They were introduced in the early 1970s in response to the oil crisis. EVI produced several promotional versions, like a blue one for Toyota, so perhaps they could have given this one to NASA. These PPVs, or People Powered Vehicles, were manufactured by EVI of Sterling Heights, Michigan and sold for $400. They have a 3 speed transmission and can be pedaled by one person or both. The idea of anyone at NASA using one of these to get around the launch site is, well, amusing. Thanks, Chuck, for this most interesting find of the day!


  1. Alan (Michigan)

    “Fully functional–excellent condition”

    Yet the seller could not be bothered to pull it out of the shed and give it a bath? Too much work to earn the nearly $3K?

    The whole world is looking to cash in on crap, it seems, without lifting a finger, other than to click on a smart-phone shutter button.

    • Jason Houston

      Truer words were never spoken!

    • David Frank David Member

      Indeed. And then they complain when they don’t get any serious offers! Just look at the last few Porsches I’ve written up. Got any rusty Porsche pieces in your back yard?

      • BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

        I got the ‘1600S’ emblem from my old 356 stashed away for retirement ! Lol !

  2. Mark E

    There’s someone here locally that has three of these. Picked them up for next to nothing from the VA. Maybe they used them for physical therapy or something??

    • william

      can you put me in contact with someone with these car bikes, used to have some in the 70s were lot of fun sold new for 400.00

  3. Charles

    What proof does the seller offer that verifies this thing was the property of NASA?

  4. Dan h

    Drop in a fresh 350 crate engine, bag it and call it a day.

  5. Jason Houston

    Yeh, it’s genny! I was on the Apollo Moon Mission myself and drove THIS VERY CAR on the moon!!!!! It doesn’t drive too smooth, but was good for going out at night for McMoonburgers. I had always wondered what happened to it!

    Of course, you believe me, don’t you?

  6. MacVaugh

    Any piece of equipment on NASA property would have one or more property and inventory tags on it.

  7. Marty Member

    This was built for NASA? That’s funny! Built with NASA-spec plastic parts.

    Considering the way this thing is built, it wouldn’t last half a day as a ride at a kiddie amusement park. But hey, it has cup holders, so the astronauts don’t spill their Tang while getting the skinny tires stuck in the sand and dust on the moon.

    Fully functional? How would the seller know? It obviously hasn’t moved in decades. The pedal shafts are probably rusted in place.

    It’s white, so clearly, it was formerly owned by NASA. How much more proof would anyone need?

  8. Scotty G

    Dang, I couldn’t find any info out there on the Googs about this thing. I thought, $2,800 sounds like a bargain if it actually is a NASA piece, but if not, it’s probably way overpriced. And, like most folks said, some documentation is needed, not just a trail of ownership given by a seller.

  9. Pete Koehler

    A few months back I picked up one of these Earth-based PPV’s for a friend. It was advertised as having some spare parts with it. The “spares” turned out to be a second complete unit! They barely fit in the back of my extended cab Silverado for the trip back to Michigan. Price for the pair was $400 if I remember correctly. A much better deal and much closer to market value.

  10. Scotty G

    Dang it, I want this thing but I want it to have NASA stickers or tags somewhere on it, or a letter of authenticity or a photo of it at Cape Canaveral or something, otherwise it’s not worth $2,800 to me.

  11. Doug Towsley

    Get a dodge van, put Nasa stickers on it, And some of the other stickers seen of Acft Danger hot exhaust!, Stand clear, Ejection seat, ground point. JP7 fuel only, Liquid Oxygen service port, etc etc Then some exhaust nozzles an the rear door. I always thought those mini vans looked like the space shuttle then when visiting the Air & Space center in McMinnville Oregon I actually saw a van dressed up that way. I think it belongs to the museum and they use it to shuttle guests between the buildings and on the grounds

  12. John b

    I understand a lunar rover was left behind on the moon…can anyone confirm this?

    • Charles

      Yes, the Lunar Rover was left on the moon. The LEM was able to land on the moon’s surface with the Rover, but did not have the ability to lift the weight of the Rover from the moon’s surface. In addition to not having enough power the ability to carry enough fuel was also an issue.

      My parents both worked for NASA at the cape during the Apollo program.

      • Jason Houston

        Cheerios came out with a plastic model of the “Moon Buggy” and packed it inside their cereal packages. It was extremely well done.

      • John b

        Thank you….would live to find it on here as a “moon find.”

  13. Jasper

    I had one of these and sold it for like $100. I could get it back for that I bet. And it was clean.

  14. Mitch

    All I can say is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see through this…..

    • Alan (Michigan )

      Two thumbs up for that comment!

  15. james

    Although it was scrapped 20+ yrs ago, I have the VIN tag from my dad’s “G” code 63 Galaxie 500XL convertible.HMMM Lets see…..thats worth $10,000 on ebay or 30 G’s at Barrett-Jackson,Right?

    • Jason Houston

      Yep. As Eric Bjorum said, “Jack up the VIN plate and slide a new car under it.”

  16. Little_Cars Alexander Member

    Until I enlarged the photo, I was thinking this might be a prototype for the Rover and could’ve reached for my checkbook. As others have said, though, in order to reach the asking price the seller needs to buck up and wash it, inflate the tires, and include a letter from Cape Canaveral stating this is decommissioned asset from the Apollo program.

    Oh, and I have a drawer full of popped-off VIN tags from autos scrapped long ago. Maybe I should group them in a package for sale online. 55 Chevy Bel Air, 50 Chrysler, two Corvair Corsa, etc….

    • John b

      Anything in the way of vins for a nash metropolitan, king midget, bmw isetta 600?

      • Scotty G

        I like your taste in cars, John b; very, very much.

  17. Jim Ward Member

    I have a metropolitan Vin and title maybe someday they will make new bodies like they do for Mustangs

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