Nearly Finished: 1955 Buick Super Convertable


This project listed on eBay is just like building an airplane. When it looks like you’re almost done, there’s still the other half of the project to complete. For example, that’s either the cleanest windshield ever or, well, it isn’t there! This is a no reserve auction, but with an opening bit set at $15,500, it may not be a bargain at that price. It was painted 8 years ago, but there’s already rust bubbling up on the rockers so the quality of the bodywork and paint is an issue. The chrome looks pretty nice, but there are rusty bits on the front bumper so it will need a rechrome. Many of the necessary parts are included, so there is a chance this could be a reasonably priced driver, especially if you can go topless. It needs not only the top but also the hydraulic pump and lines. It does have a new battery, though! It will take a close inspection to understand what state this car is really in. For example, you have to wonder what’s under all the POR 15 he coated the underside with. One might also wonder why he’s wanting to sell it to a foreign buyer. He says we Americans have no money, implying the Europeans have more.


The upholstery and interior look nice. The carpet and kick panels (for a Roadmaster) are included.


It’s missing tail lights and trunk lock, but the chrome is OK with only minor pitting.


Things look complete under the hood. It’s not pristine, but it is clean enough to be a driver. It’s had a recent tuneup, so it runs. The hood bumpers are painted red and the paint was masked across the top of the firewall. Perhaps this points to less professional paint work.


It is pretty and shiny, but what will someone be willing to pay for it? Will they pay more than it’s worth? To make it a show car, the buyer would likely have to start over, but perhaps it might make a good driver if it’s as nice as it appears. What do you think it would take to complete this project? What would you do with it? Could it be a driver and an ongoing driver if the paint and body work aren’t too bad?


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  1. RON

    For this kind of money you are right. It could be made into a drive. There is nothing to brag abut here for this money. The interior is nice for a driver but it is no where near what it was lie when new. The plating body and paint work are lacking for this to e a show car. would love to have it and finish to drive, but ths is evidence of a “flipper” as far as I can tell

  2. Rick

    Always liked those “4 Holer” Buicks!

    Like 1
    • JimmyinTEXAS

      I like them also. But recently the “dagmars” just don’t look right to me. Maybe they would look better to me if the front bumper was a little closer to the look of the rear.

  3. chris lawrence

    Nothing worse than fixing someone else’s mistakes.

    • Oingo

      Yeah especially when they want you to pay for them.

  4. Jon

    Also notice, the passenger side door and rear side glass are broke.

  5. rik

    It izwutitizzz..a beautiful buick roadmaster..if im right..ele wonderbar radion..gas pedal one touch start..ele entana..high beam ele eye an so much more to turn a long 1ooo mile road into an experience in a bery collectable statement buick had to a convertible model at that..a real driver to much charcter an style in 55 along with what the united states had to offer as elegant transportation fit for the president

  6. JimmyinTEXAS

    Hummmm, broken windows…. I wonder if this is the result of an ugly divorce.. ;-)

  7. M B

    Price can be determined by the basic production figures and rarity in modern times, then adjusted for the items mentioned which would need attention or were not done to the best level of execution for this kind of vehicle.

    Prices? lists “Low Retail” as about $17K, “Average Retail” at about $43K, and “High Retail” at $80.9K Generally, if the body/paint/interior were redone to what they should have been, even with the “too high” BIN price, it could be a viable situation for a motivated individual with a good restoration shop available. Might be closer to “break-even” depending upon who did the work, though.

    Neat cars!

  8. Alan Brase

    Those numbers and Hagerty’s just seem very high to me. Of course, Hagerty has a interest in you believing a car is much more valuable than reality. Your premiums are based on your belief. Your clam is based on reality.

  9. Roselandpete

    A foreign buyer might find it harder to sue in a US court.

  10. Rando

    WEll.. auction ended at 15.5. Wonder who got it? A broke American? Who knows. Could be a scam? Welcomed overseas buyer evn though the last one burned the seller? Whatever. More questions than answers about this one.

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